being a real victim and a so-called victim

odd title, i know.

It's just that i've seen too many hurtful events this particular year.
From the passing of my beloved family member and important people of the world, or at least in my life,
Childish quarrels between friends,
Broken relationship, marriage and friendship,
Back stabbing,
Kes perasan and terasa,
The victim and the so-called victim.
Those whom judgment are clouded by egos,
The 'don't want to be involved',
The jumping frogs,
So on and so forth.

As an observer, i've seen a lot of dramas this year; which made me learned that,

one can break the relationship of others for the benefit of themselves.
one can self proclaim themselves as a victim and yet it was the other way around.
one can ask to be pitied to get the support of others.
one can never learn or admit they are wrong.
one can label others so many things even they never spend time with each other long enough to understand one another.
and the worst, one who actually understand the good nature of others and yet chose to bring them down, to get the support of others.

Which category do you think you are in?

Upon choosing, think again.

Are you really what you think you are?

In the end, people choose to feel hurt, and it shows how obviously imperfect human being we are.

Bernard read my Ba Zi.

After seeing the result, I was not surprised.

With the clashing of two elements, even when I always see the good in people or supported them all the way, betrayals will always happen to me.
And people will one day leave me.

That's why looking at hypocrites make me sick to my stomach.

Nevertheless, that's how life is.

It is short, and never kind.

Instead of choosing to feel hurt, why can't one choose to mend a broken relationship, regardless.

Before it's too late.


Ok..enough merepek.
Going down now for arwah tokwan's 100th day kenduri.
He is with us now in this holy month of Ramadhan *yey*.
Tok wan, I miss you so much.

A long drive for maggie

And that's what a sister can make you do.
After doing our normal (konon) bazaar ramadhan shopping *we still bought A LOT of food even though we promised not to be so tamak*, we needed to find a place to sit down together to break fast.
So Cici suggested to lepak at a kelapa bakar stall, located at the roadside on the way to Salut.

"Sedap kaaa??? So far???!"
"Sedap aya! the way the pakcik cooked the maggie, sluurrrp! nice~"
"errr... *as usual, thinking about my petrol* ok. kita try. If tak sedap, I tonyoh the maggie in your mouth"
"OK-ok.. to me it's sedap. THE WAY he cooked sedap" *trying her best not to be blamed later on*"
*me - squinting eyes, contemplating, but curious to try*
"ok fine"

Then we drove allllll the way to the kelapa bakar stall, waited for an hour and tried our best NOT to gossip during this holy month LOL!

Upon breaking fast, the maggie arrived.
The good news is, Hrmm~ the maggie is quite nice :P
The bad news, we couldn't finish or even touch our tapau-ed food.
My stomach is bloody terkejut to receive all the food after a long day of fasting =__=
The worst? The place suddenly blacked out 10 minutes before time buka puasa @___@
Dugaan betul hahahaha.
But it was an experience for us siblings.

Ok now.. as for the food...
The keropok lekor?
Like I said, Keropok Lekor in Tg Aru is 10 times better even when it's cold'
The Cendol??
We bought TWO from different stall to try.
One is epic fail and the other is half way there....
or less.
The pisang goreng?
Hrmm~ not bad.
The rest.. i.e. Air tebu, kueh-kueh, chicken wing, etc... UNTOUCHED XD

So the lesson? *which has been reminded over and over again* DON'T buy so much!

For break fast today, I want to go to Sugarbun.
At this point of time, I'm craving for molases taste in my throat so badly and I didn't get them yesterday *that includes dark mocha frappuccino. They only have it in 1Borneo branch. Wth??*

So the closest taste of cendol with molases that i could think of now is the Sugarbun Milky Tea.
Oh~ So thick and delicious.

Can't wait!


where art thou my creamy cendol with molases~

In most fasting month cases, it would be me whining non stop, wanting to go home or buy lots of food at Bazaar Ramadhan.
Nowadays that I'm piled up with work, food will be the last thing on my mind and all I want to do is sleeeeeeeeeeeep @_____@
Oh! and driiiiiiiiiink.
I'm so dehydrated!
I always forgot to drink whenever i'm busy.
or worse, I can even forget to breathe / hold my breath when I'm too focus!
Tsk Tsk Tsk.
Baaaaaad habit. Haha!

In my head right now, is a cup of cool and delicious Starbucks Dark Mocha Frappuccino.... Yoyo Chocolate Milky Tea... Java Chip Frappuccino....
Hrrrm~~~ *dreaming*
Gosh... these bittersweat drinks are soooo delicious XD XD XD
Must buy later!

Went to KAC Bazaar Ramadhan yesterday with cici to buy cendol and roti john.
The Nasi Briyani looked delicious and the fried chicken was quiet big too.
But my focus was mostly on finding cendol.
And guess what?
I managed to find only ONE stall.
and the cendol there is the worst!!!! EWWWWW.
It tasted like medicine. Yuck* Yuck* Yuck*
Even I can make better!
If anyone know where to find creamy cendol bersantan added with molases sugar, please lemme know.
Apparently I'm sorry to say, not many Sabahan knows how to make one.
The best I tasted so far was in Jakarta.

That's my sis btw holding MY cendol.
*must go back to jakarta/bandung*

Gonna fetch Nadia at UITM later to explore Bazaar Ramadhan at Indah Permai.
Hope my hunt later will be worth it.
1 more hour to go.
Sabar......~ =___=

I heart PARK Avenue, Parkson

Parkson in 1B finally opened.
It's soooooo much better than the one in Wawasan Plaza XD
Oh! and PARK Avenue kiosk is a must go-go!
Serena and I went Ga-ga, squealing over it.
*Poor Rina felt like a guy, holding our food and takeaways*


Paksu had a double birthday celebration this year.
Make it three, coz he got 3 cakes for his bday.
One from family.
One from Red Box Karaoke.
And another belated-almost-cair ice cream cake from me.

LOL! I love this uncle of mine.
He's like a living sesame street cookie monster.
And the closest 'Afdlin Shauki' look-a-like.
A big fan of Keroro Gunsou I must say ;)

Happy Belated Birthday Paksu!


CORE Fitness is having their special class tomorrow.
All KL instructor will come down to KK to conduct special stretch class, body combat and many more.
If you still haven't become CORE fitness, at least try out their trial class ;)
It's fun!


Nothing beats a good old prayer.
If it's according to my monthly 'Japan-attack' calculation, I wouldn't have managed to fast on the first day of Ramadhan this year.
But the prayer was answered and I think i can fast tomorrow!
Happy fasting everyone! ^___^


KL trip: Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan!

Finally! Third post of the day.

Hrrmmmm ^_____^ I really don't know where to start and yet I'm so excited about this post =P

The point is, I had soooooooo much FUN in KL!
I ate what I want. I go wherever and whenever I want.
And the best part was, I had BB with me ^___^

Like I said, this trip is more to makan-makan rather than a trip of a shopaholic on the lose.

During our trip, I brought BB to a lot of places that I know how to get to.
Started out from KLCC, to Mid Valley, to Time Square, to Bukit Bintang, to Sg Wang, to Lowyat, to Pavilion then back to KLCC again to buy more books and went back to Pavilion for another round to explore the whole mall (at least... half :P)

In KL, we jumped from mall to mall with our mini commuter/monorail map in hand, ate non stop, watched movie, eat again, bought lots of books, visited BB's mom in Seremban and last but not least, bought 'Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate with chocolate truffle filling' at the LCCT.

But that i'll story mory as you read along this post.

*warning, long post ahead*

Now first up... OF COURSE... the FOOOOOOOOOD~~~~

BB loooooves the food, ESPECIALLY at Chili's restaurant.

We went to Chili's on our second day at Mid Valley MegaMall; and the reason why i put it as our first food post is because it won BB's heart by 150%. You'll know why ;)

This is our starter:

And THIS is the big mouth burger he had.

Unlike the signature burger at NYNY (Newyork Newyork Restaurant) where the bun is SOOO big and the patty is sooooooooo thin and fatty... The big mouth burger in Chili's are waaaaaay better.

The burger patty is thick and juicy, he almost cried. Hahahahahaha!

We also went to eat at Nando's at KLCC, tried out the bountiful beef ribs at Tony Roma's and also my favorite chocolate mud pie at TGI Pavilion, tapau-ed Beard Papa cream puff at Mid Valley *omgggggggggggggg....... sedap okaaaaaaaaaay*, ate at my favorite Nasi Ayam restaurant called Nasi Ayam Chee Meng *Too bad BB dunno how to eat the kerabu mangga T__T* , and so much more.

I wont say any further. Just view the pictures aight? :)

At Nandos:

Nando's was actually the first food stop during our trip to KL.
We were planning to go to Chili's at first, but it was full house (so you guys must go there before dinner or lunch time OR in between)
So at Nando's, as usual, I will go for the extra hot flavour chicken.
BB... well... he took the mild flavour.
Scardy-cat *uhuuuuh~*

On our second day, like I said, we went to Mid Valley MegaMall.
After eating at Chili's, we decided "hey, we had a bit of a free time, so might as well watch SETEM at GSC".
So we did :)

We also stopped by to tapau Beard Papa cream puff.
I was so excited till I forgot to take a picture of my Vanilla cream puff =___=
*It was sooooooooooooo yuuummmmmmyyyyyy*

Right after Mid Valley, BB and I went to Bukit Bintang to browse around Low Yat and Sg Wang.

During study year, Low yat had been a favorite place to buy news pcs, game and software.
But now, all pirated cd's are gone. Kapoosh into thin air~ XD
So in the end, I just bought a hard disk for Ms Ferrari at Low Yat, and 1 top from Key Ng, Sg Wang hehehehehe.

As for dinner, we walked to my favourite Nasi Ayam restaurant in the world called Nasi Ayam Chee Meng.

At Nasi Ayam Chee Meng Restaurant:

I've always loooooved this place. Even though it's a bit pricey compared to normal chicken rice, but the kerabu mangga and Asam Boy here are the bomb.

You wont feel the same as I do if you don't know how to eat kerabu mangga XD

We also walked to Time Square to go to Borders bookstore.
Since we're sooo full, Krispy kreme donut just had to wait @_@

Trip to Seremban:

One of the main reasons for this trip is to visit BB's mom at Seremban.
It was my first time meeting her, and I wasn't sure if I was up to her expectation.
So I thought, oh well, I'll just be myself.
And without any worry, everything went alright ^___^

Seremban Parade near the KTM station

Before going back to her house, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch and also to celebrate her belated birthday.
At aunty's house, I was served enzyme fruit juice made by BB's mom.
*Hehe... I'm sure you guys wondering what the heck is Ezyme fruit juice right?*
Enzyme fruit juice is actually juice from preserved fruit. It's good for skin/health and it tasted quiet nice too ;)
The one aunty made was a mixture of grape and lime.
Aihs.. I should've taken picture right? =__="

What I love most during my trip to Seremban is meeting up with aunty's cat named Si-Err *is this how you spell it? @__@*

This cat is sooooo smart, I almost confuse it with a puppy XD
She truly listens to the instruction i.e. shake hand and sit.

I tried too, but... not quiet a success :P

BB's mom showed me a few photo album of their family.
I noticed KC (BB's bro whom he called bitch =__=) looks much more of their dad, and BB's more to his mom. *but of course, he'll definitely try to deny what I said*

"Do you want to know who this monyet is?", aunty pointed a picture at me.
"XD hahahaha.. monyet~ monyet~" I called out to him.

*why are these two women bullying me =___=* <-- BB LOL! This is the little cute monkey she was talking about:
Overall, I had fun visiting BB's mom nonetheless.

Oh! on our way back to the train station, Aunty also showed us her play school where she's teaching and introduced me to her sister who lives just a short drive away from her house.
We didn't stay long though, coz we had a train to catch.
*The train trip was so long =__= ; It's like going from KK to Tawau*
Hence, we made a move back and reached KL almost 9pm.

At Tony Roma's - Pavilion MegaMall:

We went to this place (for dinner) out of recommendation by a friend.
But I gotta tell you, this place cost us quiet a bomb.
According to the menu, the recommended bountiful ribs looked sooo thick and porpotionate, but it wasn't quite like what we saw, unfortunately.
BUT it was quiet feeling nonetheless; though I wont really recommend you this one.

Try their beef steak instead.
I heard it's meaty, thick and worth your money more :P
Oh!!!! And you MUST try their Chocolate Avalanche.
Seriously... forget diet.

The hot and cold - Chocolate Avalanche

Since we arrived quite late, we didn't had the chance to explore much of Pavilion.
So BB decided to go back and jalan-jalan more the day after :P

BB at Time Square London Bukit Bintang, KL

One thing I like about traveling on commuter/monorail is obviously to avoid traffic jam!
I hate traffic jam.
Nobody does.
I had enough of that when I stayed in KL before for almost 6 years. Ewww.

But even though traveling via KTM/monorail is convenient, try to avoid during/after working hour. It'll be pack and smell like sardine.

Last day in KL

Our last day in KL was all about walking around without having to rush to other places.
As requested by BB, we went back to Pavilion Mega Mall =P

At TGI Friday, Pavilion:

Our initial plan at TGI Friday was ONLY to eat chocolate Mud Pie.
But we ended up having our lunch there instead ^__^
The set offer was quiet good.
RM29.90 inclusive of 1 starter and 1 main course.
So we both had that, and ordered 2 starters (Fried Mac and Cheese as well as boxing chicken nugget*?*) and 2 main course TGI's cheese burger and Shanghai salad.
The Fried Mac and Cheese itself (even though looked small) was very filling @_@

I'm loving the fried Mac and Cheese

Me no likey the Shanghai salad.
Tidak sadapppp!
Buek! Buek! Buek!
It tasted like medicine o.m.g!!!!
Look at the gooey green thing!!

So i stopped eating and decided to wait for my chocolate mud pie instead.

Chocolate Mud Pie - The before and after @_@

Ho ho ho~~~
Looks like batu ey?
But it was sooooo rich!
It's like a hard but soft creamy dark chocolate brownie topped with a coffee ice cream in one stone-like dessert XD

We were SOOOOO full, I canceled my plan to buy Beard papa AGAIN to compare with another cream puff located beside its kiosk.
*My glutton years have gone waaaay back*
BUT.... I have back up plan XD Muehehe...
Mama and Cici is going to stay for one day at Cititel, Mid Valley after coming back from their Geneva trip.
So i asked her to bring me back 15(!!!!) Beard Papa cream puff back for me, Nadia and my girls. OHOHOHOHOHOHO.
I know.
Am super brilliant XD XD XD

Boss kenyang sudah kah~~~

Oh!!!! At Pavilion, we also tried out Kenko Fish Spa experience.

The price was RM38 per person for 30 minutes.
Before dipping our feet into the fish pool, we were asked to clean our feet with their enzyme water.
There were two pool to choose.
Small fish pool.
Or BIG fish pool @_@

The lady asked us to go for the little fish pool first.
Owh man... even though they were little, It was soooooo ticklish, i want to die XD

"Yeyyyy!!! So much dead skin! Let's feast on this guy"
"Watch out for the forest! Nyom! Nyom! Nyom!"

This is my leg btw XD

When our fish spa clock left with 10 minutes, we decided to brave ourselves and dip our feet into the big fish pool *gulp*


Why do they have to go underneath my tapak kakiiiii!!!!! XD *laughing non stop*

After 30 minutes of mental torture, this is the result of our fish spa treatment:

Lihat kaki ku~~~~~~ cantik kannnnnn~~~


Owh my goodness.
It was definitely an experience.
So guys, you should try it at least once in your life.
You wont regret it ;)

After a delightful massage and a 'glowing & moisturized' skin done by the little masseurs, we headed back to KLCC for our second trip there to buy more books!
Did I tell you, of all the book store, Kinokuniya won BB's heart by 200%? :P

For our dinner and last night in KL, we went to Sakae Sushi.

I only have THIS picture!
Coz my camera ran out of battery =____=
I did took some from BB's phone, but I don't know where I put my transfer cable to get those picture from him.
Oh well... nvm.

Whatever it is, am loving Sakae Sushi!
It's 10 cent cheaper then Sushi King hehehe....
The sushi is smooth (according to BB) and it's convenient to order ;)
All via computer.

I also bought the little frog bank box :P
After coming back to office, I quickly showed the girls and asked them to derma all their coins to my Sakae Keroro bank *hahahahaha... it sounded more lika sakai keroro bank*

Oh! Months ago, my favourite Swatch watch can no longer be used.
With no watch in hand, my hand from berbelang-belang changed to one colour only XD
And now...

Tud du du duuuuut~~~~

I have a new Swatch Watch! YEYYYYYYY!!!!!

I've always wanted a silver watch to look more sophisticated as well as chic at the same time; and I finally found the not-so-boring-looking-straight-silver watch.

Thank you BB!!!! ^___^ *squeals!!!!*

I love it sooo much!

After checking out of the hotel, I bought us Subway sandwiches for us to eat at the airport.
We didn't have to walk so far coz the Subway kiosk is just inside the Tune Hotel!

Next time if you guys planning to have a short vacation in KL, save all your money and stay at Tune Hotel.
It's very cheap and very convenient.
Not only it's located at the heart of the city, it's lobby also fully equipped with 7/11 and SUBWAY kiosk!
The room although pretty tight but the bed was great AND the hotel is just near Medan Tuanku monorail station and Sultan Ismail commuter station!
In terms of transportation to and from lcct-tune hotel, just hop on the skybus for only RM9! Cheap and Easy right? Riiiiighhhhttt~~~~

I really wish we have more time in KL to go to Sunway, the Curve and 1 Utama.
At least I can show him where I work before and can visit IKEA T___T
With a great travel companion, I'd love to have more trips in the future :) *love u BB!*


PS: With all the non stop eating, I think the washroom gonna be his next bestfriend =P



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