me love Tinker Stinkers

I finally watched Tinkerbell the Movie ^^

She's as 'ngegeh' and stubborn as ever, but I like her.

If you watch this movie, you'll definitely be amazed with the story, quality AND I especially love her transparent patterned wings :)

She also kinda like the 'technology maker & super modern inventor' in the Fairy land XD...

and if you watched Peter Pan (of course u have) you'll love the ending (it's a prelude to Peter Pan in a way) and will start to recall and match both stories of how tinker reacted before and will react after towards a certain someone ;).

But too bad the cute Peter Pan didn't show up at the end of the movie.

Kinda hope that he would. XD

If you haven't watched it, here are some of the trailers & videos for you to see :)

Gtg to for the guest Dj rehersal.

See ya tinker stinkers!

I'm officially a quarter of a century old ^^

Do you know the bad part of being born at the end of the year?
I just turned a quarter of a century old yesterday (26th Dec) and later Jan 1st 2009, ppl will start come up to me and ask 'you 26 right???'

But heck. I had super fun birthday yesterday!!! Wheeee.. XD

Earlier of the day, BB took me out for lunch.
He brought me to my fav place, Little Italy to eat my favourite dish and dessert a.k.a Spaghetti Arrabiata and Little Italy's Tiramisu. Nyuuuummmmmmmm~~~~!!!

Thanks to my parents, siblings and BB too, my birthday this year is one of the most memorable bday ever.

20 years ago, my house is filled with my childhood friends and quoting my mom, "I can only hear children voices". And yesterday, the house were filled with grownup noises and laughter, not too young.. not too old. Juuuust nice. Hahahaha!

A lot came.. (almost 50 people to be exact) and some couldn't make it due to heavy rain.
(Light flood was everywhere)
I just thank god no disaster happen this year like 4 years ago in Acheh, or I'll be labeled a new name after the existing one a.k.a 'The Tsunami child'.

My birthday cake this year is the big, juicy, oh so sinful Durian cake and Chocolate Indulgence cake XD (Oh my gawdddddddddd!!!! I ate a lot of em! Muahahahahahahha) The Durian cake is from my family and the other was from BB. *MUAAAAKKSSS*

I got a lot of birthday presents too!
From handbag, cosmetics, deco pressies and more XD

My parents gave me ang pow (oh~~ more money~~~ they just know I love money), BB gave me J.Lo's perfume (How did you guess I want a J.Lo's perfume??? XD Never told anyone tau), Mars, Dino, BB (again), Massy, Nadia, Serena and Rina on the other hand ordered a custom made necklace with my nick name on it (Aya)..

Omgosh.. I totally love it.

I heart you guys!!! XOXO!!!

My sis gave me this VERY BEAUTIFUL table lamp (She's such a pro when it comes to beutify my room) and...

notice the cute red octopus?
That's from Nadia.
2 days before my birthday, I excitedly told her that I found the Red octopus handphone holder. Little that I know she was cursing inside coz she ALREADY got it for me a lot earlier. HAHAHAHAHA.
Sorry and thank you Nadia XD

Now I have one red octopus handphone holder at home, and another for my office. XD

Talking about sotong, remember 'sotong-chan' that BB gave for Christmas?

Now, sotong-chan have 2 children!!! 1 girl, 1 boy! HAHAHAHAHA.

Everybody seems to label BB as sotong and coz of that, I am now inflated by bunch of cute sotongggsss in my kingdom!!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAH!

PS: I don't know what to name Sotong-Chan's anak. =_=" Help!

Nadia suggested the name Pao (blue sotong) and Mantou (pink sotong) XD.
... and she said that coz I love to eat. Hahahahahahha! Sawan.

Oh! The green small sotong is their cousin by the way (according to Nadia).
But I say, it's Sotong-chan's kuli/gardener. Coz it has kacukan cactus. HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Since it's green in colour, I put it next to Nadia's Tako... and Nadia call the new gardener - 'Tako Punk' XD

My Bday gotta end at 10pm coz I've got to go to RTM for DJ work (Sigh~ I know). So we had a group picture and I asked all to scream "SOTONGGGG ^0^"

For those who's in (or not, coz had to go back earlier), THANK YOU for giving me such a wonderful Birthday experience!!!



My Christmas gift...

I knew BB's gonna give me a plush (coz when we were shopping for our Christmas exchange
gift BOX together, he chose a big one)
but I never knew it's gonna be a sotong! Hahaha!

Sotong-Chan signature move is this -->

Don't believe me?

Watch this:

Hahahahahaha! XD

I know...

It can 'look' like something else too XD (Hence, it's gender)

Now, even if my real life BB sotong is not around, sotong-chan will be there for me to hug, box, punch, cuddle and kick! OHOHOHOHO!!!

Bobidom dictionary: BB is nick named sotong in real life coz he's getek/hamsap. End of story.

Thank you BB!



PS: Coincidently, the earlier morning, I also bought a cute red sotong handphone holder
for me to put in my office. XD

comeeeellll XD


I know...

We don't have Santa,
and we don't have snow...

But I LOVE Christmas!!!

A lot of presents~
Exchanging gifts~
Open houses and BBQ dinner~

And you know what else I like about it?

My birthday is just right next to it!!!
And I'll get double gifts!


Go figure XD

Before BB and I going up up and away... we'd like to wish all of you a happy holiday and...



Redbull : female driver search

Urgh... woke up and cursing non stop that I had to be on duty this morning.
I even screwed up the earlier part till one of my listener sms me "kulang titun?"
Oh man.. =_=

Anyway, so the Redbull Female Driver Search was held last Saturday at 1 Borneo.

Seeing the girls registering and trying out to race on track near the 1 Borneo Helipad parking area, I couldn't helped it but to feel the same adreline rush they felt.

Dino Dinosaur and BB had been urging and trying so many pleasing technique for me to join the search, but all else failed; till Eeza and GG (Left side in the image below) use their Redbull marketing thing-a-magic skill on me which left me hypnotized and obliged eventually.
(ok.. ><" this sound so wrong)

To cut story short, I registered and joined.

Here's the on track video that BB took of me:

If you noticed, Leona Chin was beside me.

She's a sweet girl drifter and also a professional one too.

Leona was listed one of the top female driver during the Merdeka Milleneum Endurance Race 2006 and if you were in her car... be sure to wear seat belt....TIGHT!

Here's another video that BB took when he was at the front seat:

Hahaha!!! XD Fast and Furiouuuuusssssss~~~~~~~~~

Leona also have the same habit as my sister.

She loves carrying her plush name Domokun wherever she goes.

When she's driving, Domokun will either be buckled up together with her at the driver seat, or have his own seat belt at the passenger seat. XD

Fyi, KK (Sabah) is the last stop for the Redbull female Driver Search and the result is going to be announced soon. Little birdie told me that one of the Tengku who loves racing would even lend his Porche to train the selected female drifter... Coooooool~~~~ XD

But anyhow, the experience I got from this search is priceless.
*Thanks RedBull!*

Oh! OH! You know what else I learned from this search?

During the registration...

I noticed that my driving license have expired for 7 months now XD




RedBull Female Driver Search : The prelude

Happy Sunday people!

I just finished my part time DJ work at 2am with Selina and have to wake up early for another duty tomorrow morning @_@... so here's a quick update from me :)

Today I went to 1 Borneo to support BB's event which was the RedBull Female Driver Search.

There were a lot of participants... A lot of Excitements... A lot of rempit girls who wanted to test out their rempitness on track XD

And guess what..

After sweat and tears.. *nah.. not really*... XD... after been persuaded and forced by the skillful Eeza and Gwen *Rainer, I gotta salute your lil sis for her marketing skill*, I obliged and entered the competition T_T...

Yeah... Can't believe it myself.

Even neither daddy Dino Dinosaur nor BB could persuade me to enter.


BB got me in video and I WILL update more about this soon.

For now, I'm about too kiok.

Nite peeps.


Gaya Christmas Celebration

BB and I went to Gaya Street last night for the Gaya Christmas Celebration.

I know... where's the Red Santa Clause?

Ngeeeee XD Happy Weekend guys!


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