Caleb: Bachelor no more

Haaa~~~ XD
My boss just got married.
Am so proud ^^

One thing I like about Chinese wedding is that it is straight to the point.
As soon as we arrived, the food were served. Yey! *^^*
Sigh* Too bad I wasn't able to witness his church ceremony T___T

The wedding video done by D'Capture was awesome.
It was very very touching that it got Rina teary eyes. LOL!

Oh! And you know what Caleb said when he was tipsy last night?

"Haiya~~ Tomorrow work. You girl's enjoy lah har.. watch anime"


Wouldn't it be great to hear that everyday XD

Congratulations Boss!



1 Response to "Caleb: Bachelor no more"

Amy C said... December 10, 2008 at 8:24 AM

so nice lar ur boss!!! watch anime sumore... :) congrats to ur boss!!


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