1Borneo Adidas Sports Performance & Heritage

1Borneo Hypermall
is having a launching ceremony for its First and Biggest Adidas Sports Performance and Heritage Concept Store in East Malaysia this Friday, 29/08/08 *clicky*.

They also gonna have a Merdeka Concert during the countdown and during the Merdeka day itself; and celebrities like Amy Search, witty Amy Mastura, Garry Chow, Wen Qian and Stacy AF6’s gonna be there as well. *like I said, click*

Oh! Oh! My former colleague Naz and our sexy Sabahan chick Daphne Iking is gonna be there too. So go!


BB tagged me with the ‘Kreativ Blogger’ award.

I saw this in few blogs already and figured oh well… since I like to play kejar-kejar, what the heck… I might as well tag those blogs that I find CREATIVE.

I, super panda Bobidom hereby tag Mars (loving the colours) | Serena (loving the Jeans concept) | Rina (Loving her artwork) | Jasmine (Jazz is indeed* sexy) | Joyce Fairy (Loving her kinkiness)

*omg… it IS hard to choose =_=…*

Rules of the award:
1. The winner may put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

Can somebody start creating a blog award for me to tag the superbomb contents / photo blogs / food blogs??? I have tons of them in my list. =_=”

I have been robbed =_=

Mother Father betul!!!

THIS* is NOT what I spent!

Ever since my dad surprised me by settling my cc bill, I have not used this card except for auto transaction from my Insurance and phone bills!

And just when I thought of settling my phone bills this morning, I saw RM1350 has been robbed away from me by some PKM asshole out there! And the irony is, the transaction date was when I was away in Bali WITH* my credit card secured in my purse
AND it is all done to buy flights from AIR ASIA!!!


What the hell is MOP* and NOU* anyway????

The customer service department lady told me to fill in a dispute form ASAP *she said she’ll fax but until now belum fax-fax ni…* =_=” and will do an investigation. She said that if the transaction is proven not done by me, they’ll scrap it off of my account.

What if they failllll???? Bapak bangang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have asked the bank to freeze my credit card else that mofo culprit will start doing more transaction for Air Asia 1,000,000 free seats sale which started yesterday. Garrrrghhhhh! PKM!!!!

Baby Kenji meets Int. Cat Show 2008

A week ago, my long awaited new baby Kenji has finally arrived!

Yup! Kenji is the Canon G9 that I’ve been wanting since months ago ^^

I bought him for RM1699 from the last PIKOM pc fare (Initial price RM2099) and I truly love it!
Love it! Love it! and Love it!

I can throw him in my bag anytime, point and snap anytime and the images are just sooo coooooool~ ^^

For Kenji’s first assignment, I took him out for the International Cat Show 2008 event last Sunday.

With the lack of flash accessory as well as dark environment, Kenji was having a tough but enjoyable time regardless.

And just like me, he loves seeing cats too!

There were the big ones, the long ones, the short ones, the fat ones, the skinny ones, the togel ones… A LOT! And they were soooooooooooo cuteeeeee XD XD XD

Even the judges had a tough time selecting the winners.

During the event, I also saw 2 human beings with a tail on them.

This is the cute version:

This is the bidak (ugly) version:

LOL! I remember that Sarah and I used to have one of this ‘ekor’ back in primary school. BUT*, we looked cute because we were kids. Unlike this guy… he looks more of a… twin version of Abu Bakar Ela.

Anyhow, of all the pictures, I'd have to say that I like this one the most:

Sangat muka malas weh... XD LOL!

Whatever it is, I hope there’ll be an International Dog Show soon...

or else... our friend here won’t be too... happy ^^ kan?

Cheerios! XD

Escape to Bali - part 3

Ok… this will be my last post for my Escape to Bali trip coz I have soooo many other things to talk about later….i.e. I want to talk about the cat show la… my new ‘anak’ la… and yada yada yada…

Anyhow, like I mentioned, during my trip to Bali, our tour guide, Pak Rizal brought us to Chandra Budaya Stage to watch the Sahadewa – Barong and Kris Dance.

The Barong Play *click here if you want to know the story* represents an eternal fight between the good and evil spirits.

A Barong (a mythological animal) represents good spirit...

*the good guy*

...and Rangda (a mythological monster) on the other hand represent the eeeeeevil one...

*the baaaaaad guy*

To cut long story short, this play is mainly based on the epic legend of Ramayana which plays a very big role to the religion of the Balinese people.

Again, *click* here for the details of the play.

Below is the famous traditional Bali dance where you can see the dancer's eyes move up and down, left and right.

At times, I just couldn't stop being amazed or couldn't stop laughing XD

More photos from the play...

*this video is a bit out of focus coz the camera cari pasal.. grrrr >=(*

The play was funny nonetheless especially the last part where the boar appeared, fought and died with its tail stuck in between its leg XD

During the play, visitors were also entertained with a music overtone by the Gamelan Orchestra.

Oh! On the day itself coincidently, was the Bali ‘Hari Raya Galungan and Kuningan’, which is a 10 day celebration of fundamental importance on the Bali Hindu calendar and also the most interesting time for any tourists and visitors to visit.

What I truly like about this festivity is that there were a lot of ‘Penjor’ (a bamboo altar-poles) decorated along the streets which looks like... a giant dangling ketupat.

During this event, the villagers will walk in groups to the temple, pray and provide colourful offerings.

Remember 'Si putih’, the white puppy in Escape to Bali 2?

Yeah... he got scared when he saw the villagers parading in groups with *ting*tong*ting*tong* sound and a Barong beside them.

I don’t blame you dear... Even tho that Barong is a hero, but it still looks scary to me ><”
still somehow prefer our Chinese New Year Singa-Singa. LOL! XD

Whatever it is, I had fun in Bali. I learned a lot and most importantly, I shopped like orang gila a lot. XD

Next up, Jakarta, Bandung and Manila!!! XD
Wheeeeeeeee~~~~~ XD


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