Counting days to SBG

2 more days to SBG event. *cross fingers that it’ll work fine*

I’m updating / minor upgrading my blog soon.
Many have encouraged me to put a specific slot for readers to subscribe to my RSS.
*Okies… time to get in touch with sifu Foxy*

I’m planning to put a chibi-bobidom gif animation somewhere at the top sidebar,
will link up few more bloggers soon.. *those whom I usually visit of course*.

For those of you who have linked me up to their blog, arigatou!
Do subscribe to my RSS when it is up ok? Ok? Ok? Ngeeeee

Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to try the pay per post opportunity in my blog soon.
*need more source of income =_=”*
But it wont be anytime soon la… coz am still taking my time to do it.
Of course, I'll blog daily as usual and I will* make sure that I maintain my style without sounding too corny yeah?
*Just bear with me okies? ><” *

Oh! Oh! I finally decided on what to wear for SBG. Hehe =P
*Alaaa.. you know it's a girl thing to plan ahead kaaaan~*

Was thinking earlier of wearing a dress but as my friend said, it’ll be too hectic for an organizer to run here and there to make sure everything run smoothly with a dress that can fly up like Marilyn Monroe.
So am sticking with my Levi’s bontot kilat jeans. Heh =P


Detox Diet: 4/20 days

Super Duper Smoothies = Bioxil M-Vital + Inner Detox drink + Plain Yoghurt + 2 Bananas + Oat

Lunch & Snacks:
NO FOOD (Fasting)

Tomato soup with sliced fish and rice noodle

Ps: Rice noodle + Fish~...I'm in heaven...



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