Body cries for 'help' ><

Went to learn Squash for the first time yesterday.
*man, my body and wrist hurt… but I love the game*
Gonna buy the racket at 1B soon ^^

*Rainer & Daniel*



*BB and I*

Dino’s new ball… I mean squash ball got smashed and split.
So we turned it into pacman XD

This is the video version with a silly sotong as the voice actor:

On my way into the court, i THINK* i saw someone I know whom I wish I never met but grateful that I did nonetheless...
*it’s complicated.period*


Was invited to Nexus for Health Spa experience.
Simply heaven

and i DON’T want to get back to reality T-T

*puffer fish*

Will blog about it soonest ><”
I’m just very occupied with assignments, deadlines and having a life.


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