Pounding on pounds

BB has been trying to puasa lately and some of the days he ended up breaking it
early or didn’t have a proper sahur. Kesian.. XD
But today, he did it successfully.
He had a proper sahur *thanks to dino dinosaur for bringing him to late supper* AND buka puasa on time XD
Wheeeeee… omedeto sotong!!! *kicks!*kicks!*kicks!

Am very very very proud of you.

So since both of us craved for some meat, we endorsed the traffic jam and drove ourselves to KAC Ramadhan Bazaar to grab the special, big, fat and juicy extra cheese Ramly burger. Buahahahahaha! *rosak lah diet aku*

Look at that… satisfy are you sayang? XD
*he had 2 burger as usual by the way*
Quoting Lim, "For a body size like this, you are not normal man"

Marissa helped me to tapau Little Italy’s Tiramisu cake as well.
*have been craving for it since 2 freaking months!*
Arigatou Marsieeeee~

With the pretty ‘unlucky’ week I had this week, who cares about the extra fat yes?

So banzaaaaaaaaaaai!!!!!


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