Open House!

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In the invitation card, my family's Hari Raya Open House started at 7pm - 11pm. But at 6.45pm, loads of guests came and for the first 2 hours, our house is jam packed with people greeting each other and lining up to get their food! Gosh! My sisters and I were running here and there to get them seated, greeting them and serving those who waited long with some drinks.

However it is, the Open house was a blast! Even though it's raining slightly at around 8.30pm, all the guests are still enjoying their dinner, singing karaoke and not forgetting taking pictures with AF4 si 'Malatop' Velvet. Yeaps. She came, and apparently her family is a friend of my parents. She stole the 1 hour lime light of the host as loads of the children wanted to take pictures with her. Hahaha.

Anyhow, I appreciate those who came even though they are busy, especially my office mate i.e. my boss, my dearest foxy, marissa, herman, the Lai brothers and Ivy. They stayed till the end of the open house. U guys are the best! Others office mate came too. They are my intern Roger (his little brother is so kawaii, i tell you), Chin Yit, Irene, Caleb's cousin Wendy as well as Hui Ting.

All of my best friends came too and thats what excites me most. Mel~~ It's good that you came. It has been so long since you visited me in Putatan.. hahahaha.. My macho pet-bro Adzri and his lovely cousin Farinah (my friend as well) came too! Huhuhu... Too bad Leena was still in Sarawak that night. Oh! Kilua my Uni-friend datang juga~~~

Throughout the event, i did received Sms from Erol, Aunty Dg Mariah, Khairul 8tv, Jack2 who can't come. It's ok you guys. Better SMS then passing message around saying 'I'm not going. LAZY to go out tonight' and buat dunno the next day when they knew i really2 expecting them to come because we are close.. right? ;)

Anyway, we received so many ang pows and presents from the guests as well. Again, thank you all and Selamat Hari Raya!!

Ps: My cousin Hambal from Johor is in town! Yey! Cousin, let's go shopping this week!!

Selamat Hari Rayaaaaaa!

Selamat Hari Rayaaaaaa! magnify
Selamat Hari Raya everybodyyyyyyy!!! and Maaf Zahir Batin! How was your 1st two days of Raya? Mine was super duper triple fun! Duit Raya? Of course ada.. wouldn't miss that for anything. My first day of Raya was, well.. the usual stuff.. you wake up in the morning, mandi sunat aidilfitri, then you go to the mosque for aidilfitri prayer... But the best part was, after my family and I dressed in our first day outfit, we gathered together in the living room for the 'berziarah' practice. After berziarah.. dapat duit raya~~!! Muahahahaha! Seronok.. seronok..

Next we went to Istana, for T.Y.T's open house. Can't eat to much coz my stomach still in the
fasting mode. After that we went to the Sports Complex for the Chief Minister's open house and last but not least, to the best place ever, my grandma's house. I was so eager and can't wait to gobble down all the 'Ayam Masak German' and 'The Melting Momments' Cookies! Kenyang ok!! Hahahaha!

On the second day of Raya, I went to the Mayor's house. hmm.. my sis said the mayor kinda looks like the A&W bear mascot. Hahahaha.. But he was so friendly and generous (cover.. cover..) After that, my father's side of the family came down to our house. Chit chatting, took loads of crazy photoshoots in the garden, makan-makan lagi and other activities. After maghrib, we went to Salut Seafood Restaurant with my mother's side of the family. We ate loads of seafood and went to Karaoke at Gaya Centre later. We sang our heart out and i still can't take the 'sengau' song that my cousin Hanis sang last nite out of my head. The chorus goes like this " mata pujanggaaaaaaa~~~ biar putih tuuuuuulaaaaang~~~ jangan putih maaaaataaaaaaa.... " OH GOD!!!!! Yada! Yada!!!

Oh! Next Saturday is my open house. To all my friends in KL, siapa turun KK datang lah yerrrr!!


PS: Imah. Your biscuit cornflakes sedaaaaappppppppppp!!! It's all mine~ miiiiiineee~~~

Raya ShoppinG!

Raya ShoppinG! magnify

Holaaaaaaa everybodyyyy~~~ :D:D Just got back from KL. Fun trip as always. Shopping like crazy (sampai excess baggage muahahahahaha). So far I have finished with my Raya shopping (even though I still feel like buying more… ehehehehe). I’ve shopped less compare to last year. Maybe because of the Baju Raya style sold at most of the shopping complex I’ve visited looks quite the same and the fashion hasn’t been upgraded that dramatically yet. The things that I bought mostly were accessories, normal day outfit, new Swatch watch (uuhhhh... rhyme!) and shoessss. Sironot betul!

Mr. Oc bought me Sims 2 Open for Business and Sims 2 Pet!! Yeyyy!!! Thank you sayang! Owh.. not forgetting one beautiful shoe (can’t wear it to work! Rosak for sure!), necklace that has its own story by the look of its pendants, ring and not forgetting treating me to dinner, movies and many more. Mr. Oc got a haircut too, and the new hairstyle looks more kawaii and neat. Suki desu wa! =P The new spectacle looks good on him as well. I went to his working place as well (Lim Kok Wing). Best jugak jadi lecturer nih.. Most of the students call him ‘Sir’ Hahaha! Never imagined he’ll end up being a teacher. There I met Abs (beautiful as ever), the newly wed Jerrah, the intelligent Jee and Mr.Oc’s few other colleagues.

Due to time constrain, I only get to meet Amad, Mel, Jijoe and Andri. As for 8tv colleagues… I’m so sorrryyyyyyy… huhuhu… Will try to visit you guys in December. Btw, next Tuesday is already Raya. Going to take advantage to go to the mosque to finish the last 10 days of Terawih prayers. To all of my friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir & Batin. Duit raya jangan lupaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D:D Jya!


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