Merry Christmas!!!

After i got back from the 2 weeks Sydney/New Zealand super-licious fun vacation, i have no whatsoever mood to continue my work. Can't blame me, it always happen when my days are reaching the end of the year.

I'm getting addicted to the Click Start Play forum (, met lotsa new friends and i really have to say, most of them are fun, crazy and fanatico. Since I had nothing better to do, i decided to join their very first Hobby Convention in Kota Kinabalu. Yey~ Finally!!!

Mars and I cosplayed as Nana. I was Osaki Nana and Mars was Nana-hachi. Errr.. yeah... i know the personality of our anime character were totally different from whom we really are in the real world... but.. in my opinion.. it really reflects the 'inner' side of both of us. Lalalalala~ Hey~ it's true!




After the Hobby Convention, CSP (ClickStartPlay) has another gathering for the Christmas Exchange Gift Party at Hyaat. Lots of activities, fun activities, picture taking and for the exchange gift activity, I got a present from Julian, my favourite sotong-man, what a coincident! Thanks Biskut Julie!!! Now, i dont have to worry about demon attacking me.. coz i have the gensomaden saiyuki demon bullet bauahahaha! Haru-chan is wearing it now. He look so cool and ganas now, just like his mama. Will take a picture later (if rajin)

The verdict: FUN-tastico!!!








All of the photos above are solely belongs to the respective forumers, namely chucky, penman, shadow and others. Credits to all of them. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Merry Christmas everybody!!!! Visit ClickStartPlay today and become the CSP'ians'

Anata wa Kokoro no Haru

Anata wa Kokoro no Haru magnify
Recipe For Two Lovers

Take happiness and laughter
mix thoroughly with romance.
Add hugs, pecks,
and sprinkle with kisses.
Bind with pleasure
and bake with faith.
Serve with endless love.

- Jephthah Adotey -

My top 10 - 2008 Resolutions

1) Spend more time with Family & Friends

No... work doesn't come first... buuuuut....I really need to stop being a silly workaholic. It's so hard to stop!!!! But thankfully I still manage to occupy my time for important events. But nevertheless yes, i still need to spend more time with my family especially.

2) Fit in Fitness

Well not only for the body but also the mind... i also really need to discipline myself especially in treating my asthma. Tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. bad Aya.. bad......

3) Tame the bulge

: silent: .... aaa yeah... really have to say bye-bye to the extra bulge. Shaits!

4) Enjoy Life More

Travel.... really need to travel more... self pampering.... personal grooming... relaxing... shopping... dining..... party more... sing more... dance more... laugh more! Ngeeeee =D

5) Get out of debt

....................... no comment.... ok ok ok!! I will!! Why not i MAKE money more?

6) Help Others

Volunteer more in nonprofit volunteer organisations... starting with SAWO

7) Get organized

In office... at home... o.k.a.y! checked!

8) Keep my hair long, maintain and have different style & look!

This has never been fulfilled. In the end, i keep cutting it short! But i guess i'll give it a try :)

9) Finding love that is worth it

... this i can't promise but i do wish for it to come true.. :)

10) Try to print golife mag, then get myself in modeling & djing.

Have to finish the magazine's proposal A.S.A.P. As for modeling, I know that im not as sexy as the other skinny models, but i know where i stand. About dj-ing on the other hand, i was surprised that i was selected as one of the semi-finalist of sabah vfm program. Hopefully if all goes well, i'll continue to learn more and harness my skill :)


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