Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everybody! Done trick or treating? 31st October is also my colleague's birthday - Clifton. This is how we celebrated our spooky day. And when I say spooky, it means..... I didn't learn my lesson. Darn you Izwan! Darn you Lai! Arghhhhh!!! Tipah tertipuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Halloween in the office..

First, we started with GoLife! photoshooting for our next issue:

Secondly... let me introduce to you... the stupid ugly walking hand...

Leanne Rymes says... 'shame on you if you fool me once... shame on me if you fool me twice...' yeah... thanks.. let me show you the 4 lessons i did not learned.

Lesson unlearn 1:

Lai put this stupid hand on my shoulder. I freaked out a bit...

Lesson unlearn 2:

Izwan creeped behind me, touched my shoulder... as I turned around, I squeaked! Yes... a loud squeak till other departments outside heard it. Thanks a lot!

Lesson unlearned 3:

In the evening... Caleb took the mask from Lai. As i was excitedly turn around to call him, imagine a big ugly-faced mask were shoved 1 inch away from your nose. What happened next? ....... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeap! the department outside heard me again, including my boss. Darn you Calebbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!

Lesson unlearned 4:

As you can see... .I was soooo happy joking around till I let my guard down... (again). I should have thought that all these while, my sweater is always hanged on the chair, how the heck did it got on the sit? But sadly, I didn't. And the result... behold~

Yeah kawan-kawan~~~ Thanks for NOTHING!!!!! But I had a good laugh, and finally i could scream so loud till all the stresses gone. And my tummy hurt too from laughing. Below are the shots from Clif-Clif Onnichan's bday. He got his own surprise as well when the Fish & Co people shouted "Listen up everybody!! There's a birthday boy in the house and his name is CLIPTON!!!" Nope.. I didn't spell it wrongly. They pronounced his name similar to pronounsing LIPTON tea. Hahahahahhaha! I can't forget how surprised he was last night! Whatever it is, I hope you had a blast birthday Clif-Clif! Otanjobi Omedetooooooooo!!!!

Happy Halloween XD

Finally i found something in my closet for Halloween >=)..
Ohohoho *evil laugh*
Am not sure if I'll look ok in it but heck... bantai jer la.
See you at Jade tonight! ;)

looking inside my closet.... *blur*...

Uish.. =_=
Halloween is like 1 day and half an hour this….
People around me are so enthusiastically planning on what to wear, buying costumes, leggings, hats , masks and bla bla bla… and I don’t have a tad of idea on what to wear @_@

“If I go, I’ll dress like Ursula”, says Cici

Oh nous… that’ll be a very thin Ursula geng.

Uhuuuu… So what should I wear T_T

Am planning to go to Jade… well.. at least that’s where I’m asked to go to.
The theme will be ‘The Night of Mayhem’ and all you gotta do is come in your BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME.

Kyaaaa! XD
Ki-Chan look so cool.
Edgar took this photo and Marissa and I in charged of the photo editing and design.
Ain’t it cool or what XD

So guys… spread the news, invite your friends, join us and most importantly don't forget to DRESS to KILL!

*Click* to view more info.

Sakit malas XD

I felt lethargic from the heavy cough and flu and took mc for the day.
“sakit malas kah?” said Mars
Kinda think of it.. yeah.. 50/50 XD

You know if you take mc you need to have mc slip?
So I went to the clinic for a quick check, get my medicine, get my mc and blah.
Upon entering the room.. (why am I sound so skema?) as usual, the doctor asked me,

“what can I help you with”
“It’s just a quick one doc, I just come here to get my mc and…”
Haaa? Come to get mc only???”, looking at me suspiciously
“=_=… wait.. am not finished..” *gila bongok doctor ni*
“As I said.. I’m here to get my mc AND cough/flu medicine. I don’t need those for fever coz I ate panadol and felt a bit better”
*looking at me suspiciously again*
“Look.. I’m in a rush. It’s hard to find parking out there aight?”
*checking me with his thinga magic*
“Your cough have phlegm?”
“Yes =_=”
“What colour?”
“err.. yellow/green???” *is there a purple phlegm?*
“okay.. any fever?”
“this morning, but I ate panadol”

Bla… Bla.. Bla.. I got my medicine, my mc slip and blah.

So much for a quick check up =_=


Went to Frisbee again this week… Yey~ XD
Seriously I felt extra lembik last week from NO sport.
AND I got bruised @_@... Sedey~

Yeah… I caught it at the wrong end and let the frisbee hit my vein directly.

As you can see, AL is in town.
He’s here for Hari Raya, for Hannah Tan, for Mel’s wedding AND suddenly decided to stay longer for Harith Iskander live stand up comedy next monday XD Yey
Oh! And he joined Frisbee too!
It was his first time AND was good at it.

So tomorrow? Squash! Yahoo!

H-Factor and the rest...

Oh nous…
I can feel the sarang labah-labah hangin in my blog =_=
*it meaaaaans… I haven’t been blogging lar… haiya*
A LOT has been happening, and am not sure where to start…
So lemme refresh some here…


My assignment deadline pushed to November…
*scream excitedly* Thanks Mufasa XD
(only I* know who mufasa is)


Met Hans Isaac, Harith Iskander and Douglas Lim during Harith’s Nationwide Live Comedy Tour press conference (The event is happening on the 3rd November 2008 and KK is the first location by the way)

*omg... I look like a hobbit XD*

Am so excited to go and if you are too, you can also purchase the ticket from the GoShop! team coz we’re helping out Sabah Tourism/Sri Pelancongan Sabah.


Went to Grace’s Bday party at The Loft, then to Barsu after that for the Female Icon event and* to my surprise, I bumped into the boys again XD *squinting at Hans* Kyaaaa~ XD

LOLX! I know…am OTT.

But the last time I met Hans was back during Linkin’ Park concert in KL, took picture together with him and all he had to say was “wow.. you’re wet” =_=
Ok… it’s not what you think.
My shirt was practically wet all over from sweat and water that was thrown to the crowd. Honest.

I think Douglas was tad tipsy coz everytime I looked at him, he’ll go..
”Hi Fara~~~”
… then I looked away… and I looked at him again…
“Hi.. Fara~~~~”

*pics are still with Missy XD will upload soon*


Mel and Jijoe finally got married.
Am gonna blog about this later coz it IS infact going to be a special post for her.


Went to Hannah Tan’s H-Factor yesterday and had so much fun.

It started and end quiet late but all in all it was great.

I interviewed the school kids, screaming frantically with them XD, doing a mini ‘Happy Birthday’ wish project for Hannah Tan (her Bday was on the 25/10 fyi) on a drawing pad *thanks Serena for donating, LOLX* and most importantly....

... listening to all the experiences shared by the speakers.

Hannah Tan is cute. She has a VERY sweet smile and…well…small waist.

*checking self*

=_= …. Tralalalala~

Fellest Yan
*recalling a hunky hunk dancing on stage* … (Heh… Drools~~~ XD), was one of the speakers and also Marissa’s junior back in All Saints (yesh… he’s a Sabahan y’all). His dancing was just awesome!

Reymee (Innuendo) can be mistaken as Sabahan coz he CAN speak like a true Sabahan…. AND he makes me feel old.
The Belaian Jiwa hit was about what…? 10 yrs ago…
At that time I was in form 2, singing non stop, again and again to that song.

Serena C and Pietro were great as well.
The stories they shared on set do help a bit on my current part time Djing.

As for Joey, his work was just AMAZING.
I LOVE the motion graphics. I love the ads. I used to record Ads on tv for reference.
Being in the multimedia/creative industry, client CAN be a bitch sometimes.
But seeing him finishing a 3D animation work for 2 days which I think* for me might take… hehe… like 2 weeks or so was just simply superb. *tabik lah u brother XD*

Oh-oh! Harith and Hans were there too. *screams*
Harith was definitely funny as always.

“Fara…”, Harith called
“Masuk free ker?”, referring to me being a media
“bayar Okayyyyyyy”

So guys.. you MUST go to his first LIVE stand up comedy tour on the 3rd Nov ok?

David Lai (the Magician) weren’t able to attend the workshop
*rolls on the floor and cry*
Not fair~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

But above all, I’d like to thank Hannah Tan & the H-Factor team for organizing this supercool workshop to Sabah.

Shaits… but wait.. next year I’ll no longer be 25… (target group 16-25)


Anyhow, am not sure what happened… maybe there’s a slight misunderstanding or what not but my media team/ bloggers weren’t allowed to take any pictures during the workshop. I just knew about this at the end of the workshop and figured that since my GoShop! team came in late to offer help finding more participant, the security might not have been properly briefed. I* am NOT sure. But whatever it is, thanks Leonard for allowing/giving exception for me to take videos and arranging the interview with Hannah. Much appreciated *hops!*hops!*

So guys, stay tune coz the event coverage will soon be on GoShop! TV (www.goshop.com.my) ;) For photos and other videos, click on the h-factor website here. To be a fan of Hannah.. *not just that lar.. even latest news n all* just visit Hannah’s website here!


NO ONE wins the ‘Boobs’ contest XD Sedeyyyyy~~~~

But anyway… THANK YOU for participating.
Really appreciate it…. and don’t forget, I did it not only coz my girls and I are sot, it’s also for you to be aware of the Breast Cancer Issue…
Some of you have said the pics were from 1 model posing 4 different poses…but NO~…
you think I’m lying kah! Apa macam.
Here are the original *before cropping* photos:


So the answer is:

A: Marissa
B: Rina
C: Fara
D: Serena

The closest answer to this contest came from two person and they are Sotong AND Ki-Chan.

These two shared the same answer and only got Marissa and Serena terbalik XD


- I think am gonna have a bad flu/ fever


Photos are credits to H-Factor & Julian

Whose boob is it?

Remember the crazy contest I told you about yesterday?

Heh =P Now it’s finally here.

My girls and I found a pink polystyrene frame in the office pantry the other day and played around as if we were in some kind of a national geographic moment.

So being ‘sot’ as usual, we thought of doing some deeds (konon) by helping to further create awareness in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Month or the Pink Ribbon Awareness month through our ‘Guess Whose Boob’ Contest XD
*Did I mentioned we’re pretty sot? Haha!*

Here are the models:

and here are… well… the boobs XD

All you gotta do is MATCH.

This contest is open for a week, starting TODAY (monday); and the first person who guessed it right will get a pair of entry to playboy mansion *kof*kof*

See if you can get it right


And for those of you who owns a blog / website, you can also use the image I designed below to support this awareness.

Tag as many as you want and for a start, I’d like to tagmy first 10: Mars, Serena, Rina, Jacq, Lydbytes, Amie, Massy, KinkyJasmine, Shemah
and Amy C

As of any tags, you must:

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message for you nominee on their blog

So spread the word, support the Pink October, create awareness and get people talking ;)

You gotta have THAT poker face...

...well... that is if you play a game like UNO, Chess OR my new soon to be card game addiction.... the CITADEL XD

It was crazy okaaaaaaay.... XD
Rainer accused me of having a ‘psycho’ face coz I can pull a poker face easily. Hoho.
*oh~ am loving this game.. and no Rainer… Julian was the one who got last… not moi~*
MUST play AGAIN! Wheeee~

I’m basically half paralyze from all the 3 days of non stop squash and Frisbee o_O”
I hope I can move tomorrow else my DJ work will be screwed.

Sabah vfm is having a ‘kraftangan malaysia’ quiz tomorrow (that is Sunday).
So if you want to win some prizes, stay tune to 92.7 (if you’re in kk) between 11am-2pm aight?

BB & I actually planned to spend time by watching the musical fireworks at 1B yesterday TOGETHER... *mau menghayati lah konon* but unintentionally got seperated in the end while busy taking photos and videos... =_="

Both of us have been very occupied with work this week.
Finally get to spend a bit more time with each other today. Yey XD

As for the Musical Fireworks... like I said... I didnt have any high expectations XD
It was only about... what?.. less than 10 mins?
BB will post up some shots soon..


TOYS R US has finally opened in KK.
Omg... there are LOTS of game I wanted to buy and no...
Barbie collections are not included.
Am more to those... like Rainer said... using "Psycho'logy type of games, card games, music items, and some boys toy *kof kof* like Legos and cars XD

But now, am gonna stick to card games or maybe those bubbles, cute and colourful stuff I feel like buying. Legos, Cars, Race tracks, Spiderman and other man-man will remain as childhood memories.

OH! OH~!
My girls and I thought of some crazy ideas last week XD
So guys… watch out for Monday coz I* am gonna post a special quiz then.


Gargh,.. squash is awesomeeeeeeeee!!!
Too bad BB sucks at racket game… or game with balls to begin with…
*Man… I’m damn busuk.. serious*

Beat Dino dinosaur 1 game *singing fergie: “FINALLY~”
this sound so sad… I know XD
Going to try Frisbee tomorrow *can’t stand BB/Dino/Rainer bugging me to go*
If I pengsan from all the crazy run I know who to claim insurance from.

said tomorrow is the 1B musical fireworks. Yey!
Don’t know what to expect but must watch!
*Be realistic: don’t go expecting it to be like the one in Putrajaya*

Gonna tag along with Mars to watch some horror movie tomorrow night *oh nous~*
You know I never really have the guts to watch horror movies but always tag along like I’m all so berani.
If you sit beside me, you’ll notice me watching with half/one eye. LOL!

I’m basically in panic mode nowadays coz my ‘Hari Wanita’ video assignment is not finish yet weh…*feeling sawan like Ki-chan*
At this situation, can I say “ngai sat?”
Can aa?

Heh =P
I learned that from Beverly today.
*Bev talk so fast. Like choo choo train.. =P*

Technically I’ve been learning Chinese language *two words mostly* nowadays…
Are you kidding? Of course I’ll start of with the curse word.
They are like so easy to learn… and fast. Hoh!

Rainer’s favourite quote of the day: “Mo joh jih dei kaw jin”

ok… am getting addicted to the sawan word. =_=”

Lepas 'gian'

Just finished my exercise, ‘healthy dinner’ and a light suka-hati magazine design.

Sigh~ Melepaskan gian mode
*what the heck is ‘gian’ in English anyway’

Fyi, the model is a friend of mine, the cute Cheryl or better known as Ki-Chan.
I took this photo when I attended Joj & Nana’s Bridal shop opening more than a month ago (sorry nana… late post) and was drooled by the sight of all the wedding gowns collection. Click to view their blog.


I’m reaching a quarter decade of my life and can’t help thinking about:

  • My Dreams
  • My Career
  • My Future
  • My Life
  • oh…. And of course… My Finances… Heh :P

Yes… Yes.. I know what you wanted to say…
It is a phase in life that I have to go through and success is all about the right attitude, timing, effort and a bit of luck.
Nonetheless, the questions on ‘what IF(s)’ or ‘I could’ve done better/otherwise’ will never stop haunting and *scratch head vigorously* THIS is what happened when I’m SO BORED.

*thinks about assignments and deadlines at office*


Chako or Kuro?

Wow! Home Early XD
BB is busy with work so.. sigh~ T_T


Before my open house last night, I managed to get few hours of nap right after the Int’ Borneo Marathon.
A lot… I mean A LOT of ppl came to my open house and what had been lots of leftover food last year became very tidak cukup this year @_@"
Omg… sorry you guys! ><”
But thanks A LOT for coming. Really!
That shows I have more and more and more great friends after coming back to KK.
*I do miss Leena & KL peeps tho*

Jacq and WC came.

Nana & Joj came.

Roy and…. *shit… what’s his name dy?* came. *Sorry abang… I AM a forgetful person*

Rachel came.

Mel and Kilua came back from KL too!
*Mel is getting married in 2 weeks time! Wheeeee~*

Oh! And so as my other friends including childhood ones and colleagues! Yey!

What made my house happening all of a sudden was of course, the arrival of my fellow CSPians.

Was very happy to see you guys! XD *kicks and hugs and punch punch punch*

My open house was as usual… karaoke… poco-poco dance and at the end of the day, even our gardener, Agus, taught us how to dance the Timur dance. LOL!

There were suppose to be my other BBQ gangs and friends but since it’s Sunday, they have other commitments.. got anak to jaga.. in Kampung and 2 of them were not well. Down~~~~ T-T That’s ok… makanan tak cukup jugak~~~ XD Lalalalalala~

Chucky arrived quiet late and he was the last guest of the night.
Appreciate that you came duck!

During the dinner, I noticed there was a pure black kitten came to my house and start manja’ing’ with most of the guest.

At first I thought, “pfft… must be someone else’s cat beraya just to get free food”.
But I was wrong.
He slept in my house *yes.. he’s a he* and still here right after I got back from work.
He’s very macho AND manja at the same time XD
So I decided to keep him.
and now… I have a prob of choosing between two names…

Chako (as in like from the word charcoal) or Kuro (which literally means black in Japan)?

Chako… Kuro…
Ermm.. Chako lah! XD
Eh.. eh.. nonono.. kuro…
no Chako…
Arghhhhh @_@”



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