Gargh,.. squash is awesomeeeeeeeee!!!
Too bad BB sucks at racket game… or game with balls to begin with…
*Man… I’m damn busuk.. serious*

Beat Dino dinosaur 1 game *singing fergie: “FINALLY~”
this sound so sad… I know XD
Going to try Frisbee tomorrow *can’t stand BB/Dino/Rainer bugging me to go*
If I pengsan from all the crazy run I know who to claim insurance from.

said tomorrow is the 1B musical fireworks. Yey!
Don’t know what to expect but must watch!
*Be realistic: don’t go expecting it to be like the one in Putrajaya*

Gonna tag along with Mars to watch some horror movie tomorrow night *oh nous~*
You know I never really have the guts to watch horror movies but always tag along like I’m all so berani.
If you sit beside me, you’ll notice me watching with half/one eye. LOL!

I’m basically in panic mode nowadays coz my ‘Hari Wanita’ video assignment is not finish yet weh…*feeling sawan like Ki-chan*
At this situation, can I say “ngai sat?”
Can aa?

Heh =P
I learned that from Beverly today.
*Bev talk so fast. Like choo choo train.. =P*

Technically I’ve been learning Chinese language *two words mostly* nowadays…
Are you kidding? Of course I’ll start of with the curse word.
They are like so easy to learn… and fast. Hoh!

Rainer’s favourite quote of the day: “Mo joh jih dei kaw jin”

ok… am getting addicted to the sawan word. =_=”


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