Lok Kawi Wildife Park

Let's go to the zoo~ and bring your monkey too~ kuang-kuang-kuang. Caleb brought Eunice, Foxy and I to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park today. Yey~ I love trip! Before that, we went to Giant near my house to buy some munchie2 snacks. The trip to Lok Kawi from Putatan only took 10-15 minutes by car. Very near indeed. Hmm~ since it's so near, how come I have never felt the urge to go there by myself? Simple. Pergi ngan kawan-kawan lagi sironooooot!~ :3

This is the main entrance

In Eunice's Car - Driver: Caleb the daddy

Mummy & Daddy a.k.a Caleb & Eunice

Foxy's gang

Behind: Dumbo which cannot fly

Everything went so well.. until... it started raining heavily just when we're about to enjoy ourselves. At first, sikit-sikit jer.... lama-lama... mamaaaaaaaaaak~~~~ Remember! Bring your umbrella. Fortunately I brought my own cap just in case it's going to be super-duper hot weather. I even put on loads of sun-block. Dah gelap.. tambah gelaaaaap lah nanti. But in the end, hujan lebat. I must say Caleb is enjoying it. He got to date Eunice romantically under one umbrella.. ngehehe :3. Owh! u can rent an umbrella for RM1.

You can stay under my umbrella... ella.. ella.. ek~ ek~ ek~

Stranded.. camna?

Sedeeeey~~ In the end, I didnt get to see all. Choy~ It's ok. There'll always be a next time. :) Tonight I'll be going to a wedding ceremony of MB Dynamic's Boss - Iskandar's baby-brother. Bukan dia yer... Jya-ne!

Unduk Ngadau 2007

3 continuous day of fast and furious video editing has left my eyes gone @-@. From Borneo Car flash animation, to Borneo International Trade Fair multimedia presentation to KDCA Unduk Ngadau multimedia presentation... My brain has cried for help to get last minute ideas that sells. Sedeeey~

If there's one thing for sure, it has been proven that my brain can really work on last minute project. seperti~~~ last minute study~ last minute planning~ dan segala-galanya. haha. tak lucu.

Anyway, last sunday was the 'get to know with the unduk ngadau' event at KDCA. Earlier in the morning i was the director who directed all the unduk ngadau to walk and pose to my video camera. muahaha. vast tak. The video will be shown on the actually ceremony for the Unduk Ngadau show. The unduk ngadau this year is ok. Of course i'll be supporting those from St Francis Convent i.e. Charlene Jintoni (Crescentia's sister) and Cheryllanne Chok.

me & unduk ngadau
Lihatlah betapa 'tinggi' nya diriku ini~~~

unduk ngadau
The Unduk Ngadau(s) before starting their self-promo video

The Unduk Ngadau contestants of 2007

'Get to know the Unduk Ngadau' event - Contestants lining up on the stage

Another picture of them

One of the contestant 'Jo-Anna' greeting Datuk Pairin. This girl can sing.

The fighting scene of the Kadazan dance

As usual, me and my boss Caleb.

Tonight will be the appearance of the Unduk Ngadaus at KDCA! Will post up pictures tomorrow! Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan! Jya!

Ceramic Gallery Interactive CD - launched!

Sabah Museum's Ceramic Gallery - Interactive Cd is launched! Officiated by Datuk Yahaya Hussein, the launching commenced together with the Craft Exotica 2007 at the Museum Sabah - 18th.May.2007. Congrats to MMD team! Watashi no Ureshi desu! PS: My Friday lunch was filled with happiness too! =3




Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 magnify
Ahoy mate! Arrrr..... Haven't watched Pirates 3 ei? Bless ye fer not doin it yet. Wait till the tickets turrrrn RM5, then yer wont have ter feel guilty fer sleepin' in the middle of the show. Yeah, cunnin' Captain Jack Sparrow is as cute and witty as everrrr, dats the only reason that pushed me ter stay awake through out the show.

Storyline :
Just bear with it. Yer still will enjoy Jack Sparrow's character. The ending might not be as what yer might imagined/expected.

Arrrr...again, Jack Sparrow is still the best. Yer will come to like Barbossa as well.

CGI & Cinematography:
Blow me lad! Still cool! Yer will come ter appreciate it.

Important Note:
As ye all know, thar always something after the credits. Keep yer butt glued to ye chair mate!


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