Yes!!! I finished downloading all 7 episodes of Cashmere Mafia. Wheee!

You know what…? Detox + fasting is good.
My mind is actually quiet fresh and I can think better.
Only today, I finished up all my weeks dragged important work nicely.
I didn’t feel sleepy too! Coooooool~

But the thing about fasting is, you’ll feel veeeery malas to go to the
gym unless your tummy is well-fed… no?
Nonetheless, I still went to the gym anyway. So G’……Goooda~..Gooda Jobba~
*trying to imitate hancock movie*

Met Dino, Jacq, WC and BB at Pizza Hut for a short SBG meeting.
*kicks Dino for selecting the venue….. punah diet aku…’Eh cobaan….~’*
All of us was quiet taken aback especially WC when the bill came earlier before we even asked for it.
Personally, I’d think its quiet rude considering it is* a fast food chain restaurant and not a normal restaurant.
If we can wait for 20 minutes for the pizza to cook, why can’t you wait for your customer to finish whatever they're doing before shoving us with the bill? Ngok!


Detox Diet: 3/20 days

Super Duper Smoothies = Bioxil M-Vital + Inner Detox drink + Plain Yoghurt + 2 Bananas + Oat

Lunch & Snacks:
NO FOOD (Fasting)

Buka Puasa (‘Break’ Fast)
3 Bananas

Muesli Banana Drink

Ps: Banana... Banana.. Banana... jadi monyet lah aku ni..



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