I've found it!!! XD

I’ve found my external hard disk!!!! XD XD XD
*jumps around*jumps around*jumps around*
It was just thereeeee!!
I was trying to get my bottled water on the drawer,
and it was just there staring and saying hi at me!
“Hiiiiiiii~~!!! Where have you been?! T-T”
Seriously, it wasn’t there before.
The maid must have found it somewhere while cleaning
and shifting the TV into my room.
*yes, I have my own tv in the room now… wheeeee* <--
kesian ok.
YEYYYYYY!!! *jumps around*jumps around*jumps around*
Mama is taking us to Bali in August as well.
Double Wheeeeeeee!~~~
Shoot your finger in the air and say “Woot~ Woot~”


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