Hobby Convention 2008 - The review

Ok… finally an update for HobbyCon 2008.

Now I hear all the noobs been asking what is HobbyCon really about.

Well my child, read carefully...

HobbyCon is an annual event held to bring together hobby enthusiast throughout Sabah. It is an event that showcase the many colorful “unknown” hobbies in Sabah, namely: tabletop games, cosplay, card games, comic / manga drawing, figurines & dance, altogether to celebrate our similarities: The love of our hobby.

It may not be as big as AnimeFest / Comic Fiesta / GACC in KL (believe me, they ARE walking steps closer to it) but it is the ONLY annual big hobby event in Sabah that offers these sort of things which gather people to express their love for hobbies.


Late last year (December 2007), the first HobbyCon was born.

Back then, it was an experimenting ground to see how’s the crowd reaction towards this sort of event in KK; and surprisingly, it was a great success.

I* went to the HobbyCon 2007 and participated in the cosplay activity.

I swear I was tad blur on what to cosplay if it weren’t for Marissa.

So I ended up being a fat Osaki Nana, a character from the anime called Nana itself.

Why I say fat?

Coz the day before, I just got back from a place where I ate raw and uber fresh salmon and seafood and junk food and fat-fat food EVERYDAY called New Zealand.

Buahahahahahhaa!!!! *kof

Anyway, here’s the pic and coverage from last year...*click*


This year, on the 6th & 7th of December, CSP strut their way again for the 2nd HobbyCon.

A LOT of improvement had been done and A LOT too, can be improved and improvised.

This year, booths are getting bigger.

There were Gundam booths, Game booths, Boardgames, Magic the Gathering card games, TDD and LOTS more!!!!

And as been done last year, the Team Day Dreamer (TDD) opened up their booth once again to support and show off their talent in comic and anime caricature drawing *till both of each hands almost fell off*, sell their self-made-in-sabah parody comic books and work hand in hand with the gempak team.

As for the KKCC (Kota Kinabalu Cosplay Club), this year, they have added more performances. From cute dance performances to BBoys and Shuffle dance, and also live singing by Hadibi and.. errr.. what’s her name again(?) *I know she cosplayed a much better Osaki Nana for this year XD*.

Some of the feedback received is of course, none other than to add more and more and more performances *maybe next year they can add up a live band or something… wow.. that’d be cool* and also, improvised on the dance performances and make it more interesting. Hopefully PIU can be done again. This year all the PIU cool dancers gone M.I.A and study somewhere. *sigh T____T

As for the cosplayer…. Haihs… no need to mention lar..

From individual cosplaying to group cosplaying...it had absolutely grown in numbers I must say.

Even BB and Dino Dinosaur cosplayed this year as Itachi (Naruto) and Ichigo (bleach).

Like I told you before, this year, I cosplayed as Vanessa from King of Fighter (1st day)....

and CROSSPLAY as Death the Kid from Soul Eater (2nd day).

I say it was a BLAST!!!

My favourite group cosplayer for this year definitely goes to....


Jeng! Jeng!!!!

from the H-Law group!!!! XD

They seriously got my adrenaline pumping.

I JUST LOVEEEE SASORI!!!! (Akatsuki member in Naruto)


Guess what???

Sasori is also a fan of Vanessa/Death the Kid too!


*bangga till keluar darah dari hidung*


Did I tell you I have fetish for people in cool mask? XD
*Not the scary one please*

I mean... cool mask just like HangMan in full army suit XD XD XD

Above all, the one I want to glomp and kissu-kissu would be this one...


OH! And I forgot to tell you...

The reason why I dressed up as Death the Kid this year is because Marissa, Serena and I planned to do a group cosplay from the anime called Soul Eater.

Hah! We also looked cool tau! XD

When asked to go on stage to strut our character... Mars, Rina, Serena and I planned to make it a bit special by performing a mini Soul Eater group skit.

On stage, we performed a fighting scene showing how Mars (dressed up as Maka) fought with Rina (the evil maid who stole somebody else’s sword) which then, Maka got help from me (dressed up as Death the Kid) and eventually we beat Rina up, ripped out her soul and feed it to Serena (dressed up as Tsubaki). LOL!!!!

We had A LOT of fun.

People were entertained, laughed and we kinda encourage the next group to perform a skit as well. *yey*

Remembering back, damn funny lar the sound when I accidentally press the toy gun’s trigger.

Panja who was down the stage laughing his ass off looking at me performing my mini character demo. *buduuuusss!!!!* XD


Anyway, KKCC did a right decision to have a cosplay competition this year ;)

At least those whom invested almost RM2k for their costume/outfit can see how far their investment can go for this event ;)

Again, guess what?


I got the third place!!!



*kof! That's the sound of my toy gun by the way XD

But fyi, my costume cost cheap-cheap only XD. Doesn't even reach RM500... Else I pokai larrr XD

Tips: Find character that wont blow off your budget or at least, you can make it yourself. ORZ to Mars for helping me again. *Jasa mu dikenang anata Marissa!*


5th Place:

4th Place:

3rd Place:

2nd Place & Winner:

As suggested, next year, the cosplay should be judged probably based on 30% voters/visitors and 70% invited judges.

THAT I think would be fairer... AND another thing would be cool is…


As I mentioned in my previous post, they also have maid café this year.

It was the first by far in KK done in an event and I’m sure it can be improved it terms of settings, decorations, services and more. *hey, this is part of an experiment as well ;)*

Maybe next year, we have a full set tea garden deco and more colourful menu. Kyaaaaaa XD Can’t wait!

Anyway here are the group photos for 2 days.

Have to agree with Hangman that HobbyCon should end its event by 6pm next year and have group pic around 5.30pm. Fyi, there are a lot more cosplayer and participants than those in this pic. The rest of them melayang somewhere or gone home ^^”

Whatever it is, on top of all, I LOVE this year’s HOBBYCON!

Love it Love it Love it!

A BIG thumbs up to the main organizers for their great job well done.. and of course A BIG high fives to all the volunteers, participants, cosplayers, CSPians for the support, passion and spirit in making HobbyCon a success once again.

Baby HobbyCon is growing bigger and bigger. I think he’ll be needing new room soon to grow ;)

If you’re a potential sponsor, DON’T HESITATE to contact them.

I can give you their contacts pronto ;)

If you have suggestions, drop them a message in Click Start Play forum or visit their official website or email hobbycon2008 [at] gmail.com.

Donations are also accepted. Have more cash to spare? Just throw them for the next HobbyCon XD

Till then, HobbyCon 2008 FTW!!!!

See you guys next year!

Woottt~ Woot~~!!!!

PS: All pictures are credit to Edgar, Massy, Chucky, BB, Flan and Oh... shit... I forgot where I got it from... =_=" gomen nasai...



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