New york~ New yoooooooork~~~

My body clock has adjusted to auto-wake up at 4am for sahur
ever since I started my Rejab month fasting 3 days ago.
*hrrmm… how come it never work when it comes to going to office? =P Heh*

So I am a bit woozy now from the lack of sleep.

I’m skipping one day of fasting today for several reasons but that
Dino Dinosaur just see right through me:

“Eh? You’re going for the lunch outing?
I thought you’re fasting till Saturday and on detox programme or something”

“Am not fasting today, will continue tomorrow”
*smirks* I bet it’s bcoz of the free lunch huh~~~~”
“Noooo~~~ I have office birthday party later and also meeting with my director”
“……… and that includes the free lunch?”
“…………….. *cricket…cricket…cricket*…… =_=”

“HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA… I thought so!!!!”
*kurang asam*

Photo credits to JACQ *woot~ woot~*

Anyhow.. thanks WC for inviting us. Yummmyyyy!!!
*we dined at a location-which-must-not-be-named (HAHAHA... macam Lord Voldemort)*

Was tempted to eat at Newyork Newyork….
The legendary BIG burger at the size of a Pizza Hut regular Pizza and as tall as Mcdonald Mega Mac……

I’ve been warned to bring 4-5 people to eat that burger.
Buuuuuutttt… gotta save that for another 15 days

So here’s a preview of the basics.

Nah… So nice right the menu? *please don’t ask why I was there*
Very Newspaper + Magazine look a like.
And the price is not so bad as well.

Am loving it

Oh! If you watched Hancock, *remember the giant meatball in the movie?*
I saw the giant spaghetti meatball in their menu as well!

So… Friends? CSP? Ravejoint? Wanna have Newyork Newyork outing?
But lemme finish with my detox first aaaaa XD XD XD LOL!


Detox Diet: 5/20 days

Bioxil M-Vital + Inner Detox drink
Vege Soup + Fish

Salmon + Light Teriyaki sauce *owkay~ I wont exactly die having a bit of sauce laaa*

Hamster food (Nuts) LOL! XD

Lotsa fresh fish + Vege

Ps: Fuh~~ It's all about light protein today... puasss!!!!



Was having a meeting with WC, Jacq and Papa Dino just now.
Saw WC carrying a cough syrup with him.

“Sick?” I asked WC
“Ya lo… both also sick. See, Jacq got sakit hingus and I cough non stop”
“LOL! Sakit hingus… U mean selsema?”
“Oh… Haha”

WC was asking If Julian and I even have a life.
The reason being, we’re always out covering events together since May.
And one of the soalan cepu emas:

“Aren’t you guys gonna get bored seeing each other everyday?”

LOL. Tsk Tsk.. Uih WC, remember.. u’re gonna get married soon ^^

But the soalan cepu emas always got me wondering since forever.

So guys.. how would YOU respond if someone ask you that? XD


Nadia just called and cried.

She was so stressed out with the time and culture shock of the university’s orientation.
I know dear.. orientation sucks

Lack of sleep and it’s sucking all of your energy.
But it’s a phase that you must go through to be stronger.

But the weird thing about THIS* uni is… they didn’t state specifically what type of shoe or head scarf the student needs to bring.
They just said, ‘bring black shoe and black head scarf’.
So my mom bought a simple flat black sandal and a slip on head scarf for Nadia.
But what happened after that?
They asked my sis to get a black shoe, those typical shoe that old aunty or old school teacher always wear and a typical square head scarf, the traditional one where you have to iron and fold and pin it right after.

What the hell???

So mafan!

Why didn’t you state that earlier BAKA!

Come on... Head scarf is still a head scarf.
And hers was black for god’s sake and still can be used to cover their freaking head.
Why do you need to care if it’s the traditional head scarf or a slip on?
It’s STILL a head scarf bodoh!

And the shoe…
It’s still a black shoeeeee!
Why do you even care how it looks like anyway???
It's a simple sandal!
Nobody's gonna ogle at their feet and comment their fashion!
Bodoh siot!

Why can't you just prepare extra and sell it to the students?
Now my mom have to go out, buy those stuff and send it all the way to Sepanggar.
Just imagine if they are the international students.

that is if they have one lar....

Even their handphone got confiscated.
Nadia only got few minutes to inform what she needs for the orientation.
Oh! Did I forget to mention that their hair must be black???
No coloured hair allowed.

I know it's a local uni and being strict-ass is what they're known for.
But personally, being unreasonably strict is really.... weird =_="

Man.... This is like worse than school...

If like this, this uni is suckier than mine back then.

I am now imagining all the college kids behaving like Sims with a red energy bar above their head.

If this go on any longer, a death riper might come to them.

Uishhh! Scary

Counting days to SBG

2 more days to SBG event. *cross fingers that it’ll work fine*

I’m updating / minor upgrading my blog soon.
Many have encouraged me to put a specific slot for readers to subscribe to my RSS.
*Okies… time to get in touch with sifu Foxy*

I’m planning to put a chibi-bobidom gif animation somewhere at the top sidebar,
will link up few more bloggers soon.. *those whom I usually visit of course*.

For those of you who have linked me up to their blog, arigatou!
Do subscribe to my RSS when it is up ok? Ok? Ok? Ngeeeee

Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to try the pay per post opportunity in my blog soon.
*need more source of income =_=”*
But it wont be anytime soon la… coz am still taking my time to do it.
Of course, I'll blog daily as usual and I will* make sure that I maintain my style without sounding too corny yeah?
*Just bear with me okies? ><” *

Oh! Oh! I finally decided on what to wear for SBG. Hehe =P
*Alaaa.. you know it's a girl thing to plan ahead kaaaan~*

Was thinking earlier of wearing a dress but as my friend said, it’ll be too hectic for an organizer to run here and there to make sure everything run smoothly with a dress that can fly up like Marilyn Monroe.
So am sticking with my Levi’s bontot kilat jeans. Heh =P


Detox Diet: 4/20 days

Super Duper Smoothies = Bioxil M-Vital + Inner Detox drink + Plain Yoghurt + 2 Bananas + Oat

Lunch & Snacks:
NO FOOD (Fasting)

Tomato soup with sliced fish and rice noodle

Ps: Rice noodle + Fish~...I'm in heaven...


Yes!!! I finished downloading all 7 episodes of Cashmere Mafia. Wheee!

You know what…? Detox + fasting is good.
My mind is actually quiet fresh and I can think better.
Only today, I finished up all my weeks dragged important work nicely.
I didn’t feel sleepy too! Coooooool~

But the thing about fasting is, you’ll feel veeeery malas to go to the
gym unless your tummy is well-fed… no?
Nonetheless, I still went to the gym anyway. So G’……Goooda~..Gooda Jobba~
*trying to imitate hancock movie*

Met Dino, Jacq, WC and BB at Pizza Hut for a short SBG meeting.
*kicks Dino for selecting the venue….. punah diet aku…’Eh cobaan….~’*
All of us was quiet taken aback especially WC when the bill came earlier before we even asked for it.
Personally, I’d think its quiet rude considering it is* a fast food chain restaurant and not a normal restaurant.
If we can wait for 20 minutes for the pizza to cook, why can’t you wait for your customer to finish whatever they're doing before shoving us with the bill? Ngok!


Detox Diet: 3/20 days

Super Duper Smoothies = Bioxil M-Vital + Inner Detox drink + Plain Yoghurt + 2 Bananas + Oat

Lunch & Snacks:
NO FOOD (Fasting)

Buka Puasa (‘Break’ Fast)
3 Bananas

Muesli Banana Drink

Ps: Banana... Banana.. Banana... jadi monyet lah aku ni..


I hate stray dogs

I stayed in the office till 7pm today and walked alone at the carpark *scary*
Stupid stray dogs. They're everywhere at my office car park.
They sanggup tu… got up from their beauty sleep just to run and bark at me.
I had to pretend that I was picking up a rock or something 3 times just to
threaten as if ala-ala I’m gonna throw a bomb at them
*how i wish*.
If I’m not SPCA member, I sure *tut* you for sure sucka! Grrrr

Aaaaaanyhow~~~… I survived my second day Detox Diet +
1st day of Rejab month fasting. Ho HO ho

The breakfast I made (sahur) this morning was quiet filling & lasted me whole day.
(minus the tempting biscotti
Rina bought *kicks Rina* and the last minute call for
lunch at Imperial Hotel by Papa
Dino *kicks Dino *)

Thank you all for giving me the list of shops on where I can find
Sliced Fish Soup
especially to Gina.
You see.... Gina suggested me to go to Sunny Garden.
After googling it up, I stumbled upon Jacq’s KK food blog and also
Swordie Bloggie Blog.
Humm~ Humm~ Humm~ ^^ Both looks yummy.
Are they both from the same shop? Sang Teng kah the name?
I have yet to find out their business hours and price.
Hope they don’t serve pork *cross fingers*

I finally watched Nana 2 the Movie *thanks mars… muaks muaks muaks* and Natsume Yuujin-Cho *thanks serena… Muaks muaks muaks*. Hihihihi… I like!


Detox Diet: 2/20 days

Super Duper Smoothies = Bioxil M-Vital + Inner Detox drink + Plain Yoghurt + 2 Bananas + Oat

Lunch & Snacks:
NO FOOD (Fasting)

Buka Puasa (‘Break’ Fast)
2 Bananas + Inner Detox Drink

Vegetable + Fish Soup at The Hut

Ps: That’s it! Am gonna go to Tong Hing, shop for sliced fishes and cook sendiri.
Damn mahal man makan luar.


Detox Diet

After reading few articles & following sensei Mars,
I've decided to start a 20-days detox diet;
and just to keep track on what I eat, I'll post my daily menu here.

But eating fruits and yoghurt every time is menyeksakan.
I want meaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!

My sis and I will also undergo our last minute 'Puasa Bulan Rejab'
(Rejab = 7th month of Islamic Calendar) 2moro
before it ends on 2nd Aug this year.
So fasting + detox diet... I need more meat. Huhuhuhu.

The last time I checked, fish is allowed during this sorta diet.
*thinking lee wong kee… yummmm…*
Can someone please tell me where I can find sliced fish soup here
in KK without noodle inside.


Detox Diet: 1/20 days

Bioxil M-Vital + Inner Detox drink & 2 Bananas

Fressh Muesli Banana


Yofruit (Yoghurt & Pamelo + Mango + Papaya)

Ps: Geeeez.... during this 20 days I'll make Fressh kaya man.


voice chat is back

I am loving the online voice chat.
Haven’t done that since my sis studied in oz.
But poor Julian. He has to type really fast. Haha.

“does it feel like ur dating a computer?”


“ur voice can make me wank”
“yerrrrr! =_=”
“omg!!! Do that again~~~”

"=_=" SOT!"

(Not real! Fara frame me! <-- voice from a distance star....)

Oh! Before I went to Kuching, Chris invited me to 1 Borneo Rainforest.
It was surprisingly spacious inside.

View more about it in my GoShop Lifestyle blog here

GoShop TV

Walking up the office stairs is a battle field for me =_=”
Muscle still in paaaain…..
“Why didn’t you just take the escalator?” -
“Malas.. Jauh..”
“And you sanggup jalan dekat and walk up the stairs…. Okay…. =_=””

“I know someone is bad mood from her hard destructive workout”
Dino smirked during our Sabahan Bloggers Gathering meeting last night.
“Shhooo! Go away”
*poked my fragile arm*
*Painfully got up, walked like a penguin towards him –
“Help! Julian!”
Julian just sneered. Hoho~

“Darn muscle pain. I walked like a living penguin”, I whined to Julian *minta simpati*
All he did was imitate a flapping penguin.
Terima kaseh boyfriend~ =_=


GoShop! has now come up with its brand new feature – The GoShop TV

Click here to view the events covered so far.

Spread the word!

If you noticed your friends in there,
tell them! XD

Oh! Today I learned a very BIG lesson….
DINO FAILED HIS MATHS… Tralalalalala~ *skips away*

Orang Istimewa

Leonard took over the Bodypump class last Saturday.

“wake your muscles up! Add more weights!”, he said

“I am well known for my fierceness in class.. hehehe”
o_0” o_0” .... oh no....

Struggling like hell man…
What more when I continued with the Bodystep class after that.
Remember the steps! I hate it if people don’t remember the steps!

“Se'pondan-pondan’ dia… tapi ganas juga T-T’, I told Mars
Mars laughed coz I can barely move today and had to take emergency leave.
My body has this one day delay of feeling any post workout pain… remember?

I finished up my part for Shaz’s ‘Another Life’ film (I played Jules ver. 2).
On top of all the scenes I acted, the scene with Joj memang sure cannot tahan ketawa I tell you.
There was a part when we had to do a reverse angle shot and he didn’t have to do any expression other than delivering the lines.
Instead of delivering it nicely, he holds my shoulder, looking at me straight in the eyes and shouted,
“Jules! I know I have been acting crazy lately. Ashuzuhsuhushezezezuzuze? *tilt his head to the left* Ashuzeze… zu! *tilt his head to the right* Mmp!!! *give me assurance that everything will be okay*
I broke down and laughed.
Then he kena marah.

“Shessh…. Why are you always laughing?”
*he asked me with his clown face*
"What?? ME????"
I continued to laugh.

Last night, Shaz treated us to Pizza hut.
As always, Joj did his thing again and went to imitate Chong (from behind) who was enthusiastically demonstrating his jujitsu action.
, the kakak pizza hut approached Nana (who was sitting behind Joj)

“Dia ni… orang istimewa ka?”, she whispered
We laughed so hard right after Nana told us what happened.
“Itu lah you… imitate lagi Chong like that!”
Nana whacked Joj
and I continued laughing.
“Aihs…. I also want to ketawa when the kakak asked me that question.
You know bah kan what is orang istimewa Julian?”

“Hahaahahahaha… Dunno”
o_O” *looking at Julian*
“Then why are you laughing?”, I asked
“Coz I feel funny?”

“But you don’t know what is orang istimewa”
“You know what orang istimewa means or not??”, Nana continued
“Ya laa… Orang istimewa … coz he’s your husband right?”
Both Nana and I continued laughing
“Orang istimewa = retarded person laaaa!!!!!”
“ooo? Ooooooooooo……~~~ OOOOO!!!!” Then he laughed so hard
*which….. make more sense now*

OK… am gonna continue guling on my bed.
Pain man… Pain…… =_=

Happy Birthday Boss!

  • Tell me... where can you find a boss who marah/geram/tension/stress and still put a smile on his face 24/7?
  • Tell me... where can you find a boss who always smile even though you marah him back?
  • And tell me... where can you find a boss where YOU can boss him around if he starts to forget things?

*Tak payah cari jauh-jauh…. he’s sitting just right behind me*


Caleb turned a year older today!

We thought of giving him a surprise bday cake in advance last Friday.
I checked his schedule… I check with him personally.... and I investigated earlier to make sure that he won’t be out from the office whatsoever.
I’d never thought that he would take an emergency leave… last minute.
*last minute is seriously a taboo in my dictionary*

So a change of plan, the whole department serang his house right after work.

This* is Caleb, the smiley face boss.

Caleb & Eunice

Seriously, even if you marah, you can’t help it but smile back/feels like laughing right after you look at his smiley face.
But at the same time, you’ll feel like punching him on the face coz he smiles when you’re freaking angry too!
Plus, he never quit saying “Babi itu sedaaaaaaaaaaaaap” at me.

*With a boss like this… I’m lucky AND unlucky at the same time*
So if you plan to open up KFB in KK soon, let him know coz he’ll be your first customer to line up before Marissa and Serena.
*KFB is Kentucky Fried Babi by the way*.

Rina & Serena

You can tell how old he is.. hoho...

Economy plate... tissue!

Neko-gurl, Marssie, Rina-Cat


Herman & Clifton

Cake cutting time

Momom time

While watching TV, my hand was itching to change the channel to Channel V / E!.
But it was news time... so.. yeah.. might as well keep ourselves updated.
As usual, it was all about the main belakang.... AGAIN..
*macam tiada news lain*
and at one point, there was a news about a girl got raped by a policeman.
The accused were handcuffed and his head was covered with a sack.

"why do they have to cover his head??? just show it! He's a criminal!", Rina shouted
"errr... that's... what we call... protecting the family members...???", Serena answered

"But you know... if I was the girl and was forced to lollipop the guy, I'd just bite it off!", Mars continued
"Mhm! Mhm!", I agreed
"But what if the guy put the gun on your head?", Serena continued
"Owhhhh" / "Owwhhh"

Serena & Caleb

Aaaaaaanyhow..... Caleb is getting married soon and you can view his wedding studio photo here.
These photos are seriously waaaaaaaaay different from the Caleb WE* know in office.

*we’ll buy babi plushy for you soon ok?*


Today, a 40 minutes conversation had given me a reason to feel greatful about my life, my self and those who are around me.
Thank you!


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