Eveready for december ;)

What d'ya know...
another day to go and we'll be in the last month of the year.
Oh~ am loving Christmas mood.
Kept imagining that snow gonna fall in Malaysia soon haha!

Having said that, there's another 2 weeks left till Hobbycon.
*Palm sweating*
With all the time and effort being put into it, I'm praying that it will be great and successful.

Hobbycon 2009
12th & 13th December, Citymall

Join our Hobbycon Facebook group to receive updates! :)


Watched New Moon last night and Astro Boy few hours ago.
Both are so so I must say.
But Jacob's body didn't fail me... *yummy XD*
Thanks THE BODY SHOP for the free movie tickets!
Mars and I were the first to arrive in the movie hall and got the best seats of all ^__^

Before the movie, there were lucky draw and game session at THE BODY SHOP's branch in 1B.
Lucky Serena got one of the grand prize, and I on the other hand won 1st place for the old school Love Calculator game.

Hahaha. Sometimes having long name is beneficial XD

THE BODY SHOP also had a 'love note' contest outside the movie entrance where participants were asked to write the most romantic/creative personal love note.
Some wrote to their parents and loved ones, but most wrote it to their other half.
Gosh... I hope my love note wont sound cheesy =____=
Don't worry... it's definitely not the 'aku cinta padamu' type XD


Mama is offering a great opportunity/challenge which I'm really excited to do.
It's gonna be tough, but extremely worth it.
Let's hope I'll be able to make it happen as well.


I was again, recommended to a new place for body massage.
Unlike the one in Citymall, my hands and legs are constantly covered with few spots of massage bruises from this one XD
It's located in Wisma Merdeka called Japanese Shiatsu and Reflexology (Near Patrick Salon).
It hurts like hell but am loving it.
*die fat... dieeee!!!!!* Haha!

Right after my body massage, and failed attempt to find bloody parking in a traffic Citymall for a meeting, I went straight for another self pampering facial appointment at a place in Beverly Hills called Gloria Beauty.
One of Tracy's friend is working there and she's the best!
Am gonna make this self pampering a routine, probably once a month... or twice ;)


If you're craving for a delicious giant burger, forget the Giant Yankee Burger in NYNY.
Instead, go to Tanjung Aru Plaza food stalls (located outside the building) and find a little hut at the center called Antonio's.

The 'Big Mouth Burger' (RM9) is awesome!
The bun is hot, soft and the beef patty is thick ;)

Though it still doesn't beat my favourite triple layers Beef Ramlee burger at Sadong,
but this is still delicious!

PS: You probably might want to ask them to make the beef patty cooked well-done. It might tasted better than it already is.


Just when I posted "love is like a rainbow. from raindrops mix sunshine, you'll have 7 different beautiful colours" in fb yesterday, I saw 2 rainbows side by side today XD

"Yeah, and it happen fast and disappear fast too. Hahaha", Chiew said in respond to the quote
"oh. and love is like a sun, it's always around, but people just don't notice it until it set"
"errr.... ok~~~ whatever makes you happy chiew"

Sometimes, I sayang him to bits, but he always makes me want to strangle him for waking me up with the truth... (sarcasm added...) *knocks chiew on the head*

Since we're on this subject, someone I cherished is getting engage soon.
It used to be our little plan once upon a time, but the love story ends with a happy but not so happy ending XD
Nonetheless, am trully happy for him and wishing him great happiness ahead :)


Thank god tomorrow is still holiday! Yey~



Mars and I had been eying the showtime for NEW MOON on GSC website just in case we can book it super early until... we got a call from Rachel!



Thank you THE BODY SHOP for sponsoring the movie tickets!!!!

Oh~ hunky hunk Jacob....

Sorry Robert Pattinson.. you're too pale.. I like your 'father' (Carlisle) though.. hohohoho!

Can't wait!!!

So guys, have you got your tickets yet? *snorts*


Hrmm.. massage does help!

I've been going for a lot of body massage recently, and kind to think of it, it DOES help with my stress level.
To be honest... I'm not a person who's easily stress, but when it comes to THE time of the month, lucky ones gonna suffer... BAD. Haha!
Nevertheless, ever since the constant massage, everything goes smooth and dandy.
Not only it helps with my water retention and improves blood circulation,
my body becomes firmer (somehow) and few Kgs dropping down (yey!), not forgetting with the help of few yoga classes and healthy meal in between :)

Talking about healthy meal, surprisingly, out of the blue, I'm beginning to love RICE
(yes! CARBS = TARPS as they labeled it), complete meal like Chicken Hor Fun at Old Town White Coffee, Half Boiled eggs, Fish noodle with tomato soup at Lee Wong Kee and my own home made spaghetti.
Good news is, I didn't gain weight or miss fast food at all.. uuu wow~ Haha!

Some friends have been asking about my Herbalife diet.
It's good, I wont deny it, but it's a high maintenance diet and not the kind of diet i'll follow till i die. It's unrealistic @_@
But I do take the Herbalife protein once in awhile whenever I notice the lack of meat in my diet.

Anyways, since I'm pretty much free today and have the mood to simply do anything, lemme share some personal diet tips. *You don't have to follow it, fyi*


If you have big leg/calve, like me~ (*kof) and wondering why after MONTHS or YEARS of exercise, the inches just wont bug off, you might have water retention problem due to poor blood circulation.

I KNEW this was the problem before and I partly blamed it on my family genetic and high fat food intake, but I didn't know what else I can do to improve it other than doing exercise and diet.

Then, I was lucky enough to meet my ever friendly yoga instructor Monica and Angeline (visit their cool health/food blog here). They pin point the problems, shared lots of tips with me and one of the tips is to go for body massage.

1) Body Massage

Once upon a time, I thought body massage was expensive. The places that I went to (for 4 years) cost me starting from RM150/session, which then, I stop after dompet kering.

Being a noob in this thing, little that I know that with that RM150, I can go for 3 (THREE) body massage at normal / not so grand looking massage/reflexology centre! Thanks to the Ong sisters, I was recommended to go to RWO Massage/Reflexology Centre in Citymall, right beside Celyn Hotel.

Of course there are a lot of massage/reflexology centres here in KK, but to spot a good place and a masseuse that understands your body can be a tough one. Now, am loving Kak Julie from RWO reflexology. She knows my problem, and the massage technique is custom made just for me, myself and I! And the body parts she normally concentrate are my lower leg (back and front) as well as my arm. Nice~! But am telling you, it hurts especially when she spot the blockages. T___T

2) Water Intake Timing

Drinking water at the right time also helps with the weight loss, improve digestion and avoid constipation.

One of the causes of water retention is the lack of water + high salt in your body system.

I use to be confused about this coz believe me, I drink water like a water tank.

Now, after doing lots of research, I learned that instead of drinking 3-5 glasses of water/1 whole big mineral water at a time, just divide them into meals, 30 minutes BEFORE meal and 30 minutes to 1 hour AFTER meal. I'm telling you, it will aid your digestion system a lot and going to poo-poo EVERYDAY will never be a problem.

This is what I normally do.

My routine:


- 2 glasses of water / warm water (not cold) before shower.
- 3 ripe Bananas for breakfast (banana breakfast diet is hot in Japan. and it works!)
- 1 glass of water 30 minutes after breakfast


- 1 glass of water 30 minutes before lunch
- Lunch
- 1 glass of water an hour after lunch

MID Afternoon:

I sometimes snack here. Hehehehe... XD *once in awhile can!*


- 1 glass of water before gym
- 1 to 2 bottle of mineral water during and after gym
- Shower, and then Dinner
- 1 glass of Water an hour after dinner
- 6-8 hours of sleep (am improving here.. yey!)

... and this has become an easy, non-boring routine coz it's natural.

When you put your water intake at the right timing, you'll notice that drinking water is not hard at all. And you'll drink at least 8 glasses of water as we human being required/encouraged to, or MORE, which it'll subsequently improve your digestion, constipation problem and weight loss ;)


Hope what I shared here will help you in any ways.

Time to hit the yoga and dancing class!

Tata and Good luck!!

Happy *Glamorous* Birthday Cici!!!

I've done SO MANY surprise birthday party for my friends and special ones,
but I never really did a BIG and GLAMOROUS surprise bday party for my own sister.
So this year is the time to test the water and try organising one.
It was VERY rush and mind boggling experience but IT WAS AWESOME!
Photos will be updated soon.
Lots of cropping and editing to be done @_@
To be continued...


edited post ahead...

Glamorous Theme and red carpet.. checked!
120 Purple and Silver helium balloons to order.. checked!
100 pink/purple cup cake.. checked!
Backdrop and invitation card design.. checked!
Delicious dinner menu and mocktail.. checked!
Guest lists... checked!
MC and karaoke.. checked!

I'm loving her smile as she walked in the door :)

Grand Entrance

One of the moments =)

Cake cutting

Chocolate cheese cake from CUBE

Family group photo

The Party

Cici with Serena, Nadia, Eric and Marissa

Mama and Papa

Papa were asked to say few words about Cici.. haha! Kantoi!

Lovely pink and purple cup cake I ordered

We also had karaoke that night. Cici *hearts* karaoke =)



Hannah dropped by for awhile. What a coincident XD

Rina collecting balloons to tie her wish note after party

Guess who?

Balloon fight

Paksu & Leoni

KC, Cici and Bernard


George - MC of the night

Yam Seng? XD

Dance Floor - EVERYBODY danced INCLUDING KC & Bernard! (I kid you not)

Group Pic

To be honest, I only had less than a week to plan this.
Just to share with you guys, below was the original plan and layout I had in mind...

First of was the invitation card.
I designed it a.l.a VIP card XD

Next was the backdrop, as what you've seen from the above pictures:

Last but not least, the layout *thanks Rina for sketching it out*
Initially, I planned for the chairs to be covered with black clothe wrapped in hot pink bow,
300-500 helium balloons pink and purple balloons,
Barricade and red carpet all the way from entrance to the room,
2 backdrops i.e. one for red carpet moments and one for stage backdrop,
3 layer of chocolate cheese cake,
and 20 CLOSE friends of hers.

But due to budget constrain, increased number of guests from 20 to 40+ and the non availability of the colour table clothe and chair cover from the venue, I had to readjust, squeeze and compress every single one of them but still have all the things I planned.
Thank god, it is all well managed, except 1 glitch that made me quiet irritated.
8 guests that RSVPed TWICE didn't showed up at all!
Not only they're wasting my time and precious money, the worst part was, 1 of them said "Oh? I forgot".
Wth? They almost ruined my night if it weren't for my sister.
*May I remind you, I'm a perfectionist*

But all in all, all I wanted was for my sis to be happy and have the best birthday she had ever had :)

Happy "glamorous" 23rd birthday Cici!
XOXO - Your best big sis you'll ever find,


Thank you Dino, Yakob, Mei, Beverly, BB, Rina and especially my beloved parents for assisting me out, not forgetting all friends who supported and came to the birthday party. You guys made it possible. ^__^

For all photo collection, click here coz it's just too many @_@


oowwwkay... that's kinda odd

One person from my FB list whom I only know as my senior from school a decade ago thought I was her close friend.
Out of the blue, she msged me in the FB chatroom and told me she was confuse, depress and sad coz someone started to sexually harassed her, taking advantage just because she owes him money.
Since the beginning of the chat, I constantly reminded her that I dunno her that well and she should talk to someone regarding this private matter.
But she kept on pushing that we know each other really well and reminded whatever happened to her last week, about the guy roommate, the accident, the 5 Ws and 1H facts about her... which I don't know... AT ALL @_@
So as a stranger, I just did whatever I could to assist and advice her.
UNTIL, after few minutes, then she actually realized that she DID mistaken me as someone else, got pissed of, and went 'kthxbye' attitude towards me @_@
er... ok..
didn't i like reminded you that I didn't know you at all since the starting of the chat? XD

Sabah Bloggers Gathering 2009!

Thanks to everyone especially to the sponsors, the 3rd Sabah Bloggers Gathering (SBG) this year was awesome!

With the Halloween themed party, set by the SBG committee, coupled with a COOL decoration set (INCLUDING the food theme) made by our 2 years in a row venue sponsor, Imperial International Hotel, we couldn't ask for more.

Last night was definitely a night to remember.

Innocent doc with a sexy nurse XD

Gothic lady (Beatrice) with the pumpkin girl (beautiful Ki-Chan)

The Pirates (Dino and Rina)

The little witches (Hannah and Nini)

Glowing pumpkin!

R.I.P Dessert - Photo credit to Massy

Eyeball jelly - Photo credit to Massy

IF you still remember, last year, I dressed as a she-devil. A red outfit with my semi-black hair.

As for this year, I dressed as a 'gigi-tumpul' vampire, with my full black outfit and red hair! It's a total invert! LOL!

BB, Cici and me

Why gigi tumpul? I blame it on the non-stick vampire tooth.

I did try using a chewing gum to make it stick, which it did. But I felt I look utterly stupid right after. Hence, I decided to go without the tooth set XD

Mei and me (all of her blood sucked by me! Muahahahaha)

Our MC this year goes to ever bubbly Jazzy Jasmine who dressed up as a retro afro chick, and her co-mc Jonathan Tse, as a geeky boy. *Both of them looked so cute*

Photo credit to webgrrrl.net :)

Initially, I thought I could mingle and relax more this year by passing the MC job to these two talented people. But unfortunately, a committee still gotta do what you gotta do. I ended up becoming the video girl XD Hihihi. Ok bah! *sob, I miss mcing/djing with Selina!*

SBG - August 2008

If last year we have DJ Chris, SIA Band, Richado and Terry Peter, this year, we have Jonathan Tse, Alvin from My Infinatez, Roger Wang and Sasuka!

Jonathan Tse - Photo credits to Amy C

Alvin - Photo credits to Amy C

Roger Wang


There were also a cake cutting ceremony sponsored by Cube Restaurant. I don't have the cake cutting picture coz the rest of the committee and I were in front cutting the cake with Mei XD

If any of u have that picture, please, do share it yeah? ^_^

SBG Halloween cake sponsored by Cube Restaurant
- Photo Credit to Addy

A lot of lucky draw prizes given out during this event.

Some of them were the 1 Year membership from Core Fitness, won by Jasmine's mom! Other than that were Canon Powershot Camera sponsored by Canon, Eye and Facial treatment from DermSens... OH! and let's not forget those superb vouchers from other sponsors such as Allianz, D Junction, The Body Shop, Wagamama, MSJ Photography, Area 21 and more for the 50 goodie bags for the first 50 lucky bloggers who beat the Sabah Time!

The L4D group - among those who arrived on time

One of the highlights during the event was the top 3 best make up and the best Halloween costume of the night.

I must say that this year, the boys are much more creative compared to the girls.

They dressed up so smartly, even got creative with their make up!

My favourite of all - The half daging man XD

The top 3 make up goes to, of course, the 'half daging man' (Jonathan), the pixie hair lady and the clown.

These three won themselves The Body Shop hamper worth RM80 + an environmental friendly green bag.

Me giving The Body Shop prizes on behalf of them.
Thank you The Body Shop!

As for the Best Costume of the night, we (the comittee) called out 5 finalists and ALL of them were guys!

We chose a biker, a guy from the 300 movie, an Akatsuki member, a male lolita and a wolf *seriously, i thought he was a bear*

And the best costume goes to the Wolf a.k.a Hanafi!

For winning the title, Hanafi got himself a brand new PS2 and a set of Guitar Hero sponsored by SMART GAME, one of our main sponsors of the night.

Since everyone is a winner, the finalist also got themselves a Tshirt sponsored by MSJ Photography ;)

Group Picture

On behalf of the event committee, I'd like to say THANK YOU for coming to the Sabah Bloggers Gathering of 2009. We hope that you had fun and made a lot of new friends! :)

Should you guys have any comments and suggestions, please drop us a message (or two) because we believe, though the event went well, there's always room for improvement ;)

The SBG Comittee - 2009 (All dressed in black), DJ Arthur and our MC, Jasmine
(DJ Chris is missing in this picture - outstation :( )

Also, don't forget to share your blog post link regarding this event as well as your photo album and collection by sending it via our Sabahan Bloggers FaceBook email or post it on the group wall. Join by clicking here. You can also view more photo albums and blog post link posted in this group ;)

See you guys next year!

Happy Halloween!!!


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