Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everybody! Done trick or treating? 31st October is also my colleague's birthday - Clifton. This is how we celebrated our spooky day. And when I say spooky, it means..... I didn't learn my lesson. Darn you Izwan! Darn you Lai! Arghhhhh!!! Tipah tertipuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Halloween in the office..

First, we started with GoLife! photoshooting for our next issue:

Secondly... let me introduce to you... the stupid ugly walking hand...

Leanne Rymes says... 'shame on you if you fool me once... shame on me if you fool me twice...' yeah... thanks.. let me show you the 4 lessons i did not learned.

Lesson unlearn 1:

Lai put this stupid hand on my shoulder. I freaked out a bit...

Lesson unlearn 2:

Izwan creeped behind me, touched my shoulder... as I turned around, I squeaked! Yes... a loud squeak till other departments outside heard it. Thanks a lot!

Lesson unlearned 3:

In the evening... Caleb took the mask from Lai. As i was excitedly turn around to call him, imagine a big ugly-faced mask were shoved 1 inch away from your nose. What happened next? ....... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeap! the department outside heard me again, including my boss. Darn you Calebbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!

Lesson unlearned 4:

As you can see... .I was soooo happy joking around till I let my guard down... (again). I should have thought that all these while, my sweater is always hanged on the chair, how the heck did it got on the sit? But sadly, I didn't. And the result... behold~

Yeah kawan-kawan~~~ Thanks for NOTHING!!!!! But I had a good laugh, and finally i could scream so loud till all the stresses gone. And my tummy hurt too from laughing. Below are the shots from Clif-Clif Onnichan's bday. He got his own surprise as well when the Fish & Co people shouted "Listen up everybody!! There's a birthday boy in the house and his name is CLIPTON!!!" Nope.. I didn't spell it wrongly. They pronounced his name similar to pronounsing LIPTON tea. Hahahahahhaha! I can't forget how surprised he was last night! Whatever it is, I hope you had a blast birthday Clif-Clif! Otanjobi Omedetooooooooo!!!!


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