H-Factor and the rest...

Oh nous…
I can feel the sarang labah-labah hangin in my blog =_=
*it meaaaaans… I haven’t been blogging lar… haiya*
A LOT has been happening, and am not sure where to start…
So lemme refresh some here…


My assignment deadline pushed to November…
*scream excitedly* Thanks Mufasa XD
(only I* know who mufasa is)


Met Hans Isaac, Harith Iskander and Douglas Lim during Harith’s Nationwide Live Comedy Tour press conference (The event is happening on the 3rd November 2008 and KK is the first location by the way)

*omg... I look like a hobbit XD*

Am so excited to go and if you are too, you can also purchase the ticket from the GoShop! team coz we’re helping out Sabah Tourism/Sri Pelancongan Sabah.


Went to Grace’s Bday party at The Loft, then to Barsu after that for the Female Icon event and* to my surprise, I bumped into the boys again XD *squinting at Hans* Kyaaaa~ XD

LOLX! I know…am OTT.

But the last time I met Hans was back during Linkin’ Park concert in KL, took picture together with him and all he had to say was “wow.. you’re wet” =_=
Ok… it’s not what you think.
My shirt was practically wet all over from sweat and water that was thrown to the crowd. Honest.

I think Douglas was tad tipsy coz everytime I looked at him, he’ll go..
”Hi Fara~~~”
… then I looked away… and I looked at him again…
“Hi.. Fara~~~~”

*pics are still with Missy XD will upload soon*


Mel and Jijoe finally got married.
Am gonna blog about this later coz it IS infact going to be a special post for her.


Went to Hannah Tan’s H-Factor yesterday and had so much fun.

It started and end quiet late but all in all it was great.

I interviewed the school kids, screaming frantically with them XD, doing a mini ‘Happy Birthday’ wish project for Hannah Tan (her Bday was on the 25/10 fyi) on a drawing pad *thanks Serena for donating, LOLX* and most importantly....

... listening to all the experiences shared by the speakers.

Hannah Tan is cute. She has a VERY sweet smile and…well…small waist.

*checking self*

=_= …. Tralalalala~

Fellest Yan
*recalling a hunky hunk dancing on stage* … (Heh… Drools~~~ XD), was one of the speakers and also Marissa’s junior back in All Saints (yesh… he’s a Sabahan y’all). His dancing was just awesome!

Reymee (Innuendo) can be mistaken as Sabahan coz he CAN speak like a true Sabahan…. AND he makes me feel old.
The Belaian Jiwa hit was about what…? 10 yrs ago…
At that time I was in form 2, singing non stop, again and again to that song.

Serena C and Pietro were great as well.
The stories they shared on set do help a bit on my current part time Djing.

As for Joey, his work was just AMAZING.
I LOVE the motion graphics. I love the ads. I used to record Ads on tv for reference.
Being in the multimedia/creative industry, client CAN be a bitch sometimes.
But seeing him finishing a 3D animation work for 2 days which I think* for me might take… hehe… like 2 weeks or so was just simply superb. *tabik lah u brother XD*

Oh-oh! Harith and Hans were there too. *screams*
Harith was definitely funny as always.

“Fara…”, Harith called
“Masuk free ker?”, referring to me being a media
“bayar Okayyyyyyy”

So guys.. you MUST go to his first LIVE stand up comedy tour on the 3rd Nov ok?

David Lai (the Magician) weren’t able to attend the workshop
*rolls on the floor and cry*
Not fair~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

But above all, I’d like to thank Hannah Tan & the H-Factor team for organizing this supercool workshop to Sabah.

Shaits… but wait.. next year I’ll no longer be 25… (target group 16-25)


Anyhow, am not sure what happened… maybe there’s a slight misunderstanding or what not but my media team/ bloggers weren’t allowed to take any pictures during the workshop. I just knew about this at the end of the workshop and figured that since my GoShop! team came in late to offer help finding more participant, the security might not have been properly briefed. I* am NOT sure. But whatever it is, thanks Leonard for allowing/giving exception for me to take videos and arranging the interview with Hannah. Much appreciated *hops!*hops!*

So guys, stay tune coz the event coverage will soon be on GoShop! TV (www.goshop.com.my) ;) For photos and other videos, click on the h-factor website here. To be a fan of Hannah.. *not just that lar.. even latest news n all* just visit Hannah’s website here!


NO ONE wins the ‘Boobs’ contest XD Sedeyyyyy~~~~

But anyway… THANK YOU for participating.
Really appreciate it…. and don’t forget, I did it not only coz my girls and I are sot, it’s also for you to be aware of the Breast Cancer Issue…
Some of you have said the pics were from 1 model posing 4 different poses…but NO~…
you think I’m lying kah! Apa macam.
Here are the original *before cropping* photos:


So the answer is:

A: Marissa
B: Rina
C: Fara
D: Serena

The closest answer to this contest came from two person and they are Sotong AND Ki-Chan.

These two shared the same answer and only got Marissa and Serena terbalik XD


- I think am gonna have a bad flu/ fever


Photos are credits to H-Factor & Julian


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