Honeybee did it again :)

From one event to another, this honeybee will never stop pouring out new ideas for her Restaurant.
And this time, it's another installment of CUBE (glamorous) Jazz Night held outdoor!

I arrived quiet late right after my dance practise.
Didn't have to worry bout missing my Chocolate cheese cake, coz i reserved it like few days in advance? nganganga~~~~
As Mazir brought out the cheese cake for the pretty lady (saya lah tu... buek~ buek~) Other people were eyeing on my cake from left to right.
They tried to order it, but none was left.
Oh! and Jacq missed her cake by 1 second.
So in the end, we shared *pats Jacq*

Anyways, there were a lot of dancing, jazz music.... (Kudos to SIA jammers)
I looooove the voice of Bryan's mom.
Not quiet like Mia Palencia but she was great.
As what the malay said, "suara ada lemak"
It means, ada ommph gitu XD

Our friend, Richard Chin took some some of the pictures last night, together with Jacq, Dino and another photographer name Philip Dennis. Among all of them, I'm loving these:

Mei's sexy back & gigolo BabyFace Sam


Nice kaaaaaaan the colgate advert photo?
Thanks Richard!!!!!
I shall print this photo out! ^______^

All photos here are credited to Richard Chin as well as group photo by Jacq :)


I definitely lost it.

It's either stolen or dropped out from my bag, i have no idea.
I feel like smashing everything around me for losing my rm300!
I just got it yesterday for god's sake!
Every month, I budgeted my money to pay bills, savings, food and fuel.
And that my friend, is my food and fuel money.
Call me paranoid, I don't care.
2 possibilities now.
One.. it dropped and got picked up..
which almost impossible coz if it was, my other small junks in bag would've dropped too.
Two.. it was stolen at CORE Fitness when I went for a quick change *like 30 seconds?* in the changing room WITHOUT locking my locker (Stupid!)
I'm not trying to accuse anyone i.e those I know in the locker room (they were about 3 of them from Muai Thai class), but that thief would've been a super-gal or something.
Let the one up there prove me wrong.

Goodnight my storyteller...

She was my inspiration in all of my video advertisement/short film.
My idol in looking through films in artistic and different perspective,
filled with heart felt love.
Sepet, is my most favourite modern malay film and something which
served the best memories of my love life.... (not forgetting some awkward moments
in between too *check blog comments*)
"Go, Thaddeus!" was supposed to be her next film next year.
and... she just posted a song in her blog of which she wished to use for the ending in her upcoming international film, Wasurenagusa - a day before she collapsed.

May you rest in peace, Kak Yasmin.

Yasmin Ahmad


*omg... my throat feels hurt and my heart is aching*

I should've emailed her my latest work and
say thank you for inspiring me T___________T


The things u hate

is what u usually end up doing...working...or eventually loving it. *hopefully*
I never fancy sports, let alone exercising.
During school marathon, i'd find whatever excuse I could think of to escape.
Period pain lar...
Sick lar...
Asthma lar...
It's true.
I do have asthma.
But now I realise, sports DO help with your asthma AND period pain.

If you're my frequent reader, you'll notice that I'll always go to the gym, hitting on the elliptical machine and treadmill in between, strength training and dancing.
Some people recommended yoga to me.
But I don't fancy yoga seriously.
Sitting and stretching in silence...
Isn't it boring?
I seriously can't focus, I kid you not.
I'll start to think what to eat.. where to go...
What yoyo flavour I want to drink...
work.. *oh shit.. I have 2 proposals to finish!*
See what I mean?

My first attempt to join yoga last year was awful.
When people were still stretching, I'd lift my head couple of times and wondering "are we done yet?"
Then, Monica the yoga instructor asked me to put my head down again.
After few seconds, I lifted my head again and thought,
See? This shows how very impatient person I am :P

But now that I learned I have a water retention problem/poor blood circulation from Monica and Angeline, I'm now beginning to learn Yoga.
Angeline said, my upper body sweats easily, but my bottom half doesn't AND the muscle is TIGHT.
This is due to many blockage in the lymph vessels in my hip/thigh/calve area.
Hence, I have to attend stretch class at least 3-4 times a week to stretch it out, elongate the muscle and open up the blockage to slim down my lower body part. Huhu.

This morning *8.30am that is!* was my second 2 hours fat burning + therapeutic stretch class.

Let's just hope, for another 2 months at least, I'll stay patient and bear good result, yeah?

Wish me luck! :)


I feel guilty from last night, so i'm sticking to 0% fat yoghurt :(

Here I am, sitting in front of my pc with Dutch Lady: Shine 0% fat yoghurt in hand...
What not with the guilt of indulging last night's signature Nasi Lemak,
stir fried prawn....
the DURIAN cake...
I've lost to my temptation!!!!! *smack self*
This* I hv to blame Dtk Adeline T___T
Everything was delicious.

The appreciation dinner for the Jazz committee last night was great.
The people around were awesome.
I definitely learned a lot.
With so many nice people around me, how lar am I gonna achieve my target weight till the dance performance on the 1st and 2nd of August? T___T

Talking about that...
Guess what???
Last monday, I was recruited by Danny of Core Fitness to perform a dance performance together with him and other selected members at CityMall's bridal show in August!
Nervous I tell you XD
Our practise will start anytime soon.
So hope everything goes well! XD
*cross fingers*

Fat burning stretch is painfully coooool!

Just done with Angeline's 1 and a 1/2 hour fat burning stretch.
Pain maaaaan I tell you... paiiiin.
If you're a CORE fitness member, do join their Saturday 2-2 1/2 hour or Sunday 1 1/2 fat burning stretch.
If you want to be as slim and toned as Jennifer Aniston, this class is great for you.
I'm also doing Jennifer Aniston's 23 minutes cardio workout with the incline training machine, plus 1 minute high intensity and 2 minutes of medium intensity.
On high energy day, i'll add up some treadmills in between / weight training XD
Oh! and great news.
The Jujitsu and Muai Thai class is now FREE to all CORE Fitness member!
If you want to try, come in for their 3 days free trial ;)
If you're a maxis member, you can apply via sms to get the 2 weeks free membership too!

Fyi, am blogging at Citymall's Digi booth.
BB just bought his brand new DIGI broadband :) and I'm waiting for him to finish making his payment XD
With this new connection, let see if he'll start blogging consistently now yeah? >:)


What blood type are you?

2 days ago, Aunt Tracy asked what blood type I am in.
So I said AB... *i think*
"Owh.. so you can't eat chicken"
"what??!!! No way!!! I LOVE chicken I could die without it!"
"You better check into it girl ;) It might help."
Eesh.. =__=
Health and diet stuff again?
I mean, I have heard of this type of diet before but never really bother to look into it.
Honestly, what's the point?
As long as you make sure what you eat is right and in moderation? No?
Maybe... :(
Then.. last night, coincidentally, I stumbled upon this book at Popular BookStore.

So I got curious, I flipped and glued myself to the AB section.

"Oh shit... BB!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"It's true! We can't eat beef, chicken , duck, pork, goose, veal, quail... *I went on and on*"
"Wth???? No chicken??? No duck??? How can I be Chinese if like that???? Noooooooooooo"
"Huhu... :( ... there.. there... *trying to console* but you still can eat steam fish.. that's still a chinese dish :)"
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" <--- in a state of trauma. This morning, I conveyed what I discovered to my girls and shared some of the food chart I found from Dr Lam's website.

"Serena.. you're a hunter. O blood type can eat high protein but low Carb"
"Mars... For B-type, you're a nomad. You can eat what I cant... but... Oopps.. you two can't eat pork."
"NOoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I love Babi!!!!" Serena squeals
"Owh shit! I cant eat Ice cream???? I can't eat Potato??? But I love POTATO!!!" Rina, the A blood type traumatised.
"Oh nooo!!! No corn for me.. shit!! I cannot eat coconut and pomegranates!!!!" Mars continued
"Nooo~~~~ what??? I can't eat this too??? (*@#^$(*@#"
The department then echoed with the endless "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" sound.

"*sniff* I'm now torn between feeling grateful and hateful right now T___T" Rina said, feeling upset obviously.


The girls must hate me by now.. heh :P


If a book is written so well, so creatively imaginative... it will be hard to make it into a great movie and to explain the details to those who haven't read or follow the series.
That's what happened to Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince.
Too many missing characters and chapters.
I got bored half way.
To those who read, they might understand the complication in putting this book into the movie.
As to most of the audience, especially who watched it for the first time, definitely didn't get the point and only found certain part funny or sad.
That's why lar... sudah 6th book baru nak tengok! Pandai betul!

Oh well.

I can't wait how they're going to compress the final book in the next movie *ESPECIALLY the ending*. Till then, we can only wait and see :P

Anyhow, it was raining cats and dogs last night.. and strong wind didn't help.

This is what happened to me on my back after sending Rina home.

Yeah. See the tyre track on the divider?
The muddy ground on the divider has sunken in due to the heavy vihicles before me.
So my tyre got stucked there for a few minute.
Poor piper.
Luckily the area is well litted *else, I'll be crying alone in the dark T___T*
After a few rempit try, I'm back on the road alhamdulillah :)
Lesson to learn, drag Rina to stay at my place next time.
No way am gonna drive late night to that area again.

Why is it sooo hard to find parking in Gaya Street???

My girls and I finally went to the 'hu-ha'ed Bus Stop Pizza at Gaya Street for lunch today.
Surprisingly it was a VERY small shop located nearby Milimewa superstore.

For a single dish/pizza, It'll cost RM6nett.
But if you feel a single pasta or pizza is not enough, *like me* get the set for RM12. It's inclusive of 2 dishes (Choose pasta with meatball or Pasta with Pizza) and a soft drink.

So I chose Fettuchini with beef bolognaise and a Meatball dish.

My comment?
The pasta is NOT GREAT at all.
The meatball dish was fine.
It even looked and tasted like the healthiest meatball on earth with lots of green stuffed in it *please, I'm being sarcastic here*
But seriously, it's fine.
I gave away the bread to marissa and left another untouched.
She had a turkey pizza by the way.
I tasted the Pizza, buuuut it was so-so.

Aaaaaaanyhow, skip that.

I had a fun day hanging out with BB yesterday ^___^

Took an off day to settle some personal stuff, but even with the off day, my schedule was packed!

Had my hair trimmed+layered at my usual place (Haircut Hairspa, Lintas) in the morning and I LOVE THE RESULT!
*Don't mind my hair above coz the after salon effect is fading out*
Sadly, this nicely blown hair will go back to normal once I finished gym tonight :(
Julia said I can make it stay that way by putting extra effort to blow it with hair-dryer every morning but I just dont have time for that XD
*You know how early i get up every morning?*
Anyway, Julia relocated her shop which is bigger now *but less homey.. i miss the red couch*.
She told me to colour my hair but I'm saving it for Hari Raya.. heh :P

Met Aunt Tracy at Fressh, Citymall after that for my insurance and savings update. *YES! I invest and I save*.
For lunch, Aunt Tracy treated me Fressh Tuna wrap set and later had our dessert at CUBE. Weeeee~
Ate 1/2.. yes HALF of CUBE chocolate cheesecake *I'm not guilty* and cold Vietnamese coffee with milk *I made it look like in the promo poster nyahahahaha* - Thanks Aunt Tracyyyy!!!

Before the KK Jazz Fest post mortem meeting, BB & I went to draw out money and cash in some cheques, stopped by DBKK to apply some event forms and the best part of all, to Wisma Merdeka for some Takoyakis and shoe shoppinggggg!!!! XD Yeyyyyyyyyy!

I bought this for RM59.90!

We even dropped by 'Memories' at the 6th floor just to look see look see *sniggers*
I was contemplating to go in at first coz I don't want BB to get mojojumbo ideas or feel pressure or... *you know the boys* but.. but... I saw one dress that i liiiiiiiiiiike!!!!
So I HAD to go in.
But I went speechless when the staff asked "so when is you big day?"
"aaaaaaaaaa.........~" *I heard crickets here*

During the KK Jazz Fest post mortem meeting, Jack was announced as the new chairman for the next KK Jazz Festival ;)

The meeting ended earlier *thank goodness for that*, and we proceeded with fetching KC at home, drove to 1B to meet mama for dinner at Old Town White Coffee before meeting up Mars & Lim to watch Public Enemies.
As what Mars said, Johnny Depp was great, but the story sucks!
Not tooo sucks la.. just a-ok.
2/5 from me.
Let's just hope Harry Potter tonight will be better.
*cross fingers*

Ice Blended Cappuccino @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

My diet almost spoiled over the last weekend.
With the coffee bean food tasting last Friday.
Bus Stop Pizza last Saturday *can't help it!!! Paksu gave it for free!*
And Sushi King YESTERDAY!
Last weekend was soooo sinful and dangerous.....

It's not that I ate much.
But still, I'm guilty. Heh :P

If you missed out on the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf food tasting last Friday (10th July), well here's what we've been served.

Courtesy of Mr Charles Chuan, the training manager of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, we were first served with the creamy Cappuccino Ice Blended WITH low fat milk (believe me, I asked beforehand :P).

You can get this for RM13 for a regular size ;)
If you're lactose intolerant, you can request for soy milk instead of regular milk.
But don't blame me if it taste... different.
I haven't tried.. so i don't know.
Hrmm.. maybe I should try XD
Soy milk is loaded with protein, no?

To add more 'ummph', ask the barista to add more coffee, or lessen the milk. Either way, it's your call. You're the boss.
Don't ask them to put milo sudah.

For dinner, I had a slice of each of these.

Turkey and Melted Cheese Sandwich, RM12+

Tuna Sandwich Panini, RM12+

Am loving the turkey sandwich... BUT it tasted quiet salty *considering I've been teaching myself to eat less sodium nowadays*

Wouldn't it be great if they have the nutrient fact for all F&B in the menu? Like KFC and McD? *yes.. I'm becoming nutrient freak* At least I know what and how much I stuff in my mouth.. hehe XD

Anyhow, both dishes are in their regular menu AND bigger portion ;)

As for dessert, here comes the Chocolate Brownies, RM8.50.

At a first bite, I love it.
2nd bite, I punched myself to stop.
*must not get carried away*

To be honest, I love the walnut filling.
I just don't fancy the chocolate on top XD
So i asked my vacuum cleaner a.k.a BB to eat the top ONLY and leave the rest for me. Muehehee.

Rina became our mascot of the night XD

My girls and I sipping the delicious new Cappuccino Ice Blended

...and cam-ho of course

I've been eying on the biscotti since I stepped into the outlet.

"To buy.... or NOT to buy" I was contemplating
"You want biscotti?" Serena asked
"Mmmm.. yeah... but I missed Izwan's biscotti.. Uhuhuhu"
"Cis... si perepot! XD"

In the end, BB still bought me 1 stick of Almond Biscotti for RM2.

But I didn't like it :(

I still want Izwan's biscottiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(

Oh well.

Maybe I just poke him one day and ask him to bake one for ME... ONLY.. hehe!

It's been awhile since I last hang out and chit chat with a bunch of friends, so with everyone still high on coffee, (BB, Marissa, Rina, Eric, Amber, Dizzy, Beatrice, Serena, J.Na *I just pretend J.Na was there even tho she was at a boot camp :P* and I) stayed till about 10pm+ after chit-chatting about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

About MJ lar... old cartoon series like Captain Planet, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Jam and the Hologram lar... and a lot more, including old MJ games; of which I can see Dizzy became really dizzy... *coz she's the late 80s baby* Aww... :P *btw girl, you look awesome. Slimmed down so much!*

And the best part of all, listening to Eric's hotel line experience.

You just never know what's happening behind the door @__@.


I don't fancy TOO formal event

I really don't.

The VIPs... the protocols...
It just suck all the fun essence to it.

So in this sorta event, my camera AND my handphone
are practically my savior.

Taking silly pictures.
Browsing through and deleting old smses.
Well I have to say it IS funny to look at all old smses.
Messages from old crushes.
The good and the bad ones.
Old 'flings'*if they would call it*
Old mix, confusing and flirty smses.
Another one is the TRANSITION from being all romantic to normal day-to-day repetitive messages.
Oh! Oh! and Old 'OH MY GOD!!!' MMSes! *can this font be any bigger?*
Can't believe I still have it in there!
Hahahaha XD

But they served great memories nonetheless.

I miss the sparks.
The doki-doki feeling.
Not to say that I don't feel any now :P
*Girls, you know EXACTLY what I mean*

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf food tasting is tonight.
So am skipping my herbalife drink =P
Can't wait!


am not continuing my domain name fyi

It has been so long since I enter my blog via www.bobidom.com.
Only today I realised, that it has expire since 1st of July!
Oh well.
I don't think am gonna continue the domain name.
To my readers, good luck in finding me via blogspot.
To those who follow, *pats *pats. Good job!
To those who haven't click here
Hrmm.. maybe I should put the link on top like how other people do XD
Lemme bug serena for awhile.
Technical technical ni.. i suck a bit =___=

ptptn sucks!!!!!!!!!!

I've been paying EVERY MONTH and the amount is still SO BIG.
RM55,000 left... how am I suppose to finish that.
Plus, they're charging me about RM140 interest every month!
So paying rm250 is like paying nuts =__=

Oh gawd... It's a never ending debts.

I don't want to end up 40 years old and still paying for my study loan!

"I think u need to find someway to pay at least RM1000 every month to them so that can fast fast kao tim", marssie said
"that's right.. T_T... 55 months...4 1/2 year"
"Nah.. no Japan for u.. *hugs* kita sma sma tak pigi japan ahahaha"
"5 years.... T____T i'll be 30 by then..."
"*pats *pats... nvm... honey moon trip can go japan... or we use our retirement money to go
... let our cucu cicit stay at home... let's call our trip 'obasan trip' "
"Uwaaaaaaaaaaa!!! T___________T then we'll look like a retarded nenek trying to Cosplay in Akihabara"

Moral of the story:
- Stay away from Ptptn *obviously* / Pay fast!
- Try your hardest to get scholarship by any means possible
- To all soon to be parents, save up and don't let your children suffer.
- If you're going to further your study and know where to get scholarship, share the info with your friends/guide them. Pleaaaaase lar don't be selfish/blur.
- If you're in UNI, study hard and get 1st class degree to be exempted.
- If you have scholarship/parents can afford, don't waste it by jollying around and fail to repeat again and again you ungrateful ass holes!



Which Saint are you?

omg.... XD

Am soooo happy!

I just watched the new Saint Seiya: The lost Canvas.
The new drawing has improved and changed SO much.

It felt weird at first coz it's somewhat different but still a bit the same... @_@

Let's just say that the drawing has lost its classic touch (which in honest truth, I still love it till today) and a modern anime style has been put into it.



Even Athena looks much better in this XD
In the old series, she kinda look short and fat in the 'malas' mode episode.

*did you notice that almost every single animes that has more than 100 episode
will have it's lazy drawings in some episodes?*

and now... tadaaaaa~

In addition to that, she has bigger boobs too! Gagagagagaga!
*it's soooo Ah! My Goddess man....*

Anyway, there's a lot of bishounen in this latest season.
Even the gay characters, where in the old classic look like 'pons' now look SO macho... hohohohoho *slurrrrp*.

Thanks Hafeez for informing me about this new season XD

And for the old AND COMPLETED series/seasons, am currently watching it in AnimeCrazy *thanks to Nadia of coz*


Be it old drawing or new, both really enlightens my mood.
But heck, classic still rocks regardless.
*squealssssss* XD


Why does it have to be so expensive???

RM6 for a SMALL/KIDS/CIPUT portion of Kueh Teow?
The cafe downstairs only charged RM4 for a BIG portion and taste better weh!
Might as well I drive to McD and have myself a set lunch.
Not only that.. it's darn OILY and TASTELESS!
Sucks man!
Even the Nasi campur's fish is bloody hell SALTY.
Ewwww... =___=

It will be the first and the LAST time i'm going to Wisma Perindustrian cafe.


w.t.f???...it's JULY!!!

Time passes soooo fast and I'm almost 26. Muahahahaha..... "shit....=_=" *falls down*

To be honest I REALLY enjoy these past few days..
With Aunts and cousins came down from KL for my late grandpa's 40th day kenduri...
hanging out till late nite watching old school thriller movies such as Jason and The Eye...
Eating double-triple Ramli burger at Sadong Jaya...
Karaoke for two nights in a row till 2am...
Tapau'ing' Fook Yuen Kaya+Butter bread and EasyWay Milky Tea Pearl *spoil diet akuuuu*
Telling stupid jokes and trying to contain Paksu's silly actions...
Sleeping together in the living room and listening to Paksu's morning, afternoon and night's fart... *there's different version you know* Buahahahhaa.
*kof *kof
in short, the past 7-days was AWESOME!

+++ Kenduri +++

watching 'keluarga bahagia' short film that I made

+++ Karaoke+++

+++ BBQ!+++

+++ and more!+++

*buahahaha... didn't i tell you i'm a bit free?*

more photos here.

Huhu... :( Now that they've gone back, everything is also back to normal...
Sigh~ can't wait for them to come back for Raya.
This year's Hari Raya is going to be one of a kind! Wohoo! XD


Anyhoo, i guessed all of you have watched Transformer by now.
Some find it super-cool.
Some said it was a-ok.
Some just plain blur.
I, on the other hand am in between of the first two.

In honest truth, I rarely watched the American version of Transformer.
All my life, I've always been a fan of Transformer: Super-God Masterforce *or Transformer:Masterforce as I like to call it* which was one of the Japanese Transformers animated series.
Click play to view the opening.

OH~~~ I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this transformer!!!!!!!!!
Anyone who has it, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE let me know. T_T
*rolls down and cry*

I've been searching high and low for this series, and the one that I finally got few years back in KL never seemed to work in any CD player/PC! *which i eventually returned and demanded for my money back - IT WAS DAMN EXPENSIVE*

I stumbled upon iOffer , and one of the sellers have a complete Transformer Masterforce for only RM29!
He also have old school series like Spiderman, Spiderwoman, Gargoyles, CAREBEAR *can you believe it????!* , Garfield, Heckle and Jeckel, G.I.Joe, Dinosaurous, Ghostbusters, He Man, JAM AND THE HOLOGRAM, Transformer Headmaster, Transformer Victory AND A LOT MORE!!!! XD *o.m.g... i wish i can type more XD*
Now, I'm waiting for his respond to my love letter. Muehehehehehe.
I'm gonna make him rich!

Talking about searching high and low, after misplacing it *yes... i keep blaming myself for that* I also found 2 of my most favourite RANIA - Bellydance cd in Citymall!!!!! Of all the places, i found it hidden deeeeeep behind all other fitness cds. Alas, I found my treasure!!!! Buahahahahaha! To the road of kurusness!!! XD

Oh! oh! During my stay at grandma's place, Paksu lend me ALL Keroro gunsou anime series *from the 1st-latest that is* Wohooo!!!!!
I watched the first series which of course, my anata downloaded and hard to find the 2nd series onwards ever since T___T .
But now~~~ KUuuuuuKukukuku~~~~~
I have ALL series and movies.
That's the best thing of having an uncle who loves watching colourful frogs XD He even have the toys!

Another old school series i borrowed and GAY so to say is Saint Seiya.
I watched bits and pieces from the 3 Hades series in cantonese language when I was a kid *it's HARD to find japanese version back then.. let alone to know which is which i.e series/season* and just knew that the one Paksu has is one of the OVA series released few years back XD *oklar.. oklar... am so outdated owkaaay~*

And just last night, cousin Hafeez told me that they also come out with another new series called Saint Seiya: The lost Canvas ep1 in AnimaTake. Yahooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am planning to search and buy them all *kaching!!! $$$*

What to do... XD

I'm a big happy kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank god for such a happy childhood.

PS: Does anybody have/know where to find Choushinsei FlashMan and Hikari Sentai Maskman series? XD

Choushinsei Flashman

Hikari Sentai Maskman


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