Truth (Reira starring Yuna Ito)

Truth (Reira starring Yuna Ito) magnify

Lyrics & Translation - Truth (Reira starring Yuna Ito)

Let me stay with you
Kizutsuke au no ni
Naze konna ni motomete shimau no
Don’t you know my heart ?
Sunao ni narezu ni ita no
Tada hitotsu no ai ga hoshii no ni

Meguriaeta kiseki wo shinjite
Kanadete yukitai anata e no melody
Moshi mo subete wo nakushite shimatte mo
Kono omoi wa eien na no
It’s my truth

Believe in yourself
Tsumazuita toki mo
Aruitekita namida wo nugutte
Open up your heart, omoide no saki ni kitto
Ashita to iu kibou ga aru kara

Give me your loneliness
And I’ll give you my tenderness
Wasurenai de ite ano hi mita yume wa
Hanareteite mo kono mune ni itsudemo
Kanjite iru anata dake wo
It’s my truth

Tsunagaru hoshi ga sasayaki kakeru
Tomadou kokoro wo te ga shinagara
Deai to wakare hito wa sagasu no
Itsuka musubi aeru tsuyoi kizuna wa

Sekaijuu no kanashimi mo subete
Uketomete mo ii anata no tamenara
Sekaijuu kara okizari ni sarete mo
Sono hitomi wo shinjite iru
It’s my truth


Let me stay with you even if it hurts both of us
Why must I always demand so much
Don’t you know my heart could never stay put
There’s simply only one love I want

Believing in miracles we can come across
I go on playing a melody for you
Even if I end up losing everything
This feeling is forever, It’s my truth

Believe in yourself even when you stumble
Wipe your tears as you walk on
Open up your heart beyond the memories, surely
There is a hope we call tomorrow

Give me your loneliness
and I’ll give you my tenderness
Don’t forget the dream we saw that day
Even if we’re separated, in this heart
I will feel you forever, It’s my truth

Your whisper reaches the scattered stars
Illuminating my confused heart
In every encounter and farewell, what people search for is
This strong bond that will unite them someday

All the sadness throughout the world
If it’s for you, I can take it all in
Even if the whole world deserts me
I believe in those eyes, It’s my truth

TMNT 2007

Growball Cinema was jam packed like a tuna can with all the TMNT new and old fans, waiting restlessly for the cinema door to be opened (most of them were annoyed for the 10 minutes delay..... "seperti sayaaa~~")

Anyhow, TMNT or better known as the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' (bukan TM Net yer...) is produced in Hong Kong by the Imagi Animation Studio Group. The movie was rated ‘B’ by Yahoo User and ‘C’ by the critics.

So how’s the storyline...? For a start, the turtles have grown apart after they've defeated their old arch nemesis, The Shredder. To become a better leader, Leonardo, the eldest and also the leader of the turtles were sent to his training by their funny rat master, 'Splinter', . As for the hot headed, temperamental but nevertheless fearless Raphael, he’s missing the old days. With the absent of Leonardo, he continues saving the city by masquerading himself as a masked-superhero during the night without others knowledge.

While our smart computer genius, Donatello keeping himself busy by becoming the tech-service phone operator, our favourite of all, the ever so cute cowabanga dude, Michelangelo, continues to enjoy his life with his skateboard, pizza and became an event clown masked with a big turtle's head (even though he's already a turtle).

The story is nonetheless about their brotherhood with some 3000 years old enemy. Nothing too special about it. But I really have to say.. The script was funny and the CGI effect was soooooo coooooool (imagine me saying it like the little boy riding his bike in the Incredibles). Haha. So for those of you, who are hard-core fans of the mighty green turtles, go ahead. Enjoy the CGI, enjoy the character of your old but improved heroes riding their ways into the night to save the people, but don’t expect too much on the storyline. Jya!

BBQ at Adz's

Adz organised a BBQ party at his house last Sunday night (which actually supposed to be a farewell party for Jade - one of his friends) and it was quite fun. Thanks Marissa for accompanying me. I guess she had fun as well considering all of the guests there are mostly ex-All Saints (Her friends too). I get to meet Yazrin whom i havent met for few years. Mind you, when I arrived, he started to screamed "Yey! We're both thinner! We're both thinner" Malunyer akuuuuuu....

Oh.. I also met new friends. Roger Rabbit, Johnny Bravo, Adrian & his brother, Yezar, Damian and of course the girls, Jade, the lady of the night, my bestfriend's sis - Fay2 and other girls i cant remember all of their names. We BBQ, We sang, We joked, took pictures, tortured a big, greenish cricket and so much more. Unfortunately I cant stay out so late. Hopefully we can go out for a karaoke session next time yeah.

-- The Entertainers --

-- The Venue Provider --


-- The Starring (Yang Perempuan yer.....) --


-- The Sausage Man & The Marie France First Male Model --


-- The Guitarist --


-- Roger & Rum --


-- The Big, Greenish, Soon to be Tortured Cengkerik --


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