Chako or Kuro?

Wow! Home Early XD
BB is busy with work so.. sigh~ T_T


Before my open house last night, I managed to get few hours of nap right after the Int’ Borneo Marathon.
A lot… I mean A LOT of ppl came to my open house and what had been lots of leftover food last year became very tidak cukup this year @_@"
Omg… sorry you guys! ><”
But thanks A LOT for coming. Really!
That shows I have more and more and more great friends after coming back to KK.
*I do miss Leena & KL peeps tho*

Jacq and WC came.

Nana & Joj came.

Roy and…. *shit… what’s his name dy?* came. *Sorry abang… I AM a forgetful person*

Rachel came.

Mel and Kilua came back from KL too!
*Mel is getting married in 2 weeks time! Wheeeee~*

Oh! And so as my other friends including childhood ones and colleagues! Yey!

What made my house happening all of a sudden was of course, the arrival of my fellow CSPians.

Was very happy to see you guys! XD *kicks and hugs and punch punch punch*

My open house was as usual… karaoke… poco-poco dance and at the end of the day, even our gardener, Agus, taught us how to dance the Timur dance. LOL!

There were suppose to be my other BBQ gangs and friends but since it’s Sunday, they have other commitments.. got anak to jaga.. in Kampung and 2 of them were not well. Down~~~~ T-T That’s ok… makanan tak cukup jugak~~~ XD Lalalalalala~

Chucky arrived quiet late and he was the last guest of the night.
Appreciate that you came duck!

During the dinner, I noticed there was a pure black kitten came to my house and start manja’ing’ with most of the guest.

At first I thought, “pfft… must be someone else’s cat beraya just to get free food”.
But I was wrong.
He slept in my house *yes.. he’s a he* and still here right after I got back from work.
He’s very macho AND manja at the same time XD
So I decided to keep him.
and now… I have a prob of choosing between two names…

Chako (as in like from the word charcoal) or Kuro (which literally means black in Japan)?

Chako… Kuro…
Ermm.. Chako lah! XD
Eh.. eh.. nonono.. kuro…
no Chako…
Arghhhhh @_@”



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