The sign of the passing

Do you know when someone is about to receive bad news.. e.g. when something important is going to turn out bad, or maybe something bad going to fall upon your dear ones...or... about to pass away... then you'll start to receive these signs..?

... like accidentally knock down a glass and shatter...
or trip over something...
or maybe dream of your loved ones laughing.. or naked while laughing...
or seeing a black cat/unusual thing came visiting...

One of them happened to me yesterday morning.

I was in the kitchen grabbing breakfast when i accidentally tripped over the kitchen mat.

"Haa! You tripped over the mat. Bad sign" said my sis.

But I thought I was just being clumsy.
So I ignored and continued to rush to the office.

Then an sms came to me in the afternoon informing me about the Japan flight cancellation.

Of course, I was disappointed and came to realise, hrmm.. maybe THAT was the bad sign.

I was wrong.

At about 5am this morning, Paksu called.

Tok Wan had passed away.


Everything went chaos.

We were calling here and calling there.. smsing here and there, making sure every important family member is informed.

It was really heartbreaking.

It hurt so much more to see mama, wan and paksu's condition.

Paksu informed us how he missed aruah Tok wan by only less then 10 minutes.
About more or less 20 minutes earlier, right after he got back from the fish market at 3am+, he saw aruah Tok Wan was still breathing in his sleep.
Few minutes later, he checked again.
Everything was still alright.
After almost 10 minutes later, he felt rather anxious and went to check again for the third time.
At that moment of time, aruah Tok Wan had gone back to Rahmatullah.


3 days ago, there was a stranger black cat came visiting and playing in front of their house.
The next day it went inside aruah Tok Wan's room, which, Paksu and Wan had bad feelings about it (plus, it had never happened before) they shooed the black cat away. (nicely done of course).
Yesterday, they saw the cat leaving the room.
You get the gist.

In other words, signs and warnings are conveyed in different and many innocent ways for us to be prepared. It's up to us to be alert and be able to spot the right message.

Many offered condolences to the family.

Wan and aruah Tokwan's friends.
My Aunts' friends and colleagues.

I was quiet surprised that the Lady Minister and other political people actually came to Wan's house to read the yassin together.
We were even shocked when the Chief Minister himself came to express his condolences to Wan at the Masjid. @_@
Word traveled REALLY fast.

In respect to aruah Tokwan and also since it is encouraged to bury the deceased as soon as possible after death, we couldn't wait for the rest of the family to arrive from Semenanjung. Hence, after washing and completion of Solat Jenazah, aruah Tokwan was brought to Tanah Perkuburan near Masjid Jamek for burial.

Alhamdulillah, everything is done before the Zohor prayer.

Now that all 7 siblings (except 2) are gathered, a Kenduri will be held after Isyak later.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.

Love you, and miss you Tok Wan.




My trip... to.. *breathe in deeply* Japan... has been...

To when...?

I have no freaking idea......





*mode gila babi*


Oh wow.. such a long weekdays...

...and even the upcoming weekend feels like working days XD.

I just got back from BB's fren's wedding btw; and I tell you.. a lot of line dancing performed by the veterans just now! Kin yau owkayyyy! XD Haha. But one thing for sure, they danced the Waltz so much better than the youngsters nowadays XD

I was seated beside Monica (one of Core Fitness yoga instructor) and boy was I lucky. I got lots of fitness tips from her. Hihihihi. Apparently am gonna juggle between gym classes and try to slot in stretch class and her sister's RPM class in between Danny's dance class. And ladies and gents, for the record, I workout so that i can eat more. Buahahahahah! (self comforting... sniffs).

Aaaaanyhow... am not gonna type long coz I have 8 hours flight to la-la-land to catch. So tonight's post is gonna be a short one.

Watched Angels and Demons last night and I think it was great! Loved those type of stories a lot! I never fancy history lessons before especially when you have to memorize years and sooo many places (yes, I hated geography too), but I've always find that I learn better by watching movies and videos ;) Dan Brown's book are actually my first 'fiction' book starting from Da Vinci Code (so sad.. i know). But being a person who adores chic flicks stories I would have never thought that I'll ever get hooked to Dan Brown's creation. You're the bomb dude.

For all my readers out there, let's welcome Mei Honeybee to the blogging world! She's a super busy sexy babe who finally agree that blogging is actually effective in so many ways. So do support/subscribe/follow her at her new blog at and her CUBE restaurant's blog at You can also join CUBE's facebook group here!

Wait... You know CUBE restaurant right?
The one at the corner in CityMall, Kota Kinabalu?
(If you're not from KK, that's ok.. hehe.. if you are... where have you been! Mars?).

On your way to Citymall basement parking, you'll definitely pass by their restaurant on the right hand side/corner of Citymall (beside Vedablu). AND, on the LEFT hand side, you'll see a promotional banner hanging there with a picture of Hannah and myself in black and white photo!! Hohohohohoho (that's what I call tumpang glamour).

By the way, for my Muslim friends who cant eat there (yes, it's non halal unfortunately for myself T_T) you can try their cake range. The Chocolate Cheese Cake is the bomb I tell you!!! (I know... I've been repeating this sentence like thousands of time in hoping that I'll get lifetime sponsorship ohohohohohoho!!!!)
Definitely a must try!

Tickets to the 3rd KK Jazz Festival is finally out and it's available at all Coffee Bean Kota Kinabalu outlet! Visit their official website here for complete infos (

Tickets are available in the following categories:

* RM 50 ( 2 day pass) – Free Seating
* RM100 (2 day pass) – Designated Seating Area

Tomorrow is going to be the last day for RTM Sabah VFM new panel/studio system course and BB and I going to be on duty in their new colourful studio next Sunday! Wheeeeee~~~~~

There's another 9 days to go before I'm taking a break to Japan (muehehehe). So in the mean time, chop chop chop! I have TONS of work to finish! *cross fingerssss*

Aight! Train to la-la-land is calling. Night!!!

How to spot a liar?

So I was in my happy-go-lucky mood again in the office the other day.

As I was busy singing, dancing and moving out to the pantry with Mars, Dr.House Wannabe Arthur asked me a question which I answered briefly (while scratching my ear).

"Do you know how to spot a person lying?" he then asked.
"How?", I briefly answered again
"Just like kids, you can spot a person lying/guilty when they talk while scratching their ear or nose or head"
"Oh reaaallllyyy??"
"Owhhh... look SO GOOD today Arthur ", I said while scratching my ear.
"Yeah.. SOOO COOL and HANDSOME", Mars continued + trying to dig her nose.
"pfft... "


Happy Mother's Day - 2009!

I've been designing lots of The Roof Restaurant's food/events promotional posters but never really been there to support the real thing. *hehehe*
So for Mother's day event this year, I've decided to bring my family for The Roof's Mother's Day Hi-Tea.

Cake as usual, Chocolate cheese Cake from CUBE restaurant ^^.*Pricey, I know*. Before this, I used to be a fan of Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence Cake, but after recommended by Dino Dinosaur, there's no turning back. XD I'm addicted! *it's all your fauuuuuuulllllt*

Anyway, during the Mother's Day Hi Tea, we were entertained by Magic show, and I mean not just any card tricks mind you; the magician even bent and twisted the steel fork!!! XD

Food wise, me love the Mango Lassi and the Roasted Chicken with Biryani Rice ;)

Though the mango lassi was much nicer when the drink first came out, but still, it was great.

Group photo was taken by Jacq. This girl was busy running around taking family photos coz it was part of the Mother's Day promo. Thanks Jacq! *me want softcopyyyyyy XD*

For dinner, we brought mama to Pizza Hut for their Mother's Day Pizza Promotion.

See? Heart shape pizza!

Coincidently, all gifts for mama this year are in pink families! XD

Pink new bed sheet from Cici.
Magenta Top from Nadia.
and Pink/Purple/Magenta shawl from ME!

Hope you had a wonderful mother's day Ma! Muuuuaaaakksss!!!


Halal beer?

Was reading this article earlier.


KUALA LUMPUR: Facial creams, pills for erectile dysfunction, herbal aid to help smokers say no to cigarettes and even beer are among the products on show at the world’s largest halal trade fair being held here.

These products are among hundreds from various parts of the world, including non-Muslim nations. The pill for erectile dysfunction is from South Korea while the
halal beer is from Iran and the quit-smoking aid is from India.


Halal beer?

Hrmmmmm..... (insert confusion here).

"How can it be halal...?", Wilfred asked
"Errr... I dunno..."I replied
"As far as I know, any halal beer would be non alcoholic or will not get you drunk" Rina-Cat added.
"Hehe... If 'halal' cocktail is called mocktail... then 'halal' beer would be?"

*insert cricket sound here*

A minute there, I find it hilarious... somehow.

Even if I tasted this 'mock'beer, I wouldn't know the difference with a real beer, would i?

Oh! Oh! There's one more thing.

If you've been to Green Passion Cafe in Citymall, you'll know that it is a vegetarian eatery place.

Part of their menu is Kon lo Mee with pork (artificial pork that is).

So out of curiosity, I asked people around me; my mom, my aunt..even my grandma.

"Since it's artificial, and it is not a real pork meat.. are we allowed to eat that?"
"Hrrrmm... I guess?" - My aunt answered
"No need laaaaaa" - as expected from my mom
"Sebaik-baiknya tak perlu lah" - said my grandma.

Knowing myself, I am not satisfied.

So I asked BB to experiment it XD <-- jahat

He said, "errr... doesnt taste like one. probably.. 1%?"

Now, hehe... curious... *and I dont mean to be insensitive* To my muslim friends, we know the real pork meat is considered haram, but IF it's artificial, will you give it a try?

PS: This is an open discussion and of course, try to be open minded and answer honestly will ya?


Happy Bday HunnyBee!


Random picture from MeiHunnyBee's bday last nite at Gaya Seafood ^__^

See the guy with the black shirt standing behind us?

That's BigBabySam.

He was practically whining and demanding all of us to watch X-Men the Origin last night.

So since it was MeiHunnyBee's bday, with 8 super busy people finally have time to get together, BB and I figured, heck.. why not? :)
Watching movie twice or more than 10 times is never a problem for me as long as it is a good kick ass movie + butt naked Hugh Jackman in it. Hohohohohoho XD

With that, BigBabySam screamed with delight.

I was told that there were 2 alternate endings to this movie; one is the Wolverine Scene, another is the DeadPool scene.

So I reminded them to stay put till the end of the credits.

I even squealed "Sit Dowwwwn!!! Sit Dowwwwn you idiot!!!" or "Hey you!! You'll be sorry if you go out now suckersss!!!" to those who went out early.

But in the end, all 8 of us got fooled (and suckers as well), sitting and booeing at the screen coz smart ass GSC decided to shut it down before the credit even finished.


Thank god there's YouTube.


Oh well~ Happy Birthday MeiHunnyBee!


Didnt I tell you how I don't look forward to May?

While everybody is having a long weekend starting from Friday the 1st, I on the other hand had to attend an early morning RTM course for 2 days and finishing up a lot of creative work and Video shooting *breathe in and out* ( much for labour day and Yehaa long weekend).

On a different note, Work in the office is piling up; and yet everything in this department is falling apart! From lack of hard disk space to slowmo PCs, and just few days ago, the last surviving hdisk of Mars dropped and hit the ground h.a.r.d. *note: it wasn't her fault, nor mine fyi* and to wait for a new one will take weeks *poking the finance peeps*.

To add more shitty stuff to my already jumbled head and thin wallet, Ms Ferrari decided to play tech with me and now she's in the ACER workshop for 2 weeks (how am I going to do my work??????!!!!!). Not only that, Piper's tyre got busted AGAIN. This time, she got nailed by a 2 inch nail at the front. After sending her to replace the air tube, she got slashed AGAIN (after only few hours of being repaired) by an unknown sharp object which flew out of no where; this time, at the back T_T

Now, my salary will all be gone only to repair them both *draw circles at a corner*

Why cant I lose weight due to stress? *snort*



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