RedBull Female Driver Search : The prelude

Happy Sunday people!

I just finished my part time DJ work at 2am with Selina and have to wake up early for another duty tomorrow morning @_@... so here's a quick update from me :)

Today I went to 1 Borneo to support BB's event which was the RedBull Female Driver Search.

There were a lot of participants... A lot of Excitements... A lot of rempit girls who wanted to test out their rempitness on track XD

And guess what..

After sweat and tears.. *nah.. not really*... XD... after been persuaded and forced by the skillful Eeza and Gwen *Rainer, I gotta salute your lil sis for her marketing skill*, I obliged and entered the competition T_T...

Yeah... Can't believe it myself.

Even neither daddy Dino Dinosaur nor BB could persuade me to enter.


BB got me in video and I WILL update more about this soon.

For now, I'm about too kiok.

Nite peeps.



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