Fresco restaurant

It's 10 more days to Hari Raya and that means i have 10 more days to enjoy the fasting months as much as i can :) I don't know how to describe it , but the feeling is very much different than normal days.

In most days, when you have nothing to do, all you do is eat. e.g. while waiting for a movie showtime, you find a cafe to sit down and eat. When you slouch in front of the tv and have nothing to do... again, you find something to eat. During fasting month, you get to discipline, plus, save money! Bonus is, you get to spend time with your family during break fast and enjoy every single food served on the table ;)

Anyhow, lemme share some other meals i had for last week :)


THIS is XL burger my friends raved about in Asia city bazaar ramadhan.

Unfortunately, it was sold out the minute i got ther *sobs* :(
So i had black pepper cheese burger instead.

Hrmm.. it tasted.. owwwwkay~~~
Nothing to shout about.
It kinda remind me of new york new york.
You know... Big thick bun, but thin filling.

This burger only appeared big coz of the overly cooked egg crust covering the beef patty.
So overall, am not so impressed.
Maybe i should try the XL burger.
It might taste better, who knows ;)

We also bought Nasi Briyani from one of the stalls.
What caught our eyes were the BIG juicy mamak fried chicken.

Last Sunday, out of the blue, i missed the home cooked pan mien made by BB's mom in Seremban.
So instead flying over to Seremban, BB brought me to Wisma merdeka to eat their Pan Mien instead XD

It was nice, but not something to shout about nonetheless.
Just enough to cover my cravings :)
BB ordered Kon lou mee, but they got the order mixed up and Pan mien Kon lou mee arrived instead. Oh well.

As i've been eating and eating with no gym during Ramadhan month, I decided to take the initiative to drag my heavy ass back to gym.

Been going for about 3 days in a row now and i felt really good and less guilty when i indulge in food *muehehe*
40 minutes of cardio while watching the ANTM recaps on HTC and another 30 minutes yoga and stretching with BB.
What a bliss :)

After today's gym, BB and I went to Fresco where Luna rossa restaurant use to be (in Jesselton point);

Oh~ Fresh from gym~
Please excuse my no make up face hua hua XD

We ordered a pizza, a pasta and a dessert.
Upon ordering, we were given a complimentary bun with a tomato based dipping sauce.

15-20 minutes after lots of cam-whoring, our food finally arrived.

First of is the Pizza :)
We ordered Beef Pepperoni pizza called Diavola, RM25.90

The pizza was ok, but like i said, not great. I've tasted better.
Even BB who don't mind eating bland food thought it was pretty bland for a pizza standard.
But don't take my word for it, coz different people has different taste bud.
It might work for you but not for us.
Maybe that's the reason why there's salt and pepper on each table XD

Next came the Tagliatelle alla carbonara, RM25.90

This i may say the worst carbonara sauce i've ever had.
Instead of creamy and cheesy taste, it felt more like a mashed creamy egg covering the pasta with some beef bacon.
And guess what, it's bland too.
I added lots of pepper and salt for extra flavour.

If you want to taste a great pasta carbonara, go to grazie. It's cheaper by RM2 too.

Next is Tiramisu...

When we were ordering the food, i told the new waitress that i wanted a tiramisu.
She said, "Tiramisu? Oh ok :) The soup right?"
My jaw almost drop when she say that.
Which then i corrected and guide her to the dessert section *tried so hard not to lol here*

Anyways, taste wise, 1/5.
Very little mascarpone cheese, not tasty and EXPENSIVE!
In Grazie, even though the portion was little, you can taste every single kicking ass taste in their tiramisu. And it only cost RM9.80.
This baby however cost me RM16.90!!!!
Almost the same price as a main course!
I might as well go to little italy which is cheaper than this!
So not worth your money.

One word to describe this place: DISAPPOINTING.

I'm sorry.
Everything felt so bland and there's just not enough KICK / UMMPH for me to say nice thing about it.
Am sooooooooooo going to gym again to burn this 'non-ummph' fat. *pffft!*


Here's an update on Trisha.

I THINK she's about 7 weeks pregnant now.
2 or 3 more weeks later, baby kittens will start meowing in my room.

We prepared her 'labour room' yesterday, and she's happily going in and out from it.

She also been drinking her favourite water awful lot lately..

Pipe water that is... ><" Every now and then, BB will drop by to give her exercise. Even with her fat belly, her reflects are still fast.

Hehe.. smart but lazy cat :)

On other note, BB is getting obsessed with CUPIDO.

CUPIDO is our new son fyi.
BB bought him for me at the KL international toy fare from our last trip.
Sigh~ I feel pity for the other 'sotong' plush in my car XD
They seem abandoned by their father hahahaha!

Ok, time to catch up with my animes and tv series. Chiao!

Grazie Cafe - Ristorante Pizzeria

It has been awhile since i last met my school mate (and friend), Ophelia.
Tho we see each other almost everyday in gym, we haven't really got the chance to actually sit down and talk! XD
Both are just so busy figuring out how to lose the fats in our body haha.

So since there was no family plan on my side, Leena and I decided that we should meet up and catch up.
And we chose Grazie for buka puasa :)

Grazie Cafe is located right outside (corner/beside Tang Dynasty Hotel) Wawasan Plaza building.
The place is very cozy and it's suitable for private functions as well :)

I made and early reservation via phone and was very happy that our table reserved right outside the pizza making room :)
LOOOVE looking at how they make all the pizza.

Look at all the cheese~~~

While waiting for our food, we chatted a LOT.
From school stories, to relationships and each of us squeezed lots of updates from each other ^_^ *must do this more often*
While doing all this, we enjoyed the complimentary bread by Grazie.

That was Leena reading through the menu.
In front of her was Caffe Latte and Phil's orange juice (RM6.80++ if am not mistaken).

Ok~~ now with the main course.

This is Phil's dish.
She ordered Spaghetti Pugliese in Aglio Olio Sauce (RM19.80++).
It came with 3 juicy prawns and fried egg plant.

Leena and Brian however ordered the recommended Lasagna (RM19.80++)

According to her, the taste was delicious, cheesy but light.
Plus, it didn't make you feel fat too fast like any other lasagna. haha.

Next came the famous Ragitoni Carbonara (RM23.80++).

This is BB's dish by the way.
I tasted it, and i LOVED it a LOT!
The *ummph* is just there.
Definitely recommended!

Oh! But knowing how kedekut BB is *muaks muaks muaks*, portion wise, it is too little for him considering the price :P
But i'll still drop by again to try this dish for myself. hehehe.

And now.. my SPECIAL dish!
The Linguine pasta in Arabiatta sauce (special request dish) RM23.80++

I contacted the owner and chef (Salvatore Marcello) personally and asked if he has Trennette pasta in Arabiatta sauce, just like how i liked them in Little Italy restaurant.
According to him, they have Arabiatta sauce but not the pasta.
Well.. sound good to me.
So i changed the pasta to linguine as it has almost the same texture and size of a trenette pasta :)

The verdict?
Each Little Italy and Grazie has their own specialty.
What I like about this dish is that it has more texture in it and more chewy, as the chef put lots of little-little stuff for me to chew on (which i didn't bother to find out *sad =_=*) and I was so busy enjoying it *heh :P*

If you have special dish that you'd like to request (be realistic with your order please), you can drop him a message at 019-8606398 or email the restaurant at

Last but not least, the soft and delicious TIRAMISU!!!!! (RM9.80++)

ooooo~~~ hmmmm~~~~
You feeling it don't cha? =P
omg.... this is what i call, perfect!

It tasted almost the same as Bella Italia (this chef was ex-chef in Bella Italia fyi) and provided me the same satisfaction as i had in little italy *sluuuurrrp*!!!!
Sigh~ i just wished the portion would've been bigger.
Next time amma order 2! ...
or 3? :P *hehe*

The taste of Tiramisu still lingering in my mind~~~
The softness...
the creaminess~~~
*knocks head!*
Ok ok... am fasting right now...
Ouummmm~~~ *meditating*

Anyhow~~~ Was great seeing you girls!!! (and the boys too~ :P)
Let's do this again ok?! ^_^


Food, food and more food! - Nasi Padang, CUBE Restaurant, Teratak D'lalapan, Kahve, Pra's Corner and Sailor's Cafe. Ambek!!!

Since i have the habit of forgetting to express blog some of my day to day activities, i might as well do it now while i still have some productivity left *heh :P*

On 16th of August, my uncle (Paksu) celebrated his 28th birthday.
To celebrate, Mama brought us all to Jesselton Point to break fast and have a celebration at the Nasi Padang Restaurant :)

Please excuse the silly expression.
He is like that by nature hahahahhaa.

You see, my uncle is more of a big brother figure to me :)
We grow up together, and we basically share our childhood as long as we can remember.
We used to pull each other's hair and play mini football when we were little too XD

Paksu is now concentrating on his 'Wan's Kitchen' business while helping my grandma continue her legacy + singing.
If you want to try out Wan's Kitchen, please click here ^_^

Lol! Never in a day that we don't see his multi-expression.

Happy Birthday beloved Paksu!
You will be a successful person one day, I'm sure!
Ganbatte!!! XD *fighting!*


On 22nd August, Mei a.k.a my friend (and boss :P) planned an early birthday surprise for her beau, Jet.
The theme was black and white (not 100% followed the theme tho XD) and she decided to have it at her restaurant, CUBE in Citymall.

Everyone whined of hungriness as the bday boy came later than expected.
So as soon as he arrived, everybody sprayed him with party packs like nobody's business XD
And Mei's attempt to splat a plate of cream on him MISSED lol!
But it reached his ear till inside tho XD hahahaha *ewwww~~~~* LOL!

Oh! Mei made a special home made cupcakes for Jet and the guests.

I loooove the cream cheese.
Huhu.. must ask Angeline for the recipe in the future! XD

Fyi, Jet played a roll in making the frosting too.. LOL!
He caught Mei making the cupcakes for 'her friend' *konon*.
So being a gentleman, he offered to help her in making them. LOL!!!
All Mei could do was smile :P

As for food, we were served with canton cuisine buffet style prepared by CUBE chef hehe.
I didn't eat as I was still so full from my buffet break fast with my family at Le Meridian earlier hehehe.

For future private functions, you can try having it at CUBE Restaurant ;)
They can also assist in making your ideas happen should you plan to surprise your beloved ones.

Here's Jacq and I with our pretty balloon!

I had a great chat with Jacq by the way :)
*wah lau.. long time haven't meet up with her*

She's now concentrating on her new bag business.
If you want her to make a custom designed bag for you, feel free to visit her blog here


Few days ago, my parents brought us all to Teratak D'lalapan, located by the Lintas roadside (after Cyber City 2).

Pictures above is from
It was from his blog that I knew what to expect and order from this restaurant.

Their signature dish is called Nasi Lalapan which is available with chicken, beef or fish.
All of the above cost RM10 each.

If you ask my opinion, I would say go for the chicken and fish.
I don't fancy the beef taste much :)
This dish comes with rice, tempeh, taufu, vege + ulam and a kick sambal belacan ;)

Personally, this place is worth the try.
It's not soooooo great, but at least you can have an Indonesian dish for a change.
I'd give it 3/5.


While my parents went for a buka puasa function yesterday, my siblings and I (along with the boys) went back to kahve for break fast.

As usual, I ordered the colonel chicken chop.

Anyways, this is what the others ate:

Grilled Black Pepper Chicken chop.

Creamy mushroom spaghetti with fish fillet.

It tasted tad bland and we were quiet dissapointed with the gravy.
It wasn't creamy at all.

Mixed grill, RM16++

Not as how i expected (Eddie's corner way better with only RM1 more expensive) but it is quiet filling.
*kof.. please excuse the picture angle haha.

Last but not least, Rice and fish fillet

Errm..... Ezwan didn't complain much bout it so i guess it was okay.

As for drinks, Cici ordered ice blended longan susu and Nadia ordered mango smoothie.
These two goonies never finished their drinks =_=

Sparkling Grenada for BB

Though i personally think the portion at Kahve is a bit small, but it does make you feel full somehow.
That's why so far, we have not get sick of this place YET.


As for today, Monica, my yoga sensei in Core Fitness treated BB and I at Pra's Corner in Star City Complex (used to be Asia City Complex).
*thank you Monica! Muaks~ Muaks~*

The buffet cost RM25, and there were varieties of food prepared.

Haaa? Sedap kan??
But remember this when you go for a buffet....

See? Don't be a glutton.

All in all, the main course dishes tasted great, and I like the Briyani rice and Kari Kepala Ikan.
Oh! Not forgeting the teh tarik :)

I do have a complain tho.. and that would be it's dessert.

I sometimes don't understand why Sabahan loves making Pulut Seri Muka as Hard as a rock + eggy smell.
And the GREEN colour is never right!
I don't mean to brag honestly, but my grandma's Pulut Seri Muka is still the BEST. THAT i have to admit *insert shamelessly* loL!!!

My grandma's pulut seri muka

After our break fast, all 4 of us headed to Sailor's Cafe (AGAIN) for the mini Sabahan Bloggers get together, organised by Dino.

Today's visit would be my 3rd time going there.
I ate & drink the same thing as before i.e. fries, teriyaki meatball and root bear float, so you can view all the photos back here.
This time, amma show you the comlimentary dessert we got from the head chef...

Mega Ice cream~~~!!!

This dessert comes with Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream as well as frozen cempedak, diced dragonfruit and sliced lemon.
It's sinfully creamy *oh~ imagine the fat gone inside my bodeh~~~~* and it definitely add bonus to my PMS week~ hoohohoho.

Here are a few more photos I took 2 days ago when I stumbled upon Mei and the gang :)

Beef Burrito

Teriyaki Beef Ball

Mushroom Omellet

Lamb Shoulder

Fish & Chips

Finally, a group photo!

Haa~~~ I really hope we can do more of this food gathering.
Food always makes me happy XD

Today's great food and great people totally made my day.
What a sweet life~ ^_^

Tomorrow back to gym! YEYYYY!!!!!


So? had enough of food photos for a day?
Now that I have no more pending post, I can sleep in peace hehe.


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