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Walking up the office stairs is a battle field for me =_=”
Muscle still in paaaain…..
“Why didn’t you just take the escalator?” -
“Malas.. Jauh..”
“And you sanggup jalan dekat and walk up the stairs…. Okay…. =_=””

“I know someone is bad mood from her hard destructive workout”
Dino smirked during our Sabahan Bloggers Gathering meeting last night.
“Shhooo! Go away”
*poked my fragile arm*
*Painfully got up, walked like a penguin towards him –
“Help! Julian!”
Julian just sneered. Hoho~

“Darn muscle pain. I walked like a living penguin”, I whined to Julian *minta simpati*
All he did was imitate a flapping penguin.
Terima kaseh boyfriend~ =_=


GoShop! has now come up with its brand new feature – The GoShop TV

Click here to view the events covered so far.

Spread the word!

If you noticed your friends in there,
tell them! XD

Oh! Today I learned a very BIG lesson….
DINO FAILED HIS MATHS… Tralalalalala~ *skips away*


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