This year's Chinese New Year is a non stop visit to open house.
And indeed, Ang PowS are already in my hand.
Not only that, I've been taught with a lot of card games and the best part of all,
I get to play my childhood fav game...


Ketam-ketam is a veeeery easy game and it's entirely depends on your luck and the power of your anticipation.

All you gotta do is to predict what image will the three dices come out with, place your moolah on the picture and pray to god that the image where you placed your bet will appear after the banker rolled the dice. If your bet wins, you'll get extra from what u 'invested'. *Eg: If you invest RM1, you'll get back RM2* If it doesn't, the banker will take your money away. If what you bet on appears double or triple, your money will be doubled and tripled as well. XD

When I was little, I always bet on the Rooster. Coincidentally enough, BB also born in the year of the Rooster XD

This year, I tried to mix it up using my instinct.

And apparently the prawn face always show up. Hrrrmmm~~~~~ Apa macam? XD

The game started with almost everyone placing their bet on the Rooster. But when Razak came in, the game ended up with us waiting and quickly place the bet wherever Razak's placed his. *I gotta tell u, this guy is 85% accurate man!* @_@

Can't wait for next open house!

Better luck in Love :)

And it's from Sushi King XD
But me likey ^^

They say the Pigs have the luckiest sign when it comes to love this year.
As for the singles *I have a list of em* you'll have great opportunities to meet mr/miss right ;)
But take note though that we'll be unlucky for the first half year and be presented with better opportunities on the other half.
Do not gamble *aww man... am just about to play ketam-ketam tonight*, get enough of sleep and must give up the habit of pursuing a luxurious lifestyle.


"Nah... no more Little Italy for you", BB said.
"That is NOT included"

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Ang Pow Lai Lai! ^^

My childhood friend, Mel is back with her hubby (Jijoe) from KL yesterday; and alas, the trios are together again!!!! XD

Just when I thought that my 2009 gonna be suckier than ever, trying to gasp for more air while living my extraordinary life *yes.. me love labeling my life like that*, things had menuver a bit to the brighter side.

My wishes were fulfilled, and in a VERY short precious hours from yesterday and today, I get to spend quality time with BB, went for a family gathering in 'rumah besar' Tuaran after sooooo long since my late aunt passed away, catch up with Mel & Leena (these two completed the Trios) and had a delicious dinner with my own family.


Was reading a report over radio earlier on. From today (25th Jan 2009) till Tuesday (27th Jan 2009) there'll be strong winds and high tide. So u can expect more rain during Chinese New Year. But that's ok, come rain or shine, to the Chinese, both of them bring good fortune. True or not?

I was also reading the solar eclipse announcement & warnings that's happening tomorrow, which is also the first day of CNY (as in.. the usuals... "never ever look directly at the sun", tips on how to look at solar eclipse safely and yada2).. but one thing that really draw out sweats from my head is this particular listener who kept on smsing 18SX messages over the radio sms system.

Aper kah...? >_<" Sot oo! But it did make me laugh lar. Haha! The solar eclipse probably gonna be early in the morning *which most of us are still asleep* or who knows... it might happen much later. The time is basically varies with location. And wheather or not it's gonna be dark as how it was back in 1995 *I skipped school to watch TV that time.. buahahaha* we'll just have to wait and see ;) Photographers.. take note and shoot some photos for us!

Since today is the eve of Chinese New Year, I'm pretty sure most of our Chinese friends are having a big family dinner and get together tonight (including BB). Hope you guys will have a great one, and please take those delicious Yee Sang photo if you're having any aight?!

In conjunction with the celebration, I'd like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Chai!!! Ang Pow Lai Lai!!! LOL!!!! To all the singles and unmarried, this is your moment to celebrate and feel less dreadfull coz we.. are.. going.. for.. ANG POW HUNTING!!!!! Hohohohoho!!!!!


grumpy panda

My blog is so dull without pictures T_T
I haven't been out much nowadays.
Out as in out.. OUT?
Out to enjoy.
Out with family.
Out for a proper romantic date.
Out to live life?!

All am doing these days are nothing except day work + aerobic + nite work.

Been starting to make and save more and as much money as I can.
I had to finish up my assignments and rushing for deadlines as well.
Multi task like mad.

BB & I in fact are trying our hardest to balance it all.
Especially when it comes to money + work + tlc.

Work stress and tension = chances of breaking any relationship + Higher expectation. (not that I'm wishing for any).

I always have trauma working with my loved ones.
Be it parents, siblings or 'man'friend.
I don't like the stress and tension in between.
Especially if the main culprit is the client itself.
They can be soooooo picky and bloody cerewet man.
Spoiling your early happy breakfast for amendments...
You gotta cancel your plans to meet their demands...
and more aspects that can really turn a happy go lucky me to a grumpy panda.

But that's how it is working with people.
They want the best and so do you.
And we all are rushing for deadlines i.e. They want to get their things done and we want to get paid to live life.
Plus, working with your love one beside you is also a way to see whether or not you can really put up with each other's flaws/sucky behaviour/temper/attitude after the first lovey dovey stage of a relationship and before really living under one roof.
Then when I call it a real love :)


Chinese New Year is coming up and I can't wait to get ang pow and play ketam-ketam!!! XD
Me love playing ketam2 since I was a kid but that game is hard to find these days.
If your house got ketam2, invite me! Hohohohoho!

I think i have a sugar daddy @_@

Sometimes I wonder…
Aren’t these people tired?


Dear Valued CIMB Customer,

We are currently experiencing a serious problem with our logon server. Online Access to your account has been restricted. Please follow the below secured location to solve the problem and restore immediate access to your account.

Note: Failure to restore access to your account within the next 2hrs may result in a temporary account deactivation.

Thank you,

Account and security Department
MSG-ID #215

Here’s another one…

Dear Valued Customer,

We are currently experiencing a serious problem with our M2U logon server. Online Access to your account has been restricted. Please follow the below secured location to solve the problem and restore immediate access to your account.

Note: Failure to restore access to your account within the next 2hrs may result in a temporary account deactivation.

Thank you,

Maybank Berhad

Account and security Department



Same message lagi tu.. haha.. palui.

On the other side of the note, I received money from a source that I don’t know.

It’s not from my monthly salary…
It’s not from my Djing..
It’s not even CNY bonus…

Where the heck did the moolah came from???

“You got it from your sugar daddy… don’t lie”

Kurang asam ko Mars.


Oh nous... I forgot to eat the salmon spread =_=

I've been going to the Likas Sports Complex Aerobic class for about 3 days now...
I know am a bit jakun here but RM25 for 8 times a month is not bad at all compare to that stupid mofo Yfitness who suck up all my money just like that. *grrr*
I love the body conditioning class; I can feel my butt muscle yeah~~~
and it was my first time using the exercise band TOO XD *haha... jakun again*
2 of the instructor were Rona and Jenny who taught the Yfitness belly dance / weight class before.
According to Mars, they had been teaching the aerobic class even before they joined Yfitness.
If you noticed, a new gym is replacing Yfitness and NO! the hell I'm gonna sign up for a membership again!
Unless it's free
*thinking about money that had flown away*
Pity those who signed up for lifetime membership man....


Anyhow, as mentioned, I was selected as one of the TOP 30 for the Redbull Female Driver Search.
Mama was well... kinda ok with me going to KL for the qualifying round... she even offered her MAS enrich points for me to buy tickets.
But papa...
Wahlah.. =D
He was totally against it this morning.
Which after so long, I agreed XD
Coz the thing is, I gotta fork out my money for everything.
From air tickets, to accomodation, to transportation and pocket money XD
So oh well ^^


Had a talk with my Grandma about my work, my life and etc.
I'd say talking to her gives me a different perspective compare to talking to your friends, parents or siblings.
On top of all, she makes me feel calm and happy with what I have now, regardless.
Me love my grandmama so much.

Things haven't been so good for TokWan. (My grandpa).
After diagnosed with stroke, not only he's unable to speak / move, his skin is breaking and every part of him including nails become very sensitive.
It's hard to cut his thick fingernails nowadays while trying to be VERY CAREFUL not to pull it out from the.... *NO!!!! STOP IMAGINING*


Been going to Silverhand ofc right after my workout & dinner lately.
I finished all my design including our website mock up design.
Cross finger that it will be up by 1st Feb.
Now I remember why I want to even blog today.
*clears throat*
Aside from doing events, Silverhand also acts as a medium to provide opportunities to the local artists (mainly Malaysian).
In our website, *if you're an artist/photographer*, you can promote and mark up your artwork price from the base printing price and you can make money ;)
The coolest part is, we don't charge any commission to you/buyer.
Who knows... *cross fingers*... that there's ppl out there who'll love ur work/find it unique and want to make postcard/greeting card/tshirt out of it in bulk.
We never know huh?
In other words, BB and I are kinda like testing the market here to see how far the creative industry here can go.
And it's a win-win situation ;)
*click here* for detail info/example (1st post).

Gonna run to make milo now.
The pantry ran out of Coffee mate.

Christmas came late... in January that is...

Yesterday was definitely not my day.
My pc broke down.
I can't use it up till now and have to use the intern's pc instead.
My squash racket went missing and I don't know how or where it went to.
I've always leave it in my car after every squash session.
It's just poof! disappear.
Just like my pc, it remain a mystery until today.
A proper meal that I longed to cook for myself after sport, ended up as take out meal coz the gardener forgot to inform the maid to defrost the chicken.
I lost my mood after that XD
But all ended well regardless.
I completed my work with whatever means possible.
Didn't feel guilty of skipping squash coz I went aerobic before that.
And BB bought me chicken wing for dinner.
*me sayang BB*


Our office aircond has gotten less cold these days so our boss called technicians today to fix it.
While they were at it, the water kept spattering at us and then suddenly pieces of ice blokes started to fall and landed on Marissa's computer desk.

Rina ran to my table to save her cereal and took an umbrella and placed it beside my monitor.

"Awww... such a sweety. Protecting me from the water"

That's what I thought till she say, "Nah! to protect your monitor"


Thanks a lot Rina.

U serious? o_0"

Remember the RedBull Female Driver Search I was tricked and forced to participate?

Check this out:


Then this one:

I think I hafta call the organizer for few enquiries.

Me aint got moolah to go to KL at this short of time @_@


Other chosen candidates-

Gwendolyn Gail Yong
Linda Natalie Kong Chen Chien
Junaidah @ Yau bt Atik
Hana Suria Hattah Jaafar
Heng Shu Yoong
Elaine Liew Ching Ven
Siti Nadira Ilana Bt. Johan Arrifin

I was so happy doing my design..
putting extra effort here..
and a little bit there...
am so damn rajin and really pumped up to finish it all.
Almost done...
just have to add oooooone more picture here before I scream hura-hura... aaaannnnddd...


Blank screen with a note:

"There's a Hardware problem. Please contact your vendor"

... ... ...


... ... ...

Wtf just happened...

... ... ...

and I did not...





of them...

... ... ...

*serena scoots away*

... ... ...

*sucked in a deeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath*

In this office, black out is never really a problem coz we have a generator just to give us enough time to save our work.

The ONLY problem all of us encountered most of the time is when the pc hanged.

But this????

Wtf is this?????!!!!

So now before I have to RE-DO... get it? RE-DO my work and effort ALL OVER AGAIN, which I'm not sure when the fuck that's gonna happen, I have to sit anywhere available... waiting for the technical team to do whatever shit to repair this mofo-always-give-me-trouble-piece-of-JUNK.. or better.. just throw it out to the sea FOR ALL I CARE!


1 year of the best year =3

I just washed my hair and it smells like smoke :(
Not cigarette smoke..
BBQ smoke >=(
Went to eat at the outdoor foodcourt papa was talking about in Tg. Aru Plaza.
So not recommended.
Lembab nak mampus!

BB, Chris and Dino were talking about how film usually dubbed in other languages.
Whoever thought that a simple topic could turned them into imagining how porn would be when dubbed into our Sabahan language.
Check out BB's blog for this one.
I mean seriously... *CLICK!*
Please.... dont ever think about making a Sabah porn =_= *shivers*

BB & I are very happy to have an office for our newly started business and am very grateful to my dad *love u pa*
Our new baby is called Silverhand!
Aside from my video shooting/editing day job, and part time Sabah.vfm dj weekend job, this* is gonna be my night job XD and it's more towards PR, Events & Design.
Internet wiring and website gonna be up soon.
Ms Ferrari (my laptop) will be upgraded for this job as well ;)
Now no more sitting at a cafe, forking every penny in our pocket ordering F&B just so we can sit there doing our work for hours *yey*
I managed to grab a nicer working table buahahaha.
Sorry BB. Me loves wood colour.
Must shop for ofc deco later XD

It's exactly 12a.m!

BB and I turned 1.

Happy Anniversary BB!
*I Love You!*



When I'm happy, I snack.... a lot o_O"

One of my endless wish in fitness is to be well toned, firm and tight
*yeah I'd like that*
and increase my endurance and strength level.

Am not trying to be a guy here.. oh no no no.

It's just cool you know, to be at least, for once,
be at my best state of health & fitness level.
To be able to wear that jeans with toned lean leg...
look at least a bit taller *wohoo!*

I used to be a very big round kid at school and after all those super
crash diet, it had just make myself all lose and unhealthy.

I love how I am now, I really do :)

But I know I can do better and learn a thing or two especially in
weight & resistance exercise.

I've been trying that for years and even with all those online videos or what
not... I know I've been doing it wrongly XD... and doing alone is no fun at all.

And no.. me no money to have a personal trainer...
so this is where Bernard comes in.


Starting next week, Bernard will be my new coach!

*kicks Dino away*


Now I have three coach.

Dino for squash.
Bernard for weight training.
BB for......*thinks hard*

Well... let's just leave that blank for now.

Oh dear...

my big boss has this habit of saying "oh dear" when he's panic.

If it's a simple prob, he'll say "Oh dear~" like an English gentleman.

If it's a big problem, he'll say "Oh dear~ Oh dear~"


I can't stop munching on this Bin Bin Rice Cracker...


Help! XD

Repeat after me...


It's not a new language, fyi. :P

Am just shaking my head to clear off whatever that's in it.

My brain is still trying to cope with the new year.
My so called year end holiday was totally occupied with my other part time job,
even the very last weekend before today.
Tho I'm so used to multitasking, even a robot need some time to rest for maintenance.
That reminds me...
I haven't been to any proper facial for one whole year.

While everybody is making lots of resolutions for 2009, am skipping that totally
coz what I want now, is what I've always wanted years back.
Make more money, settle whatever shit I gotta pay, learn new skills, lose more
weight...*gotta firm myself up*, make lots of friends, enlarging my network circle
and have my own business.
My real resolution will start NEXT YEAR... hahaha... and I know it's waaaay too
advance to say it now XD
and one of them is to save RM20k FOR MYSELF!

With my ciput salary now, I don't know how I'm gonna achieve that number but
I'll make it happen baby!

But that is in 2010 la. Haha! *bengong*

I bought new SE hp charger yesterday.

It was a very desperate attempt, and I wasted RM50 just for that.
Served me right also.. tu lah always keep things everywhere till I forget where
I put my last charger.
The last charger BB bought for me 'kiok' dy coz not ori.
So u see...? Buy ori. =_=

I was offered to become a sub committee (publicity) member for the upcoming
Jazz Festival which gonna happen next June.
I'm not sure how the event gonna be this year, and that's what i'm trying to find out in tomorrow's meeting.
For 2009...
One thing I might consider to do is read more books... maybe buy at least 1 book a month and vow not to skip any CLEO magazine this time!
Yesh.. I'm a mag junky.
Oh! Oh!
And eat my asthma med EVERYDAY *woops~*

Sabah VFM Guest DJ of the year 2008

I just got back from a hectic but rather exciting 1st day job of the New Year.
It was for the RTM Sabah Vfm Guest DJ of the year competition and I was there to assist the finalists, and co-mc in a way for the competition.
Right before the competition started, there were a lot of activities and games happened, but I won’t type further on that XD

The competition started at 1.05pm and for that particular 45 minutes, Grace Goukum, Jasmine Rajah, BB (Julian Lee) and Johan Lee (and no.. they are not siblings.. terima kaseh~) had to perform what they have prepared for about 10 minutes each.

For this year competition, I am bloody satisfied with the selection of judges and they are Mr. Richard Murthy and Madam Feria Lee. These two awesome Djs used to be radio presenter and they definitely know their thing. (unlike previous year judges… blearkh~) “All to’o – to’o”

All four finalists are basically judged by their quality of presentation, voice, content and style. And unlike previous years, this year, they are the first batch to talk AND to control the Dj console at the same time just like a real radio DJs – and I’m bloody proud of them all!

Now here are the winners:

Fourth place goes to…


2nd runner up goes to…


1st Runner up goes to…


And guess who the winner is?????

DJ SOTONG a.k.a JULIAN a.k.a MY BB!!!!!!!!!!

KYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-- Fan No. 1 XD XD XD
I told him I knew he’s gonna win!!!!

Right when I received the result in my hand.. my heart went doki-doki on stage XD and I got tongue twisted during the announcement coz I talk so fast XD Hahahahahaha!!!!

Winners from Sabah VFM Guest DJ of the Year 2008 brought home cash prizes from RM200 up to Rm1000 + a trophy and a certificate.

I'd say this is a VERY GOOD competition not only to discover new talents, but also great for your portfolio to become a radio presenter, mc and sewaktu dengannya XD.

So if you want to try out or if you know you're better and have a potential to become RTM Sabah vfm guest DJ of 2009, go to RTM Station, Level 2, and get in touch with DJ Viola Masudal or DJ Selina Light.

And being the lazy bum like you are, you can also use the shortcut via ME. XD

Every guest dj try out can get RM50. So you won't lose anything ;)


and most importantly... Congrats BB!!!!!!!!!!!! *MUAKS!!!*

BB is the finalist for sabah vfm guest dj competition!

I'm in Ctr Point now for the RTM Sabah VFM guest dj competition final round.
I was here last year as one of the finalists and now I am assisting the finalists XD
(and BB is one of them too).
BB was here to support me back then, looking me up on stage, and what an irony, this year, it's the other way round XD

*please let BB win...*
*please let BB win...*
*please let BB win...*
*please let BB win...*
*please let BB win...*

the competition gonna start in any moment now (1pm). So if you can't make it, listen to Sabah Vfm over radio aight ;)

The frequency for KK is 92.7 or for others, click here.

Happy New Year guys!



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