Fully Furnished! - Palm Beach Villas holiday house for sale!

Hey guys! :)

Am helping out Julian to promote some properties.
Would appreciate if anyone can introduce a buyer for below.
Any close sale will get a commission.
You can email me at bobidom@yahoo.com to know how much ;)



Holiday House - Palm Beach Villa, Papar
1 Unit Fully Furnished

- RM726,888
- Double Storey Semi-Detached house
- Size 1960sqft
- 3 Bedrooms & 1 Guest Room
- Includes Car Porch
- Fully furnished, equipped with modern contemporary design
- Furnishing includes curtains, sofas, pillows, modern carpets and bed sheets (What you see is what you get)
- Switch, Lights and Air conditioned installed in every room (except kitchen)
- Housing area is located beside Borneo Paradise Beach Resot
- Nearby shop lot area
- Other facilities includes Basketball court and Children Playground
- Near to scenic sea view

There is also 6 unfurnished unit ranging from RM381,888 to RM 493,888 for sale.

Please click the image below to view larger image and spot the available units (labeled in yellow for furnished and green for unfurnished)

(click to view larger image)

Here are the actual interior design of the fully furnished unit:

Exterior view of the house:

Ground Floor: The Entrance -

Ground Floor: Living Room

Ground Floor: Dining Room

Ground Floor: Kitchen

Ground Floor: Guest Room

Ground Floor: Washroom/Bathroom

Ground Floor: Backyard -


Stairs to 1st Floor:

1st Floor: Master Bedroom -

1st Floor: Room 2 -

1st Floor: Room 3 -

First Floor - Study / Working area:

1st Floor: Washroom/Bathroom -

Master Bedroom's Washroom/Bathroom

1st Floor - Washroom/Bathroom

So there you have it.
All photos to all room!

So should you / your friends & families be interested to buy the furnished or unfurnished unit of Palm Beach Villa Papar, please call JULIAN LEE at 0168477896 today! :)

If you're interested in the furnished above, what you see is what you get.
All curtains, interior furnishing, modern carpets and decorations will be yours!

Spread the word peeps!!! Thank you!


Malaysia International Toys Fair & KL-Seremban trip

The only thing made my recent trip to KL worth it were my visit to BB's mom place in Seremban and seeing my friends & cousin (Hambal) in KL.

A heap thanks to Hambal for helping me out with my transportation prob to Mel's house.
I was feeling down that I almost couldn't see Mel due to my transport complication.
But Hambal saved the day :)
Thanks Hambal! *hugs*

Aleen met us at Mel's place instead.
We had fun catching up with Mel and listening to a pregnant lady's tips. Hehehe...

Initially, the doctor said Mel might deliver her junior somewhere on 20th July,
so i ordered a congrats baby cupcake for her and hoping to see my little (self proclaimed) god-niece/nephew during my trip.

But maaaaaaana tau, her baby decided to extend his/her Visa, and even Fay (Mel's sis) didn't get to see him/her during her trip.
Oh well.
This thing is unpredictable.
I just pray that everything will be okay.
She's due TODAY!

Was happy to see Raisin as well.
She's humongous!
and I think she's now 6 years old from the first time Mel & I kept her in our old apartment.

One of Mel's cat wore the cone of shame.

"Hey Joe, why is he wearing the cone of shame?" I asked.
"coz I want to shame him?"

Well in actuality, the vet say that the cat was having a 'stress' or some sort of anxiety from moving house.
He was so stress that he couldn't stop scratching himself and made all his fur fall!
Hence, the cone of shame is needed to stop him from being naked.

Anyways, early congrats to Mel and Jijoe!
Can't wait!!!

After saying goodbye *gosh.. i really wish i can stay longer with Mel :(*, Aleen kindly drove us to Mid Valley to check out MITF event together with us.
Parking in Mid Valley was a bitch =_="
That's why I still prefer KTM/LRT.

MITF (Malaysia International Toys Fair) was a biiiiiit of disappointment during the first day.
It was even more devastating when BB and I realised, it wasn't the Singapore International Toys Fair coming down to KL, it was Malaysia trying to make one like them.
And there we were thinking we could learn something for Hobbycon.
Worst is, the actual event we were looking forward to is going to fall on the same date as Hobbycon this year. Huhu... :(
Might go and check out Comic Fiesta end of this year instead.
But nonetheless, cosplayers made my day on day-2.

All in all, we did establish some network and learn few things :)
Oh! J.na was there, and i met Ki-chan too! Weeeee~* ^_^

Day 1:

One of Hobbycon exhibitor name Harold were invited to MITF after they discovered him in Hobbycon :)
Things have been good to him since Hobbycon and we're glad he's on his way to make his papercraft/name out in the KL market :)

More art & tshirt booths:

The cosplay competition was a bit.... odd ><" I think the skit was odd actually. LOL at Kuran Kaname skit XD XD XD
The Malaysian singing group BunkFace was the first band to be made out into rubber ducky toy.
I wouldn't have known if it weren't for the announcement XD

BB bought me a Dooodolls plush.
His name is Cupido (that was what stated on the label XD)

Hihi... I *heart* BB.

Here's Aleen with a giant doodolls - Cupipi.

Cupido is a dooodols for February.
Since I'm born in December, my dooodols is NINJA!

Day 2:

As I said, I love day-2.
Cosplayer definitely saved the event ;)

Ooooh~~ Ki-Chan as always... AWESOME!
Glad to meet her there :)

Yup. Isaac was there too.
I enjoyed when looking what he did to BB.

With other cosplayer and STORM TROOPERS!!!

They also have signing session with the Gempak artists.

Below is an artist by the name of Kaoru.
I love her comics.
Nadia is her fan.

We didn't stay long as most exhibition booth and program are the same.
So we headed to The Gardens to tapau some Delectable cupcakes.
not some..
I decided to tapau all 6 Delectable cupcake flavours XD

I also tapau-ed back another 6 flavours from Bisou cupcakes KLCC for Angeline and Mei.
We gonna have cupcake party tonight =P

Food wise, due to our limited time in KL, BB & I didn't get to go to Times Square to eat Wendy's.
Instead, we went to Popeye by friend's recommendation and ended up disappointed :(

They say it tasted better than KFC.
I say KFC is way better >:(

Aleen and I went shopping for Benefit cosmetics.
Cis.. gotta blame Mei for this.
Am now officially a Bene-holic... noooooooooo~~~~

I LOVE the 'Play Stick' concealer, 'That Gal' face primer and 'Posie Tint' liquid lip colour & blusher!
It's like the best invention ever!!!
The name is cheeky, and the packaging was awesome too!
Gonna get more next week in Taiwan.
Yes am going to Taiwan next monday! (*hugs Mei!!!!*)

While we were walking, we saw a pitiful man inside the Mid Valley shopping display glass...

Wah lau... it must've been hot to be in there... ><" BB also bought a set of Starcraft comic book in Kinokuniya KLCC which consist of 4 volume. He finished it in less than 2 days =_="

Do you know that KTM has a coach for female only?
LOL! I just knew.

Obviously i didn't go into the female coach, else BB will be alone on the other side XD

Instead of staying in KL, BB and I decided to stay in Seremban and commute to Mid Valley via train.

Staying in Seremban was peaceful.
Not only we saved on our accommodation fee, but we also get to have family dinner every night with BB's aunt, uncle and cousin.

I love this buttercream fried mushroom.
Everytime I'm in Seremban, aunty will bring us a vegetarian restaurant and ordered this for me XD

Since aunty Adeline's birthday is in August, BB and I ordered a set of cupcakes for her as a surprise gift from *Boutique Cupcakes of course* KK.

Too bad Casey couldn't join this trip, else it would've been more and merrier.

Shin Yee wasn't around, so as the other siblings.
Instead I met other cousins of BB... and man.. were they TALL... @_@ *and friendly too ;)*

I also learned how to make Pan Mien with chicken soup from aunty Adeline.
Below are the home cooked dishes for our last night in Seremban.

Everytime I'm back from Seremban, I felt stuffed all over.
It's a good feeling of 'stuffed'.. coz we were constantly fed with so many healthy food.
If I were to stay any longer, I can be fat and healthy XD
Can't wait for next trip! ;)

J.na and Serena shared the same flight back to KK with us on Monday evening.
The flight was delayed an hour for them to pump in fuel =_="
and what pissed us most is that, after a long wait in the plane, they asked us to board OFF the plane for them to change the plane tyre!!!
I mean I KNOW this is for safety precaution.
But can't you at least plan ahead and let us wait in the airport instead?
Geez =_="
As they said, you paid peanuts... you get monkeys *pfft

Hey don't look at me...
it's natural enough for people to be angry and started to take out their cameras for evidence and called up their families to explain the situation.
Knowing this, there was one lady staff who dared to talk on her walkie talkie and say "macam rasa nak sepak jer diorang ni" (referring to people outside the plane mingling and taking picture)

Quoting my friend- "sapa suruh buat kerja cam taik, awal2 tak mo tukaq, org dah naik baru terhegeh2 nak buat..!" LOL!!!

Oh well. Another day another drama.

Till my next trip, TaTa~!



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