SITIEA'05 Award - IT Night

SITIEA'05 Award - IT Night magnify

Sabah IT Industry Excellence Awards (SITIEA) event last night is designed to recognise and promote quality and excellence in the IT industry in Sabah. For this year, there are three award categories i.e. e-business & internet, software applications and IT solutions. Digital Heritage won the IT solutions award category and best of the best (Sabah's Chief Minister's Challenge Trophy) award category. It was a big win for DH and all of us were so thankful. Hmm.. Hopefully next year they'll have creative multimedia award category :D. Ku akan pastikan Dh sapu semuanya muahahahaha! InsyaAllah~

49th Merdeka - Closing Ceremony

Last night was the official closing for the 49th Merdeka celebration at the Likas Sports Complex and it was awesome! (well.... excluding the gimmick yang tak jadi..) Even though it was raining, the stadium was still packed with visitors. Our big boss were there too hihi. There were 4 artists from Akademi Fantasia (Adam, Lotter, Marsha and Linda), another one was er... Hadami?? Azami?? and the rest were Nasir Wahab, Datuk Yusni Hamid and aaa... satu tu tak ingat nama. Gomen! Si rambut tempurung Abu Bakar Ela was there too. He only appeared at the end of the show to entertain the visitors till morning.

I can't remember how many times we had to sing the National Anthem, but at the end of the show, my sister and I sang the 'Keranamu Malaysia' song more than bersemangat sampai makcik kat depan tu toleh belakang. Hahaha... jangan marah aunty..~ Senyum-senyum selalu~ I remembered the husband waved the mini Malaysian Flag macam wiper kereta. Tak bersemangat langsung. Hahaha! whatever it is, we had fun, especially during the fireworks event. C ya on the 50th Merdeka celebration! Jya!

Hari Wanita 2006

Hari Wanita 2006 magnify
Last night was the Hari Wanita 2006 celebration organized by MPWS (Majlis Penasihat Wanita Sabah). This year, MPWS have engaged us for their gimmick, multimedia presentation, Chief Minister’s souvenir and for the first time in government sector’s history, we have proposed an ala-ala Grammy look-a-like award presentation ceremony. Alhamdulillah, the Hari Wanita 2006 event went well and as far as I was informed, most of the guests were awed by this year’s presentation. Hihihi~

Liza Hanim and Adibah Noor were there too. One of the funniest moment last night was when Liza Hanim sang ‘Kopi Dangdut’ and our big-big boss, Mr. Edwin were asked by Liza Hanim to continue singing ‘Dangdut’ after she sang the word ‘Kopi’. Instead of Kopi (Liza Hanim) + Dangdut (Mr. Edwin), Mr. Edwin said ‘Teh Tarik’ for two times. Hahaha. Kelakar jugak boss aku nih.

Whatever it is, well done to the Digital Heritage team. U guys are the best and lets hope we can nail it for SITIEA 2006 (Sabah IT Industry Excellence Award) next Wednesday. OT.. jangan tak OT… hahahah.

September Babies!

September Babies! magnify

It has been a while since I last updated my dearest blog hihihi… many things had been happening for the past few weeks. Some of them are the birthday celebration of our creative designer expert – Chiew. Attached is the image when we went to Pizza Hut in Likas on the 6th of September.

After that, on 911, nooo~~, not a date to remember when all things went wrong with the WTC, Osama Mama, Saddam yada yada yada.. It was Lai’s birthday!! Our adorable Interactive Designer in our Multimedia Department itself =P Hihihi… Caleb was away to Labuan, so the rest of us went to have birthday lunch at KFC Karamunsing. We bought a red ball for Lai since his favorite football team is Manchester United. Go Manchester!!

Not only Lai, another creative designer of ours, Mars… (kidding :P ) Marissa Chan actually… is going to be 23 this year on the 24th of September as well. Not only them, mind you.. There are loads of September babies this year, and one of them are our favourite big boss Mr. Koh~ Yeah.. Mr. Koh…. Remember…. The one I sent my nasi lemak menu accidentally without knowing the yahoo ID that I’ve been forwarding to all these while is actually my big boss. Siao! Embarrassing betul! Hahahaha!


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