Happy Birthday Boss!

  • Tell me... where can you find a boss who marah/geram/tension/stress and still put a smile on his face 24/7?
  • Tell me... where can you find a boss who always smile even though you marah him back?
  • And tell me... where can you find a boss where YOU can boss him around if he starts to forget things?

*Tak payah cari jauh-jauh…. he’s sitting just right behind me*


Caleb turned a year older today!

We thought of giving him a surprise bday cake in advance last Friday.
I checked his schedule… I check with him personally.... and I investigated earlier to make sure that he won’t be out from the office whatsoever.
I’d never thought that he would take an emergency leave… last minute.
*last minute is seriously a taboo in my dictionary*

So a change of plan, the whole department serang his house right after work.

This* is Caleb, the smiley face boss.

Caleb & Eunice

Seriously, even if you marah, you can’t help it but smile back/feels like laughing right after you look at his smiley face.
But at the same time, you’ll feel like punching him on the face coz he smiles when you’re freaking angry too!
Plus, he never quit saying “Babi itu sedaaaaaaaaaaaaap” at me.

*With a boss like this… I’m lucky AND unlucky at the same time*
So if you plan to open up KFB in KK soon, let him know coz he’ll be your first customer to line up before Marissa and Serena.
*KFB is Kentucky Fried Babi by the way*.

Rina & Serena

You can tell how old he is.. hoho...

Economy plate... tissue!

Neko-gurl, Marssie, Rina-Cat


Herman & Clifton

Cake cutting time

Momom time

While watching TV, my hand was itching to change the channel to Channel V / E!.
But it was news time... so.. yeah.. might as well keep ourselves updated.
As usual, it was all about the main belakang.... AGAIN..
*macam tiada news lain*
and at one point, there was a news about a girl got raped by a policeman.
The accused were handcuffed and his head was covered with a sack.

"why do they have to cover his head??? just show it! He's a criminal!", Rina shouted
"errr... that's... what we call... protecting the family members...???", Serena answered

"But you know... if I was the girl and was forced to lollipop the guy, I'd just bite it off!", Mars continued
"Mhm! Mhm!", I agreed
"But what if the guy put the gun on your head?", Serena continued
"Owhhhh" / "Owwhhh"

Serena & Caleb

Aaaaaaanyhow..... Caleb is getting married soon and you can view his wedding studio photo here.
These photos are seriously waaaaaaaaay different from the Caleb WE* know in office.

*we’ll buy babi plushy for you soon ok?*


Today, a 40 minutes conversation had given me a reason to feel greatful about my life, my self and those who are around me.
Thank you!


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