New york~ New yoooooooork~~~

My body clock has adjusted to auto-wake up at 4am for sahur
ever since I started my Rejab month fasting 3 days ago.
*hrrmm… how come it never work when it comes to going to office? =P Heh*

So I am a bit woozy now from the lack of sleep.

I’m skipping one day of fasting today for several reasons but that
Dino Dinosaur just see right through me:

“Eh? You’re going for the lunch outing?
I thought you’re fasting till Saturday and on detox programme or something”

“Am not fasting today, will continue tomorrow”
*smirks* I bet it’s bcoz of the free lunch huh~~~~”
“Noooo~~~ I have office birthday party later and also meeting with my director”
“……… and that includes the free lunch?”
“…………….. *cricket…cricket…cricket*…… =_=”

“HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA… I thought so!!!!”
*kurang asam*

Photo credits to JACQ *woot~ woot~*

Anyhow.. thanks WC for inviting us. Yummmyyyy!!!
*we dined at a location-which-must-not-be-named (HAHAHA... macam Lord Voldemort)*

Was tempted to eat at Newyork Newyork….
The legendary BIG burger at the size of a Pizza Hut regular Pizza and as tall as Mcdonald Mega Mac……

I’ve been warned to bring 4-5 people to eat that burger.
Buuuuuutttt… gotta save that for another 15 days

So here’s a preview of the basics.

Nah… So nice right the menu? *please don’t ask why I was there*
Very Newspaper + Magazine look a like.
And the price is not so bad as well.

Am loving it

Oh! If you watched Hancock, *remember the giant meatball in the movie?*
I saw the giant spaghetti meatball in their menu as well!

So… Friends? CSP? Ravejoint? Wanna have Newyork Newyork outing?
But lemme finish with my detox first aaaaa XD XD XD LOL!


Detox Diet: 5/20 days

Bioxil M-Vital + Inner Detox drink
Vege Soup + Fish

Salmon + Light Teriyaki sauce *owkay~ I wont exactly die having a bit of sauce laaa*

Hamster food (Nuts) LOL! XD

Lotsa fresh fish + Vege

Ps: Fuh~~ It's all about light protein today... puasss!!!!



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