grumpy panda

My blog is so dull without pictures T_T
I haven't been out much nowadays.
Out as in out.. OUT?
Out to enjoy.
Out with family.
Out for a proper romantic date.
Out to live life?!

All am doing these days are nothing except day work + aerobic + nite work.

Been starting to make and save more and as much money as I can.
I had to finish up my assignments and rushing for deadlines as well.
Multi task like mad.

BB & I in fact are trying our hardest to balance it all.
Especially when it comes to money + work + tlc.

Work stress and tension = chances of breaking any relationship + Higher expectation. (not that I'm wishing for any).

I always have trauma working with my loved ones.
Be it parents, siblings or 'man'friend.
I don't like the stress and tension in between.
Especially if the main culprit is the client itself.
They can be soooooo picky and bloody cerewet man.
Spoiling your early happy breakfast for amendments...
You gotta cancel your plans to meet their demands...
and more aspects that can really turn a happy go lucky me to a grumpy panda.

But that's how it is working with people.
They want the best and so do you.
And we all are rushing for deadlines i.e. They want to get their things done and we want to get paid to live life.
Plus, working with your love one beside you is also a way to see whether or not you can really put up with each other's flaws/sucky behaviour/temper/attitude after the first lovey dovey stage of a relationship and before really living under one roof.
Then when I call it a real love :)


Chinese New Year is coming up and I can't wait to get ang pow and play ketam-ketam!!! XD
Me love playing ketam2 since I was a kid but that game is hard to find these days.
If your house got ketam2, invite me! Hohohohoho!


4 Responses to "grumpy panda"

maslight said... January 23, 2009 at 12:29 PM

hard to find? my mum haf 1 at home...that katam katam thing

at lowes sana karamunsing pun ada. XD

Amy C said... January 23, 2009 at 1:57 PM

i thot ketam2 only got wen sum1 passed away??...@_@

maslight said... January 23, 2009 at 2:35 PM

amy, har? nolah

Aya said... January 23, 2009 at 2:48 PM

Mas > Waiiiiii XD Let's play katam-katam~~~

Amy> Uish.. biar benar @_@


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