Now i wish i have MC for exhaustion =_=

It's damn tiring to even be at office right now.
I'm so SLEEPY!!!

Boutique Cupcakes 5000 cupcakes mission is done, delivered and distributed during the launching of Wisma Wanita Sabah building.
Though it was tiring, we had so much fun and made new friends along the way :)

Day 1:

One thing about the volunteers... they are a FAST learner.
Less talk, more work and great result.
Friendly too!
I wish to have this kind of team in any future projects.
Love em.

As you can see, first day was all about baking, making the frost and sticking (which was a pain in the ass).

Surprisingly, in less than 12 hours, we did more than 5000 cupcakes! @_@
We almost reach 6000!!!! @_@
Broke record for the first day.
Everyone was uber happy that no baking is needed for the next day ;)

Day 2:

I love day 2.
Not only it was fast but fun as well.
Everyone gets to do the same job, frosting and decoration.
More smile seen and laughter heard on day-2

Oh! The theme for the Wisma Wanita launching was pink and purple.
This is the final result.

Hehe.. the Trio.
Though I'm merely an assistant, both of them made me feel apart of the team.
Love these two to bits (Mei Wong & Angeline Han)!

Oh! Did you know we were interviewed by New Sabah Times for this project?

click to view larger image

Something happened before the press interview.
Mei and I had a miss communication.
All the while, she was referring to press interview, and I on the other hand thought of an actual interview for the new Boutique Cupcakes outlet.
Both of them (Angeline & Mei) was confuse WHY i brought my resume.
Until we discovered that both of us perceived different message under one main topic, we couldnt stop laughing our ass off XD

Anyways, here we are at Wisma Wanita delivering the 5000 cupcakes.

You can click here for more photos.


I spent 2 days in a row doing the 5000 cupcakes project during the day AND helped my grandma during the night.

Grandma was given one of the stalls for the Wisma Wanita bazaar and also asked to prepare 60 packet food for the goodie bags.
Didn't sleep at all last saturday night (except for a quick nap for 15 - 30 mins).
Epic penat man =_=...

I pity my grandma more than myself.
She didn't sleep for 2 nights and she's not young!
*remembering an incident where she cut the karipap into half while accidentally fall asleep during making the kueh* T_T
If i'm a millionaire, I would ask her to retire from making kueh!

We arrived to our stall quiet late on day-2 of Wisma Wanita launching.
Surprisingly, comparing to other stalls, our Nasi Ayam German sold like hot cakes! XD
We even need to make extra batch for the pandan rice XD

Haha... muka tak tidur XD
Here is the Ayam masak German.
Before this pic, the portion was more! XD

Here's my grandma a.k.a Wan
I tapau-ed her late lunch.
She hasn't been eating while doing all the kuehs ordered earlier (for other clients) and also the food to sell at the Wisma Wanita bazaar and also for the goodie bags.

Mei organised an appreciation dinner for the 5000 cupcakes project at her house.
The big fat juicy lychee was awesome!

After having a quick dinner at Mei's place, i ran back to Wisma Wanita again to watch paksu performed :)
Seeing him dance the Michael Jackson move for 'Mentera Semerah Padi' song was quiet funny XD

Two teams from the International Folklore dance competition (Kazakhstan and Taiwan) were invited to perform as well.

I REALLy enjoyed the Taiwan team.
The music reminded me of Wu kong cartoon when I was little.
Must go to next International Folklore show!


BB going off to Tawau again tonight *sobs*
'Inception' movie gotta wait till Friday ;(
Hrmm.. I might as well watch it in KL XD
Going off there for the Malaysia International Toys Fare and visit Mel :)
Mel's 'delivering' baby soon!!!
Can't Wait! XD


3 Responses to "Now i wish i have MC for exhaustion =_="

Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said... July 19, 2010 at 4:39 PM

Well done, dear...

maslight said... July 19, 2010 at 7:48 PM

*distracted by the new banner for few minutes.

Okay, anyways, I thought 5000 cupcakes was insane but you guys manage to do it *thumbs up!

I didn't get to go coz I went somewhere else *sigh.

Cath J said... July 21, 2010 at 11:54 PM

Great Job!!! Great Job!! Wish you all the best of success.. and do take care.. ^_^


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