Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth magnify
While waiting for the movie 'Pan's Labyrinth' to start, Nadia, Foxy & I went to the Japanese Dreamfood Restaurant - the only place left for us to spend it's food coupon before it expires.

The food and the service there is getting extremely stranger and weirder ever since I first came to the restaurant. For those of you who haven't gone there, let me give you a sneak peek review:

Waiter/Waitresses : ALL Sampalau.. except the cute sushi guy
Friendly Smile : aaaa... NONE.
Repeat Order: BISU. They can only use their finger to point back at what you've ordered in the menu and walk away before you get the chance to smack their face.
Food Delivery: Slow as HELL
Coupon Price Combination: "Had never been allowed" - I was allowed 2 times last time.
Price: I can get better at Wagamama Japanese Restaurant & they have varieties of other sushi to choose from.

So..... Overall..... S.U.C.K.S =D (so much for 'dream food')

And at 9.50pm, It's time for our OSCAR winning movie. Fyi, the spanish movie had won 3 awards during Oscar similar number to the movie - 'The Departed'. Here are the lists of award won by Pan's Labyrinth.

1) Best Make Up
2) Best Art Direction
3) Best Cinematography

Boy! I was so thrilled guys!! =D It was damn & so-so-so-so-so surprising! Pan's Labyrinth... Only one word can ever described it.


Pan's Labyrinth Disappoints

"The real and mythical storylines aren't well integrated. Events in one world rarely have vital impact on events in the other. And the halfhearted attempts to bridge the two worlds are capped by a hollow climax that essentially says: You can't always fix things in the real world, but in your fantasies you can do anything. Instead of an antidote to saccharine fairytale endings, it feels like a cop out. Guillermo del Toro seems too smart to top off such a labyrinthine movie with such a flimsy ending, but Pan's Labyrinth is like an overly rich tiramisu doused with cheap Nestle Quick." <--- tersangatlaaaa betul~~ and this article was posted in December 2006.

Don't ever trust pembolot oscar awards anymore! The feeling of sucky that I'm feeling right now is similar to the movie 'Departed' i watched last time. Yeah fine~ whatever.. we're not movie experts. We're just lay man who wants to watch a good storyline no matter how sucky your cinematography are.

PS: Warning... Pan's Labyrinth adalah sebuah cerita kanak-kanak fantasi yang amat Geuuwy & Ganas. Why? Go and watch the movie and I wish you all had fun~ =D

I do laugh a lot looking at the eyed-hand monster. He reminded me of E.T the alien. Hahahahaha! Pengajaran kali ini.. buat research sebelum tengok movie yang kononnyer 'best'.


Uhh... the new model almost out and I still havent bought SE w850i. The new SE660i kinda cool. Rose Red with detail design of rose's veins or you can also choose the other colour - Record black. But yang kurengnyer no autofocus and flash.

I've done some comparing.. w850i juga termampat dalam sanubariku. But Rizz banned me from ever using my credit card again for personal entertainment. Uwaaaaa!!! Choyest!

--------| W660i Vs. W850i |---------





Goong - Princess Hours

Goong - Princess Hours magnify

Mesti di tengoks! Available for free viewing at you tube. Kuuuu~ ku~ ku~ ku~ ku~ but better beli.. casing DVD sangat cantik and story dia sangat BEST!! Cerita royalty ala-ala modern.. orang2 dia pun comel =D Jangan tengok kat 8TV. Di tukar nyer korean languange pergi mandarin... euwww...

PS: I Love You - Casts Listing

PS: I Love You - Casts Listing magnify
Behold to those who's looking ahead for the release of 'PS: I love You' the movie, the cast listing is already out. Bear in mind that you'll witness The 300 Leonidas / The phantom of the opera actor, Gerard Butler acting together with the Million Dollar Baby Hilary Swank as Holly & Gerry Kennedy.

The rest of the cast are Holly Kennedy's betfriends played by our beloved 'Friends' actress Lisa Kudrow as Denise Hennessey and James Masters ('Spike' for the TV series Angel) as John McCarthy (Gerry Kennedy's betfriend) with his wife in the story, Sharon McCarthy, also Holly's best mate, played by Gina Gershon (Fabia in Ugly Betty)

The guy, William, which Holly will end up being together, will be played by the dad in Supernatural tv series, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

For those of you who's wondering what's the story all about, here are the plot summaries:

The novel centers around Holly Kennedy, a thirty-year-old Irish woman who recently became a widow following the death of her husband, Gerry due to a brain tumor. Holly does not know how she will go on without her soulmate by her side, and truth to be told, she doesn't want to.

But it turns out that Gerry has other plans for his wife. Months after his death, Holly receives a package of letters from him, with instructions to open one on the first day of each month from March to January. Each letter contains a specific task Holly is supposed to do to help her move on to a new life. Supporting her along the way are her friends Sharon and Denise, as well as her endearing family who drives her crazy, most of the time.

As you can see, the plot itself has given you the idea on how the story going to end. In other words, it's a predictable storyline; where a young widow discovers that her late husband has left her 10 messages intended to help ease her pain and start a new life. Even though it's gonna look like a typical 'HBO' movie, but for those who have read the book, you know better. But as for me, I'd prefer 'If you could see me now' ...... coz Hugh Kackman is in it! (Drooling~)

Anyhow.. I just can't wait to watch Superman: Doomsday. Why? Coz i can't wait to see the new ugly & so not macho Superman! Uwaaaa!!! Why must Adam Baldwin become the supermannnnn???!!!! This movie is a direct-to-video animated film, and it's adapted from the DC comics, 'The death of Superman' and is expected to be PG-13. Thank god it's a direct to video film coz it might be due to poor quality, lack of support from a TV network, controversial nature, or simple lack of general public interest (like me!).


Mukhsin magnify

Like Yasmin Ahmad have predicted, it will definitely makes you remember of your childhood love. He was 12, and I was 10. Met at the backstage before our singing performance.. He had a powerful voice, I don't. He gave me my first peck on the cheek. Sweet and euwwy at the same time. Hmm.. I wonder what he's doing right now..

Haha. Heck.. I am one lady who had fallen for lots of puppy love since kindergarden to where I am now... Sigh~ such a hopeless romantic.. =P

Ps: It is advisable to watch 'Sepet' & 'Gubra' as it is interelated with each other.


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