Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone!

Selamat Hari Raya Haji! Today we went to Aunty Ana’s house and Tok Wak’s house (My aunt’s parents in law). All we did were eat, eat, eat and eat. When we got back home at around 5pm and had nothing to do for the rest of the day, we decided to celebrate New Year at Danga Bay. The trip was decided last minute and after stuck in jam, we arrived 2 minutes before the countdown. There were fireworks & concerts. We bought the can spray, the one that people always use for parties and sprayed onto each other. Hihihi.. We had a memorable experience coz for some of my cousins; it was their first time celebrating New Year outside the house.

A Night in the Museum

A Night in the Museum magnify

Today, Hambal brought us all to Tebrau City Mall to watch ‘Night in the Museum’ movie. While waiting for the showtime, I shopped a necklace set at Axxezz. It was beautiful! My siblings and I went to baskin robbin. I bough Chocolate with peanut butter flavour, Cici bought Strawbeery Cheesecake flavour and Nadia with her Green tea flavour. Oiishi!!

The movie show time was at 6.50pm. ‘Night in the Museum’ was so great. Some of the characters in the movie reminded me of some of my cousins. Jangan marah haa~

Singapore.. Here we come!!

Singapore.. Here we come!! magnify

Hambal called and informed that he couldn’t make it coz of his fyp thingy. Baka MMU. Forever susahkan orang. Eventually we proceeded with the plan. We went to Singapore with Hakeem.

As what the tagline says, Singapore is unique. (Uniquely Singapore) Why? I tell you why.. coz our journey started and ended with two different, weird and funny people. An old Chinese Apek and a drunken smelly Indian guy. We departed at 3.30pm by bus number 170 at JB Larkin Station. The bus driver looked so poyo. Anyway, in the bus, there was this old Chinese guy who kept looking at us. To be specific, he was sitting next to me and kept looking at me while playing around with his gigi palsu. Yuckkk!! But at the same time, we all giggled all the way.

in the bus
Singapore~ We'll c u in 10 minutes!

Journey to Singapore was so short! We arrived at the immigration check point in 10 mins. Firstly, we took a bus tour around the city and later stopped at Little India for our late lunch. The food mak ai… expensive nyer~ but we ordered anyway. Sekali-sekala tak mengaper~~~ (sedih while giving the money away.. T-T… hahahaha). I ate avocado with longan ABC. Complimented with my mom’s Durian ABC, the lunch was A-OK.

Durian & Avocado ABC

Lunch time! Everybody~~~ say M.A.K.A.N!

At Serangoon Road



I wish the Christmas tree could be bigger... hihi

The four Bootilicous for you babe!

At Orchard Road in front of Wisma Atria

Later, we went to the nearest MRT station to go to Douby Ghaut station. We walked around Orchard Road. It was so beautiful with colour lights here and there. Inside Wisma Atria, we saw loads of brands that are not in Malaysia. I was wondering why I didn’t feel the urge to shop there. It’s not because of the price though. Hmm…Demam ker aper… Maybe it was because I felt that I can find similar style in KL. Kuang~ Kuang~ Kuang~ Oh! On our way up in the elevator, we saw a Chinese couple smooching freely as well. The little Chinese guy looked horny though. If you’re in Malaysia dude.. habis lah kena saman. Hahahaha.

After taking pictures, we proceeded to Raffles Place MRT station. We walked (and sometimes run) just like in the Amazing Race. Hihihi. On the way to the Merlion Park, there were loads of beautiful and unique buildings and statues. After enjoying the sceneries, we arrived at the park and spotted the lion statue. It looked smaller than I remembered seeing it in the brochure. =P

Inside MRT.. On our way to Merlion Park

Beautiful scenery on the way to Merlion Park

The Fullerton Hotel.. Very grand indeed

Does this remind you of the scene in Gargoyles cartoon?


That's the stairs to go down and watch Singa pancut air.. kui~ kui~ kui~

The four Bootilicous with old statues.. "guys.. u all deserve someone more younger and handsome.. keep that in mind"

We went to the bus station 15 mins past midnight…. And we’re L.A.T.E. We missed the last bus direct to JB. Luckily Alhamdulillah, the ‘170’ bus stopped and it was spacious compared to the express bus we supposed to ride (which packed like a tuna can). As I approached the bus driver… aik~~ terjumpa lagi driver poyo tu. Nasib kau last bus!

Remember about the drunken Indian guy I mentioned earlier? Haha. While we’re on our way back to JB inside the bus, a drunken Indian Guy suddenly rode in and sit infront of Hakeem and Nadia. He started talking and mumbling about the past war, about his annual dinner, about how people don’t appreciate him, about how he loves his wife and bla bla bla. Nadia had enough listening to him and went to the back seat joining Hanis (my cousin) and my sis, Cici. Poor Hakeem. He was left there, feeling miserable.

Since it was so funny, I quietly recorded the drunken Indian guy in action. My sis Cici and Hanis started to plucked in their ear phones listening to Cici’s Ipod and dancing at the back, ignoring him. The drunken guy was a bit pissed off and started mumbling about “Girls these days..” I couldn’t help it but to record the whole scene. The drunken guy noticed that I was holding my hand phone at him. A minute there I thought he was going to attack me. Instead, he continues talking to my hand phone video cam. Hahahahahaha. Vaast Pak cik. U can check your lecture in the YouTube ok~

Everybody muka nantok~

We arrived in JB at about 1.30a.m. Haleem, Hanafi and who else ek… fetched us and we went for a late dinner. Hambal also joined in after he arrived from Melaka. Anyhow, the trip was great! It was funny, silly, tiring, enjoyable and all worth it in the end. As I said, uniquely Singapore.

While waiting for Hanafi.. let us give 'the end of the day pose' Kachak!!

Singapore.. we're not there yet

Hambal should be arriving today but sadly his passport isn’t ready yet. He’ll be arriving tomorrow hopefully so that we can go to Singapore! Hihihihi~ Nothing much today except we went to Aunty Ana’s house for a big family dinner. Aunty Ana is my mom’s cousin, and boy she has a really big house. Vassssttt~~ The garden is so beautiful that you can see green everywhere you go.. Of course, we all behaved like it is our own house. Hahahaha. We took pictures here and there, and the food was nice too! Aunty Ana also owns a batik boutique. She also has her own mini boutique in the house. Kakuii desu! We planned to watch movie tonight but cancel last minute coz the dinner ends quite late.

Yey! Buat macam rumah sendiri~


Dinner time~ 1..2..3.. M.A.K.A.N

Post Bday - Happy Birthday To ME!

Happy Birthday To ME! magnify

26/12/2006 – Tuesday

On the 26th December 2006 at midnight, I received so many birthday SMS from my families, best friends, friends as well as colleagues. The first call that I received was from Foxy Cleopatra. Thanks Tan Sri!! =D Hahahaha.. After that, I received a call from my Mom in Johor. All of them (Mama, Cici & Nadia including my cousins and family in JB) sang a Happy Birthday song for me. How sweeeeetttt~ They made me cryyyyyy… coz I’m so far away (even though I’m gonna meet them later.. Hahaha)

After waking up and do last minute packing at 5.30am, Rizz drove me to the airport. Was so sad that I spent so little time with him.  Aih… it’s ok.. both of us have our own sacrifices to make anyway. I departed at 8a.m and arrived somewhere around 8.40a.m. Halim, Raheel and Cici fetched me at the airport. Wow~ Halim is tall. I feel so short.. (Shy~)

We went to the Mamak Restaurant to tapau breakfast for everybody. I met all the cousins eventually. Only Hambal is not around. He’ll be coming to Johor on Thursday, so as Aunty Has’s Family. While waiting for Mama, Raheel and Wan from the market, the rest of us played UNO and ate Cici’s ice cream recipe. Vanilla Ice cream with crushed Cream-O biscuit. Sedaaaaappp~~~ Just like Mc Flurry! Hazim add Kit Kat balls into his ice cream.

Bday Wish
Auwww~! You guys are so great!

Ice Cream
The Cream-O Ice Cream! This is the beautiful scene before we crushed it into pieces.. Muahahha!

Ice Cream Sodapppp~

UNO gaming moment

In the evening, all of us celebrated my birthday; also combined 3 other birthdays. Hanna, Kakak and Uncle Hisham. There were 2 big cakes, Chocolate Moist Cake and Orange Cake. So tempting indeed and sangat meriah! Hakim was busy doing BBQ outside of the apartment while the rest are cooking inside.

After everybody sang along, dig in and had fun, we played UNO for a while and went to play bowling at Plaza Angsana afterwards. We played two rounds, and Mira (Hakim’s fiancĂ©) was the champion of all. I must say that Hakim, Hanafi, Halim, Hassan and Haykal were great as well.

This year, Rizz gave me a Love photo frame and a digital portrait. Mama bought me a beautiful bracelet and baby-T, Nadia also bought me a bracelet, Papa gave me AngPow, and Foxy gave me a shopping paradise coupon. Thank you everybody including my colleagues and family for giving me such a great time. Love you all! God Bless! Cheers~~~

PS: While I was looking at my present inside the room, the rest of my small cousins and siblings were outside played musical chair and UNO. Happy Birthday To ME! Nite2~

27/December/2006- Wednesday

Nothing much to do today, coz we are still waiting for Hambal and aunty Has to arrive, then only we can go ramai-ramai to Singapore. What excites me most today is that Wan is going to cook for us! My favourite dishes are Kari Ayam (My grandma’s style) & Ikan Goreng ala-ala Cencaru mixture. Oh ya!! Happy Birthday Uncle Noorsham! =D Hihihihi~

After playing UNO-UNO-UNO and UNO again, we went to Plaza Angsana to play games. As always, I played the musical game and later had a Daytona racing tournament with Hakim, Hassan and Haykal. Boo! Haykal! You are last!! As what Haris always say "Anak sapo lah tu~~" Hahahahahaha.... (nasib aku tak last… buat malu jer). We bought Dunkin’ Donut for our munchie-munchie snack!

PS: Waaa... Johor just won't stop raining.. Kowaii yo~~

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!! magnify

Merry Christmas everybody~~~!!! Foxy says Herman organised a steamboat party in his house. hmmp! Jealous! Jealous!

Anyhow, I met up with Banos, Amad and Adie in the morning while settling my laundry. Glad to see that all of them are well. Amad asked me if I have noticed his weight loss. I said, “You are forever kurus in my heart, amad” Then he marah. Hahahaha. Later during lunch hour, Rizz and I as well as his design team called “Oh! La” met up with their client at KL Central. I suppose that the business turned out smoothly. I’m so happy for them. Good luck you guys!

After that, we went to Lowyat Plaza. I bought an external laptop hard disk, very cute. Just like a small cute diary or an organizer. Hungry~~ we went to Sushi King for lunch. I ate lots of Kani Mayo Sushi (Love it!). Bought Nadia’s Mar Heaven at Sungai Wang Plaza. I’m sure she’ll be very happy to receive it. In the evening, we went to Jerra’s House. Rizz and Aiman (Jerra’s Husband) played football match (PS2). They were so enthusiastic that they have forgotten the time.

Afterward, Rizz and I went to Jusco Equine to get our dinner at Secret Recipe~ Yeyyy~~ Of course~ I ordered my Chicken Cordon Bleu. I even ate half portion of Rizz’s as well. A minute there, I thought that I’m going to gain weight coz I ate too much. But for you Chicken Cordon Bleu baby~ I don’t care if I do. Hahaha! Rizz bought me Chocolate Indulgence cake to celebrate my birthday in advance. How sweet~! Thanks dearie! Muaks!!

My Bday / Trip to KL

Trip to KL magnify

Went straight back home after the dance practise to pack up stuff for my trip. Stupid Air Asia for the non-stop delay-delay-delay-delay. But was a bit relieved at the same time coz I arrived quite late.. hahahahaha.. upon departing, I read the new Air Asia leaflet of how they ehave succeded till today. One of the tourists in the brochure sez that 'because of Air Asia, I get to travel here and there with such a low cost rate" Okaaay...~ Fair enough.. until i stumbled upon a line saying "... the Air Asians always assist me with the help I need and they never lack of smile (Or something like that)... ".................." I was like... What the hell? Kau buta ker apa? Tah haper-haper betul. Muka masam memanjang macam banyak graviti di mulut pun leh senyum selalu.. tolong laaaaa... pi buat surgery mata cepat2! BengappppP!!Apa macam~~~

But anyway, arrived in KL at around 11.30pm (supposedly 10.30pm), Rizz was there, happily greeted me with his hugz and his smile. I accompanied him for his late dinner, and met one of his friend which i've never met before (ex-colleague from MiTV to be exact). His name is Syafiz and the girlfriend is Lia. They call each other 'Mama & Papa" . Syafiz as what Rizz said, kepala dia always masuk air. He likes to mumble things.. I mean it.. anything at all.. without any reasons. But in a good way, definately. After chit-chatting and the ice breaking session, we went to one of the errmmm.. lupa apa nama tempat tu.. kinda like pasar malam where all the cheap2 stuff being sold. You can get clothes, slippers, fake branded bags, asam2, baju kelawar, baju batman, baju superman, apa2 lah.. semua ada.. Hehehe... didn't bought anything though. Too tired to shop. Went home at 3 a.m.

The next day, after Rizz and I had our light breakfast, we headed off to Temerloh for 2 weddings. First wedding is the sister of Rizz's friend (Dilla), while the second is Rizz's brother's wedding (The following day). Shafiz, Lia and Asfa also joined (seperate car). We all sesat, and by the time we reached Dilla's house, the wedding had finished; but we still get to eat and chit chat though. Haha~ Sian~ Lia and the other girl stayed at Dilla's house, while Rizz, Syafiz and I headed off to Rizz's parents' house. There, we assisted the host for the wedding preparation. Love arranging the door gift, especially when little Ali (Rizz's baby cousin) wanted to do it together with me. Ali comellll~

On the following day, I woke up at 7am to continue helping with the last minute preparation. All the guests arrived during lunch time and I was responsible to distribute sweets for the children. It only lasted for a while though, hihihi. After the wedding, Rizz and I had our dinner, took pictures with the children, and drove back to KL at 9pm. Along the way, Rizz said that I am Ketua Kanak2 coz they all like to play with me and never want to stop talking and asking questions. Plus, they just can't stop calling Kak Farah~ Kak Farah~ Kak Farah~ especially while i was chit chatting with Rizz's cousin my age. I must say, I love Shahira's beautiful hair.. She really reminded me of Sarah my gorgeous sis. She loves to use her mother's make up kit behind her back. She's quite timid too. Oh~ Love the two cute brothers as well - Omar and Ali.

Going to miss you guys!

"The 'little' boy wearing black is actually crazy and OTT okay~ Suka cakap satu orang.. I think he has an imaginary friend when Lia isn't around..PS: don't believe whatever I said down below.. Shoooo..."

Aya & the Superb Kids!

PS: Shafiz told me to say in my blog - "... Shafiz is a humble, macho and caring guy.." Ermm... ok... i need to go to the toilet now. I'm choking from those words.

Early Bday Party & December Babies Bday Party

Early Bday Party & December Babies Bday Party magnify

Fluffy friend, so soft to hold
Cuddly friend, when I am cold
Leaping friend, wow, you jump high
Funny friend, you almost fly


Murderous friend, another dead bird
Clawing friend, bloody absurd
Hissing friend, I'm in your way
Screaming friend, just go away.

Last night, Caleb, Marissa, Foxy, Herman & Clifton got together and organised my early birthday party celebration before I'm going off to KL & JB starting this Friday.. huhuhu... We met up at Toscani Italian Restaurant near Waterfront. I was a bit late last night and poor Caleb, he almost wanted to eat the plate because his food will only be served once i arrived. The Pizza there was so good. Not bad for an Italian delicacy. Hihihihi. My food arrived after the rest have finished with their dinner. Serves me right for arriving late. Kui kui kui~ =P

Pizza @ Toscani

Aya the Pizza Eater.. Grrrrr~

After we had our dinner, we went to KBox for a Karaoke Sensation~ Hihihi~ Since I was the lady of the night.. I Sang A LOT! Some of my duet session was with Marissa, Caleb as well as Foxy. Foxy... hmmm... takyah hairan.. Forever Jay Chou and Air Supply :D By the way, thanks for finding the malay songs for me deary. Next time, i have to print out the lyrics for the chinese songs that I know; so that i can have a chinese song duet. Hihihi...

Karaoke @ KBox

Oh!! One of the song that we sang together was the Merry Christmas song. FYI, Caleb chose the song. Not us~ Penat Ok~~ We have to say "We wish you a Merry Christmas.. We wish you a Merry Christmas.. We wish you a Merry Christmas.. We wish you a Merry Christmas.. We wish you a Merry Christmas.. We wish you a Merry Christmas.." Arghhh~ Yada~ Yada~ But we had fun though~ that i gotta say. Oh yaa! Another song picked by Herman was Amy Search Isabella. The moment was so funny only god knows. We screamed and laughed so hard when all of us sang that song =D I cut my early birthday cake at around midnight and continue singing till K-Box closed (Vast MMD!!)

Masa untuk memotong~~

I had so much fun thanks to you guys. Thank you again guys for the wonderful and amazing evening. U guys R.O.C.K.S!!! Muakssss!!! I Love Youuuu!!~~~

And today, our office organise a party for December babies. Our Big Boss is one of them too! We got a Durian Cake!! Seeeeee~~ Isn't it great to have the same birthday month as tehe Big Boss~ We all pun tumpang sekaki.. hahahah.. Thanks a lot Anne, Ricky, Mr. Koh, Lai, David, Vincent, Cindy, Chin Yit, Kat, Irene and Eavy for the Ang Pow. Muuakss!! Oh! Thanks to Agnes & Jennifer Ku for the lovely birthday Card! God Bless! Cheers~!

Trip to Mesilau, Kundasang

Trip to Mesilau, Kundasang magnify

Trip to Mesilau in Kundasang last weekend was terrific! There were 8 of us (Me, Marissa, Connie, Caleb, Clifton, Herman, Foxy & Samuel) and we travelled by two cars (Caleb's and Herman's). Marissa and I followed in Caleb's sexy Ford Ranger).

Our trip started with breakfast in Tuaran. I ate my McD breakfast Set, while the rest ate Tuaran Mee. After breakfast, we continued our journey to Mesilau. We did stop by along the way to take pictures of the beautiful sceneries and also buy some fruits and Keropok at Pasar Kundasang. After our small shopping, we went to the National Park.

Mr. Tan Foxy & Aya Goofy

Marissa & ME!

The never endless pengacau Foxy

Us, at the starting point for the Mount Kinabalu Climbers

At the main entrance before going into the starting point area

Biggest fake Rafflesia

Marissa & I imitating Caleb & Connie

The happy face before discovering the medicine taste of the marble cheese cake.. Euuu~

MMD Rules~

There, we took loads and loads of pictures especially at the Pondok Timpohon (the starting point for Mount Kinabalu Climbers), the jungle and also the National park restaurant. Hmm.. the marble cheese cake was sooo bad. It tasted like medicine! After we ate our lunch, we continued our trip, stopped by at few places again to take pictures, and finally arrived at Mesilau~ Yeyy~ We stayed in the Sutera Sanctuary Lodge.

UNO Time~

The Boys - Preparing for the BBQ activity

By the way, this is the chalet that we stayed in

BBQ Session~

After unpacking and settling down, all of us started to play UNO, eating junk food... and... more junk food.... :D while Foxy & Samuel entertain us with their guitar and singing. At 5pm, everybody started to get ready for the barbeque activity. We barbequed so ganas till my kipas rotan patah! We ate sausages, crab balls, prawn balls and any other ball-ball, chicken wings, sotong, lamb steak, potatoes and the best part was.... marshmellow bakaaaaarrrr~~ Sedap~~ Crispy on the outside, sweet and juicy on the inside. It melts in mouth, kalah M&M chocolate! Nyumm~~~

Herman - The Buddha

After everybody kenyang like ular sawa, we all continued playing UNO till midnite. Poor herman, tempat tak cukup, he had to sleep in the living room. It's ok herman, next, biar Foxy tidur luar. Hihihihi~ ;;)

Checked Out - Heading to Hot Spring~

Happy memories! Like 'em very much!

Kuch-Kuch Hota Hai/maple story moment with Marissa

Jungle Tracking - "Control~ Control~"

Berendam'ing' session at the Waterfall

Small Fishies

The next day, I woke up very early, took my fresh & hot morning shower, woke marissa up, and had Sandwich for breakfast, together2 with herman in the living room. After everybody got up, packed and eaten their breakfast, we check out and set off to Poring Hot Spring. Hmm~ the place is a mess right now. Full of renovation activity here and there, packed with human beings and no place to settle our things. Eventually we decided to do a small 'jungle tracking' and arrived at the Waterfall. Bit by bit, i eventually got into the water. Sejuuuuukkkkk~~~ but was so happy that i did it. I even received a feet treatment by the small fishes in the water. Kawaii~

After bermandi-manda and berendam like hypopotamus, we went to KFC Ranau for our lunch and balik~~~~ Alaaaa... huhuhu :( Sangat menyesal! We should have taken a leave on Friday so that we can stay at least two nights in Kundasang. Kan guys?! It's ok.. next destination.. either island or anywhere else, be sure we stay more than one night. Anyhow, the trip was a blast, and I was so so so happy that all of us get together and spend some time before the year ends.


I'll be off to KL next Friday, and I'll see you guys next year!! Merry Christmas (Ho Ho HO) and have a Happy New Year!

PS: I akan update blog la~ Don't Worry~


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