Bit3Lips: SAWAN 4FASHION day 01

Here are some of the pics from yesterday morning.

Yai Rainer.... =_=
Even the cicak has something to say XD

Anyhow, today is the last day.
As usual, starting time NOW (10am) until 10pm
*we can even go to midnite if you want*
Spread the word!!!


Have to rush for my dj now.
See ya at Bit3Lips “SAWAN 4FASHION" garage sale later ;)

"SAWAN 4FASHION" is on!!!

We never thought that we could even organize a crash super fast fashion garage sale within 2 weeks. But alas, it’s all finally done.

Few pics from preparation *sneak peek for ya*

Now for the big day (at least for most of us)…
Don’t forget to come to our “SAWAN 4FASHION” Garage sale TODAY and TOMORROW (29th Nov & 30th Nov).

I mentioned this b4 and I’ll mention it again and again, please bring enough/a lot of money coz all items starts from rm5 and no more than rm50. We have a lot of shoes, RM5 tops, bags, baju kurung and a lot more!

Refer map *here* and poster *here*

I’ll be working today for the garage sale morning shift 10am-4pm, before rushing for a wedding at 6pm and to my djing at 11pm @_@.

Again.. please.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me spread the word, it doesn't matter through sms, email, blog, call or whatsoever.


Great news, aside from my part time Djing, I’ve been asked to do a fix Saturday night radio show with Selina Light starting today. Yey!!! More mooooooolah~

Oh! Talking but Djing, congrats to Jasmine, BB, Dasaru and Jason for making it through to the semi finals of Sabah Vfm Guest DJ programme. XD *so excited*

Hear them out starting next Friday before they’re selected to the finals! *dug*dag*dug*dag*

See ya!!!

I want cinta you

I was just about to catch my breath, watching some movie trailers when my intern came up to me and say....

"I want cinta you"

"you want what?"
"I want cinta you"
"you want to cinta me?"
*laughs* "Nooo! I want cinta you.. the song!"
"You mean 'JENTAYU' "
"Yayaya!. The song.. cinta you"

Omg. I laughed my head off.

Fyi, Jentayu is an old Sheila Majid song.
He heard it during our event rehersal this morning.
Lucky he didnt go and ask that to somebody else.

Anyhow, I left Mars a love message b4 I went off...

"Marissa... I want cinta you"

your next 2 weekends...

This is what you MUST know for the next 2 weekends:

a) Bit3Lips "Sawan 4Fashion" Garage Sale

*click to enlarge*

and here is how you get there:

All Bit3lips item starts from RM5 and seriously, I feel like want to pengsan after sorting them out. *thanking my kuli of the nite the other day, Rachel, and Bev*

Please bring enough money, 29th and 30th is after your gaji masuk anyway.. AND no worries, all items are vary from rm5, 10, 15, 20 and so on. No Rm1, 2, or scents involve coz it'll just give me headache. =_=

We too have some retro fashion, plus size clothes, working pant suit and KIDS attire as well!!!

And most importantly, PLEASE promo Bit3lips and spread the word to your friends ok? You can put the poster above to your blog/website, spread it by mouth.. OR, you can sms the news to your friends and families. Here, we even typed it out fr you guys XD

"Bit3Lips/My friend is organising a weekend Sawan 4Fashion garage sale in kota kinabalu on the 29th and 30th November, 10am-10pm. Address: No. 23, Taman Hilltop, Jalan Lintas, KK. Check out for map."

So start smsing XD

b) Hobby Convention 2008

Omg... Been waiting for this since its last event last December.
It's not too late to join in and cosplay.
You can always wear anything that is related to Japanese Culture. E.g. Lolita, Visual K and etc..
OR, just come as yourself and support the event.

Check out those dude and chic in cosplay, join in the fun (we've got magic the gathering and so many more), performances, cosplay competition and more.

Where else can you get THIS kinda event in KK?

So guys, MARK YOU CALENDER now!!!

Bit3Lips in progress

O.. my gosh...

Am currently sorting out all the clothes for Bit3Lips "SAWAN" garage sale.
And mind you, these bunch of tops and bottoms, bags, formal wear, pant suit, dresses, skirts, caps, bags, shoes, kids clothe and accessories are just my part.
Haven't added those from Marissa, J.Na, Ki-Chan, Bev, Eeza, Adel, and others.

Oh! I’d also like to invite you guys to join our Bit3Lips facebook group.

A Bit3Lips “SAWAN” garage sale promo poster will be uploaded tomorrow night.. so you guys.. who I know VERY HELPFUL and KIND *am asking this with a lot of stars in my eyes* can use the poster to promo in your blog later or wherever possible lah XD

Anyhow, the girls are considering on doing it both day, next weekend (29th & 30th November) at Dino's place *again... will confirm by tomorrow night*
Reason being, if we are to do it in December... our schedule will be packed with activities e.g. Hobbycon, Christmas, Holiday and bla bla bla.
Plus, it's the end of the month, and I know most of you will be loaded with moneyyyyy. Buahahahahaha!
*sorry... got carried away*

I mean seriously, even as I am categorising the collections right now, I'm very sure lots of you guys might want what I'm holding now.
I see branded items, sexy dresses, tops, jeans, even the 80s fashion, XL-XXL size formal/office wear, brands from MnG, Nicole, Guess, PDI,
Esprit, International brand and LOTS MORE!
Even the price is VERY AFFORDABLE. E.g. Accesories starting from RM2, Clothes starting from RM10.
PS: I booked 2 Tops, 1 Dress, 2 Jeans and 1 pants already
*omg.. i can't believe I tapau a Jeans for Rm10 only and it fit me PERFECTLY!!!*

Anyhow, back to topic... Surely I'll be posting the map to his house A.S.A.P
It's located in Taman Hilltop in Lintas Area, the area opposite Lintas Plaza.
So whatever it is, stay tune peeps.
For the time being, spread the word! Onegai Shimasu! XD

Is the idea of "everyone's doing it" worth doing it?

Like buying cool gadget just bcoz everybody owns one.
or having a bf just because you see people 'PDA'ing and TLC'ing' around you.
or simply... do stuff to not be isolated from a group..

"Just speak up and let others know your boundaries lar", I said
"I did. I told them he is just a friend. All these teasing make him
more pressure and SS to have a relationship"

"Been there, done that, still am. It's a same old story called peer pressure."
"I don't want to create misunderstanding. But kesian lah juga. "
"Don't. Just be assertive but not preachy"

Daymn... Today is such an annoying day.

Gossiping with my baby sis is always a breath of fresh air.
Reminds me of my college years.
I mean.. seriously. Peer pressure will never stop anyway.
People will constantly urge you to do things you don’t want to do.
Some minor stuff is still.. well.. pretty harmless.
Like going to a club.
Have fun.
You HAVE a choice to drink or not to drink.
Even when those pressure moves up to your core value, you STILL have a choice.
Who cares if they call you boring.
If you drunk and got into accident, it’s not really their problem is it?
Or if you get laid and pregnant, not their problem either.
If they are friends, they will show that they care but at the end of the day, the problem is still yours.
Am not saying I'm a saint but if peer pressure positively affects you, do it.
Like sports.
Man I hate running last time.
It's a self development you know.
If it doesn't, your choice.
You can never really force a person to change unless they want to.
So what to do?
If I'm asked what I wish for, really, I'd wish...
That's alright..
I'll keep it to myself.

PKM siot...

<< Because of Stye, this is how my right eye appear to be this morning.
<< and this* is how my face looks like after bitten by the stupid bitch sand flies yesterday.

The stye problem is a first time for me which* I don’t fret much.
As for the PKM sand fly bite, yeah.. I have BIG problem with it.
Coz it’s the 2nd time after I was bitten last year somewhere in Nexus!!!

Back then I didn’t know what went wrong & thought I was growing small pimples.
But after 5 days or so, my face beginning to look like a mini pepperoni pizza!!!!!!
I'm serious!!! (shit… typing this is ruining my appetite).

Then why do I bitch so much about these bites you ask?

Coz It leave scars!!! That’s whyyyyyy!!! *tormented by the past*

So I went to see the doctor in Damai…

Was hoping to meet Dr. Kheng; instead, a locum doctor was in charged.
He seemed very familiar but I decided to skip that one for now.

As usual, I was asked the typical intro question:

“So what can I help you with?”
“I was bitten by sand fly”
“And how did the sand fly got you?”
*from my house… =_=…. of course from the beach lar bongok!*
“Err… well… I went 2d BEACH to play Frisbee with frens and that’s WHERE I got it”
“And where did the sand fly bit you?”
“On my cheek”
“And whyyyyy did it target your cheek?”
“o_O…. well I DON’T KNOW! Ask the SAND FLY!”

Omg… what a night =_=

"Don't Leave Me... T_T"

It's almost 4am and I couldn't sleep.
Just got back from Amber's bday bbq party 3 hours ago and am SO FULL.
Happy Bday Kana Sama a.k.a Amber
The clock hasn’t strike 12 and you already received 4 cakes.
So geng lar u. ORZ.

Amber's house is completely equipped with few security cameras and a big black dog name Kuma.
Geez... you don't want to mess around with her house man.

Dino and Rainer left early for Shen and Rumba.
“Ada si Andy (estranged) here in Shen”, Rainer sms me hours later
Andy Estranged??
“Tipu! XD NOOOO!!!!!”
“Serious”, he replied back
NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!
If I knew, I would’ve tagged along!!!
*runs to a corner, writing circles on the floor, gloomy mode*

Stalks Rainer with one eye: "DON’T LEAVE MEEEEEEEEEE"

Si Ki-Chan main tag.

Lalala... tagged again... Here goes.

The last person to tag you is?
My model, Ki-Chan

What relationship of you with him/her?
She’s my new kuli model a.k.a cover girl

Your 5 impressions towards him/her.
1) Dang! This girl cute!
2) Why you so tall aa?
3) Sawan
4) New camwhore fren
5) Cosplay goddess

The most memorable thing that he/she had done for you.
She kissed me. Buahahahahaha!

If he/she becomes your lover, you will…
Tie her up and keep her to myself *can’t believe am saying this*

If he/she becomes your enemy, you will...
Still tie her up.

If he/she becomes your lover , he/she has to improve on..
*thinks hard* Shouldn’t it be the other way round XD

If he/she becomes your enemy , the reason is...
She curang with Jess

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
Quoting Julian, ‘mischievous hobbit’

The character for you for yourself is?
Loudspeaker, bubbly, happy-go-lucky, sawan

The most ideal person you want to be is?
Hrmmm…. *himitsu desu*

For the person who cares and likes you, say something about them.
‘may the force be with you’

Ten people to tag;
Whaattt??? 10????
You craaaaazy aaa? This is my blog and I’ll say 5 only.

1. Julian
2. Dino
3. Marissa
4. Serena
5. Rina

Who is no.2 having relationship with?
Amie ‘neko’ Stan

Is no.3 a female or a male?
She’s a guy with a long hair

If no.7 and no.10 be together would it be a good thing?
I also dunno lah. random people :p

How about no.5 and 8?

What is number 1 studying ?

When was the last time you have chat with them?
Few hours ago

Is number 4 a single?
Nope. She just had a surprise visit from her bf last week XD

Talk something about no.2.
Bapak yang gila selalu kena buli anak. Tidak kira anak betul or anak palsu.
Suka kacau aku time tidur.
Suka suruh aku buat kerja.
Cuma boleh buli anak time squash.
Most importantly… Bapak yang baik hati XD


Ohohohoho.... I've been neglecting my blog because of this XD

I know... *smack self*

I can only enjoy myself this week coz next week is = hell


A late post, but here some photos from Cici’s bday (my sis):

*Bday Gal*

*Kamal, Cici and Casel*

*present from Jel & Zilla. Now all of them have a set of chibi-elephant XD*

*birthday card posted by AL*


Marissa brought a new figurine.
It’s cute AND has yaoi factor. Ohohohoho! *evil laugh*


Whaaaat? XD
Don’t look at me.
Blame Serena.
She has successfully dragged me into the world of Yaoi. Ohohohohoho XD


Oh. Make sure to go to Imperial Hotel for lunch.
Their new set lunch is great.
Value for money I kid you not.

During the launching, fellow bloggers and photographers also got to try em.

*what happen to taking picture of the food???*

*omg... look at Anna's bicep... tabik ko perempuan*

Anyhow... This is the new set lunch menu. MUST GO!

Nyuuuuummmmmm~~~~ *droooolllls* XD


Ok! Done.
Back to J-Series.

It's Bond... King Julian Bond

Do you know the time when you always get a tune in your head
right after watching a certain movie?
Well, Julian got the ‘James Bond’ thing going on in his head right
after we watched quantum of solace.
He tried to talk like bond.
Walk like bond.
Stand up straight like bond….
He even told me to switch my ring tone to James Bond theme whenever he calls.
Mmmm…. I’d say… yes… But only after 6 months from now…

“Why 6 months?”

“Coz I presume that’s when your workout will show obvious result”
“Oookaayyy.. Then switch your ringtone to Madagascar theme”
“Why Madagascar?”
“Haha *smirks* Coz king JULIAN sings it!”


I'd say...

Har… har… har…

Crimson Kiss

Happy Birthday Cici!!!

My sister turns +1 today
We went to grandma’s house for a short bday celebration just now before sending her to another bday ‘surprise’ organised by her friends.

Mama got her a perfume.
Nadia, as always, bought her variety of stuff in a packet.
I got her a new edition of
MAC lipstick and eye colour.
Zilla and Jeal on the other hand bought her a wallet that she's been dying to buy and a plush.

Now, her baby pinky bear got a new blue gajah belalai pendek friend.
The belalai is so short and cute hence reminds me of a newly born baby boy.

Will post the photos tomorrow coz I left my camera in the car.
As usual, too lazy to run down to get it.


Am sitting now in front of my lappie watching gossip girl/blogging while waiting for GG to buffer and load..
Dozed of few minutes whilst typing this very sentence…
*am too stuffed from eating lotsa chicken… nyum nyum nyum*
If it weren’t for my wet hair, I would’ve jump straight to bed and sleep.
But then again, there's no need to suggest a hair dryer coz my butt still glued to the chair XD

Bit3Lips is born

The title refers.

Another task down... zillions to go.

We had a quick photoshoot at Jofanna Bridal Studio few hours ago *thanks joj/nana* and really hoping that Bit3Lips can be pulled off as smoothly as possible.

*Picture taken by my noobs Kenji XD*

As mentioned in my previous post, the CSP girls and I are planning to organize a fashion junkyard/garage sale somewhere in December. Part of the objective is obviously to unleash and clear our wardrobe, earn extra money for ourselves and most importantly, raise as much fund as we can to support our next garage sale in the future.

Bit3Lips now invites all of you out there who are residing in KK (Kota Kinabalu), man, woman, gay, straight *wth XD?* to dig up your closet, lift up your headache and kindly donate us your clothes/ fashion accessories/ bags/ shoes/ caps/ anything related *pretty please… let it still be in good condition*.

Date and venue will be confirmed soon.

So for those who wish to participate in this sale and make extra money are also welcome :)

For donation and/or further information, kindly email us at regarding your interest and I’ll brief you on how it goes.

As for the girls, thank you for your time in the studio earlier. You guys are the ‘sawan’ness ;) *this goes the same to Chucky, Edgar, Jess and Dennis for helping out*.

Hopefully Bit3Lips will be successful *cross fingers*.


gave Serena a surprise visit from Lahad Datu this afternoon.
She was extremely happy that she squealed loudly in the parking lot.
The irony was, we were just talking about Jim over lunch and later, there he was in our office parking lot, sitting in his car, waiting for Serena with roses in his hand XD
Soooo sweeeeetttttt ^^
I watched them in full of awwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed~~~~~~~

“Oi, sudah! What are you looking at??? Mari naik atas!”, --- Marissa
“But I wanna seeeee~~~~~” --- Me
“Leave them alone! Mari naik!!!!”
“huhu…. T____T *kijams* ”

Healing The Childish Adult Ego

Am sitting here, staring into space, in my little bloody messed up, unorganised green tea coloured room, pondering, what else I could do, as a person, a daughter and a big sister to fix this bloody messed up situation.

Late night board game + deserted location + ghost story = Not so great idea

Last Saturday, Rainer invited few friends and I to his house to play board games.

We knew his place is deserted somewhere in Inanam,
We knew we're gonna go home very late and
We knew we're not supposed to be doing what we did (telling ghost story).

But being bunch of morons we STILL continue telling each other's ghost experiences we had tho we've said MANY-MANY TIMES that we should be stop talking.

As a result, we stayed up till sun rise (driving back alone is already a freaking no no) and till today, I dare not sleep without the lights on =_="

*StubZ *StubZ *StubZ

I should be doing my work right now, rushing for deadlines and all,
but my brain is just not functioning =_=

My head is currently jumbled up with:


..and all these excites me more than anything else.

What is it you asked? Well, guess u'll have to wait ;)

Am currently taking my baby steps to really make these 3 happen and I'll be needing all the help I can get around me.

Wish me luck! ^^


Will be covering Harith Iskander Nationwide Comedy Tour tonight.
*Thanks a bunch Missy for including us :)*
With that, I gotta sacrifice my time for squash *nyaaaa XD I want to sweat!* and watching Rainer do his song recording in the studio.


The CSP girls and I are planning to organise a one day junkyard/garage sale.

For those of you who have friends or family interested in getting rid of all those old clothes and accessories, gimme a buzz at my email ( and I'll brief you on it.

Please note that this junkyard/garage sale will happen somewhere in December (Year End Sale) and only available for those who resides in Kota Kinabalu ;)

So what are you waiting for?
Start unleashing your wardrobe XD!!!!

Boo! Happy Halloween 2008 XD

It’s late ><” but here is the post-event of this year’s Halloween XD

As you know, I went to Jade for their Halloween Costume Party.
Goodness knows I was quiet blur on what to wear, so I had to consult my ‘cosplay’ taiko Marissa and she suggested me to dress as the She-Devil.
Since it was a one day thing and I didn’t want to spend a lot, I recycle back whatever I have in my closet and tada~

Owh Mama~ LOLX


We had fun. I* had fun.
I’m not sure how many times I laughed and awed by looking at some of the funny masks and cool costumes around, but all in all, it was all a result of semangat ke’halloween’ness for Jade XD

First of all, this is shota boy Dennis wearing the Osama mask and Dino Dinosaur with his evil sot pirate mask.

We also have bad-ass witches in the house; Marissa, Selina, Bev and Irene

Cool as ever Ki-chan became the oh-so-cool vampire, the magnificent
Count Lyrehc XD

Seriously, I too would’ve taken her as my second husband if she was a guy XD

The one with the hood was Rainer.
*I didn’t recognise him at first XD*

This ‘serial-rappist’ made me laughed a lot especially when he tried to stick his tongue out of the mask and bite his lips.

Yaish! Look so gay man! Hahahahahaha!!!! XD

…err.. Cubex was the molested ‘Scream’ killer by the way XD

You said what?
you want some hot sexy maid?
I* give you sexy maid…
I give you TWO french sexy maid!
Nah! Here’s and Jacq. Ambek kau! Reow~

Apart from human beings… we also have the animal impersonator XD

From the fierce werewolves….

To a cute joker kitty cat… *meow?*

Anyway, here are some of the line ups for the black and white theme of the night…

and oh!, don’t forget the hawt lines of red She-Devils… *pstttt~

With all these chicks around, no wonder David Beckham visited Jade XD

*uish.. seriously… who is this dude? He really looks like david Beckam XD*

We also experienced huru hara when these two sawan man and an evil witch appear out of no where trying to kill people.....

… and also some butt poking session XD

Above all, what I like most about this year’s Halloween is that when you become a She-Devil, making the boys bow down to you is just a piece of cake. Full Stop.


Want MORE Halloween costume/cosplayer? Click below:

Jacq, Selina, Jack, Edgar 1/3, Edgar 2/3

*will add more links soon*

All photo here are credits to Edgar, Jack, Ki-Chan, WC/Jacq, & Selina.

Thanks you guys! *hugs*


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