Sakit malas XD

I felt lethargic from the heavy cough and flu and took mc for the day.
“sakit malas kah?” said Mars
Kinda think of it.. yeah.. 50/50 XD

You know if you take mc you need to have mc slip?
So I went to the clinic for a quick check, get my medicine, get my mc and blah.
Upon entering the room.. (why am I sound so skema?) as usual, the doctor asked me,

“what can I help you with”
“It’s just a quick one doc, I just come here to get my mc and…”
Haaa? Come to get mc only???”, looking at me suspiciously
“=_=… wait.. am not finished..” *gila bongok doctor ni*
“As I said.. I’m here to get my mc AND cough/flu medicine. I don’t need those for fever coz I ate panadol and felt a bit better”
*looking at me suspiciously again*
“Look.. I’m in a rush. It’s hard to find parking out there aight?”
*checking me with his thinga magic*
“Your cough have phlegm?”
“Yes =_=”
“What colour?”
“err.. yellow/green???” *is there a purple phlegm?*
“okay.. any fever?”
“this morning, but I ate panadol”

Bla… Bla.. Bla.. I got my medicine, my mc slip and blah.

So much for a quick check up =_=


Went to Frisbee again this week… Yey~ XD
Seriously I felt extra lembik last week from NO sport.
AND I got bruised @_@... Sedey~

Yeah… I caught it at the wrong end and let the frisbee hit my vein directly.

As you can see, AL is in town.
He’s here for Hari Raya, for Hannah Tan, for Mel’s wedding AND suddenly decided to stay longer for Harith Iskander live stand up comedy next monday XD Yey
Oh! And he joined Frisbee too!
It was his first time AND was good at it.

So tomorrow? Squash! Yahoo!


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