My sister from another mother - Happy Birthday Marissa!!!

5 days gone since Trisha passed away
and it has also been 5 days since i became the kittens' new mother, or what my mom called me as - 'Florence Nightingale' :P

Kittens are doing well and they are slowly adjusting to the new diet.
Nadia and I are on shifts every 2-3 hours with Nadia in charge during morning (5-7 times feeding from 8am - 8pm) and myself during the night (5 times from 10pm - 6am) or more during weekends.

Dr Dennis recommended Milkodog brand for the Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR) formula and told me that the instruction was all written on the packaging.
Since I was in a rush when i bought it, i didn't realize that the instructions are mostly written in French (waffuk???)

So with the help of Google, I tried by combining 1 part formula to 2 part of warm water.
Hrmm... It looks a bit diluted to me...
and the kittens didn't seem to like it.

So i tried 1:1 ratio next and managed to get them to happily drink it

I pat their genital area to stimulate them to pee every after meal (so happy to see them feeling contented)...
and they also have poo-ed twice within the 5 days =D
UNTIL (!!!) i discovered later that kittens at this age CANNOT POO!!!
They must ONLY PEE.


Poo-ing at this age = diarrhea = which caused by formula being thick..

and i thought thick = constipation (!) adoi....

I felt guilty coz the male kitten's butt-hole turned red now with 2 blood drop yesterday (just a few!! don't worry )
Ever since i changed from 1:1 ratio to 1:2 and 1/2 or 1:3 last night, kittens stopped poo-ing and felt much better.
The redness on the male kitten's butt-hole slowly going away too (sorry sayang.... )

I was also advised by the pet shop that 2 full syringe is enough except if the kittens asking for more by voluntarily sucking on it.
Too much milk = bloating.
Not a problem so far thank god...

PS: The last time i fed an orphaned kitten (i think i was 14 years old back then) was with condensed milk mixed with water (muehehehe)...

To warm them up, I used a mineral bottle filled with slightly hot water and put it inside the box :) (refilled after every meal)

It's cute to see them snuggle with each other near the bottle, around it or best view i've seen so far is when the two of them slept on it like a slug :P

Can't wait for them to open their eyes in few more days and start eating at week 3+.

BB warming the kitten =3

Hrmm... i might post photos of them in the future despite what people say about taking too much photos will shorten animals life.

I need to record them growing up as well as their well being ><"

What is most important is you REALLY take care of them right?


There was a Majlis Ramah Mesra Hari Raya held by my office last Friday (the night b4 Marissa's Bday)
I was asked to join the choir group and contribute 2 songs for the event.
Eee... I never like singing in public except for karaoke with friends/family :P
My heart will pump faster, and hands get cold.
Believe it or not, i'm actually quiet a shy person despite how i look =3

With new GM and CEO

The lady committees

Group Choir

Duet with Janneth

Oh! Surprisingly our GM was sporting enough to dance with us too! (despite being forced) :P

And we finished off the event with me leading the group to dance basic poco-poco XD


Right after the event, Mars and I rushed off to pick up Lo and headed to Haidah's house for her Raya open house.

Her house was huge and located right next to a mosque (with special passageway to it).
The food was amazing...i.e. nasi kerabu... mini roti john panas-panas.. yummmm2222.
It felt great to meet some of the Japanese Class peeps again too :)

Little that Mars realized, I last minute planned and hijacked the open house (with Haidah's permission of course) and publicly announced/sang her a birthday song right after Siti and I finished singing the karaoke (muehehehehe)
Haida helped us by bringing the cake out :P (Thanks Jacky for helping me to buy the cake)

The surprise didn't end there.

On the next day, BB helped me to group our ever sporting CSP-ian friends to join Marissa's karaoke session.
Each peep were given a Damon Salvatore mask (from Vampire Diaries TV Series) and were asked to say the word "HI MARISSA" as Marissa entered the room.
We're so glad that she was very surprised and felt very happy to be greeted by her 'husband' muehehehehe.

The cupcakes were from Boutique Cupcakes.
I opted for simple Black and White theme with 'vampire sparkles' :P

Just in case you're wondering why the greeting - "HI MARISSA"..
well .. it was from a scene in the Vampire diaries FB game version.
As Marissa reached one stage of the online game, she'll be greeted with the REAL ACTOR of Ian Somerhalder (played as Damon Salvatore in the tv series) , sitting near a tree and say "Hi Marissa" (or whatever name u registered for the game) with a super sexy smile and voice!
Until now, we cannot figure out how fb game does that.

What if I registered my 'in game name' as my full name?
Buahahaa... it'll definitely be a mouthful for him to pronounce XD

A bite from vampire Damon Salvatore
(Bday girl is a freak for vampires)

Aih.. ini pakcik must go and trim his hair soon!

Lo-San and Jacky-San (Nihon go Kurasu no tomodachi)

Oh! Being a person who loves black and wear MOSTLY black clothing and pants/jeans all her life, the CSPian decided to buy her a colourful DRESS.

Mars was forced to strip... i mean change.

Image courtesy of Amber

We hope you had a blast birthday Marissa!!!

I Love You so much my sistah from another mathah! MUAKS MUAKS MUAKS!!!!

Thank you for being there for me always *chuuuuupppp~~~*


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