English Tea House & Restaurant (Jesselton Point), Creative Dreams International is coming to Jakarta, Indonesia!

*breathe in*
I'm currently taking a break from sorting out all the quotations and prices for my house and wedding.
I cannot wait for these to be over and be dumped with another set of budget after marriage XD *pun intended*
Went to Wisma Muis to get Surat Kebenaran Berkahwin form only to find out they are close during lunch time =,=
So to make myself happy, Marissa and I went to the new English Tea House and Restaurant at Jesselton Point ^_^

I've always hear good review about this place in Sandakan but never really get to go and try it myself.
So here I am sitting in the Restaurant listening to Jazzy music and some classical English song.
Marissa and I, at least for today, try to act royally in conjunction with the Royal Wedding =D
Too bad the tea cup doesn't look as English as it should be, else, we would've posed in front of the camera drinking with our pinky finger up :P

Dessert came first.
I ordered a Tiramisu cake (RM9.50)
The taste was alright... nothing to shout about.
I'm just glad it doesn't have plastic texture.

For lunch, I ordered a single scone with Strawberry Jam and Fresh Cream (RM5)
It was big, hot, soft and very delicious!!!

Word of advice: Always eat scone when it is hot.
1 scone is enough seriously.
I felt so full after eating it.

Marissa and I decided to share the Club Sandwich (RM12.50)
Marissa said the toasted bread was a bit hard, nonetheless, it tasted ok.
I had to pack my share as I was really full from the scone.
To ease my tummy, i had a hot Earl Grey tea (RM4.50)... hrmm~

Oh! Met Nel at the restaurant too!
She used to work with Pirates of the Borneo restaurant few years back.
Now she's one of the waitress there wearing cute English maid outfit ^_^

Took some of the menu for your reference...
Some parts are a bit blur. I took it with my phone :)

Oh my god.. the carb is making me sleepy *yawns*
Next time, I'm thinking of trying out the Lasagne.
The picture is just too tempting *heh :P*


In 3 more weeks, i'll be off to Jakarta for the launching of Creative Dreams International in Indonesia.
Unlike in Malaysia, there is no competition there and whoever joined will be the pioneer in the business :)

I'll also be shopping around with my Mom and Nadia during the 6 days trip.
Can't wait!


Anyways, tomorrow will be another long weeked *yey!*
My sis and I (together with our other half) will be going for HIV test tomorrow.
Can't wait for another PT with Michelle in the afternoon to burn off more fats.
Sensei Michelle basically grilling me with cardio and I feel like a melted butter *huhuhu*
I'll also be off for my first Wedding dress fitting on Sunday to see which fashion suits me best and which part of my body I should work out more other than my legs *chaio chaio*

Wish me luck! =D Daa~

Ho Ho Bento at Megalong Donggongon

*yawns* I absolutely love the long weekend... :)
BB and I went for furniture hunting again and we finally listed the top 2 sofa that we like.
We also finalised the floor, the home concept, the wall and etc.
It's pretty fun to do this kinda stuff yet it's mind boggling at the same time.
We've been cutting our budget again and again and decided to DIY on certain things *more sentimental value* so that we can buy more important things for the apartment :)

Anyways, BB and I got an invitation message from the peeps of Everyday Food I love (Angeline, Monica and Jack) last Saturday for a restaurant review at Ho Ho Bento Megalong.


Yes... As far as I can remember... the last time i ever been to MegaLong was for a movie with Marissa.
If you are asking for my opinion, i seriously think that the management need to do more promotion on that place.
I pity all the vendors who signed up for the lot ;(

Anyhow.. Ho Ho Bento had caught our eyes since weeks ago..
but weird...
Marissa and I never got our feet to go into the restaurant.
Is it because of the menu selections? menu design?
or maybe coz they are lack of Sushi?
I don't know...
But I'm sure am wrong for thinking their food are not up to expectation.
It's actually beyond my expectation.
It's good!

Browsing through their menu, you can see that Ho Ho Bento food selections are a fusion mix of Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes.
The prices are reasonable, affordable yet filling at the same time.

Mr. Paul, owner of the Restaurant presented us with MANY dishes, we couldn't be more grateful..

Here are some photos to get you drooling in front of your computer :P

PS: Photos were taken from my iPhone. I just remembered my camera was with my sister! =_=

That's a lot of Bento!

Beef Teriyaki Bento (RM12.90)

Ebi Furai Bento (RM14.90)

Japanese Curry Chicken Bento (RM9.90) *this is hot!*

Fried Salmon Bento (RM15.90) *the salmon a bit salty*

Tempura Fish Bento (RM12.90)

Fried Chicken (RM3.30/piece)

The Fried Chicken were so crunchy and juicy!
It's mildly spicy though... but manageable ;)

Chuka Kurage (RM4.50)

Fried Shisamo (RM9.90)

Angeline busy taking photos!

For your information, Ho Ho Bento in KK is the second branch 4 months later from the one in Sarawak.
Yes peeps, it's originated from our neighboring state! =D
Not from Japan ok~ Purely Malaysian's ;)
Oh! For my Muslim brothers and sisters, they don't serve pork here too ;)

My most favourite meal would be the Sambal Mee.
It's only RM5.90, VERY DELICIOUS and SPICY... kinda like mee mamak?
Mr. Paul said they use Sarawak sambal to add in the spicy taste...

Sarawak Sambal Mee (RM5.90)

The Fried Udon is nice too.
I love the scallop paste which really reminds me of the original Penang Char Kueh Teow.

Fried Udon (RM11.90)

Next is SashimiiiiiI~~~~

Tips on ordering Sashimi.. make sure it's not too watery else it will taste odd...

We were also served with Sushi Hoho Maki which is not for sale yet :P
The filling consist of Crab Stick, Cucumber, Chicken minced meat and ebiko.
It's very delicious i can't wait for it to be on the menu soon.

How i wish i can snack this whole piece in front of the tv... *haha greedy me~*

I didn't finish my food as i was tasting every food bit by bit...
Mr. Paul was kind enough to tapau the food for us ^_^ *tq Mr. Paul!*
He even brought us for MegaLong tour and up to the Vertigo Bistro at the 4th floor if i'm not mistaken..
You can check out more info and photos here

I also had a great talk with the Everyday Food I Love team.
Maybe there's a chance for my baby goshop or ala cyberjaya.tv to make a come back? ;)
but more light and clean like green marketing blog of course.
We'll see how it goes.
Chaio chaio!!!


Window shopping for home furniture is super fun!

I absolutely love my weekend!
It was all so random, BB and I had so much fun scouting around for our home furniture and appliances ^_^

After cutting our budget down, down and dooooownnnn from our home designer...
we finally decided to have a custom built kitchen ONLY.
The rest, we'll play around with lose furniture, thanks to Richard for giving so many creative and possible ideas! *hugs Richard*

Having a beautiful first home is a dream to every couple ESPECIALLY to the ladies.
But no matter how beautiful and exquisite i wanted the house to be, like my mom always advice: "Ukur baju di badan sendiri".
I cannot be all excited and splurge till "debts do us apart".
So it's better to enjoy the moment to choose and get items few things at a time and slowly make it into a practical dream home.
Plus, we have a wedding to plan as well.. and that's enough to keep us alert on our spending.

Anyways, we found some furniture that we like at few shops in KK, noted the price down and arrange the list according to our priority.
BB had his eye on one of the big L-shaped leather sofa.
I on the other hand am eying on the thick and soft bed for the bedroom.
Those two will be an investment for us :)

For those soon to be married or if you already are, there will be an IPEX event in Sabah Trade Centre this Thursday till Sunday.
I'm gonna scout for a vendor who can give me a nice and quality kitchen without burning a hole in my wallet.
Oh! That includes a wardrobe (not built in please).

To all married couple / parents, tips are highly welcome in this post yeah ^_^
Those who are living in a condo/apartment, tips to fully utilize the place is needed as well.

Akiko Sensei's surprise birthday party!

Remember our preparation for Akiko Sensei's birthday last week? Well the day has come and it went super successful till she cried buahahaha! Class went on as normal initially.. She didn't notice much on how BLUE we were yesterday :P At about 7.30pm, we stopped for break and as usual, Akiko Sensei has to go to the AMC counter to get our food coupon. At that time, that''s when all the rush setting up happened.

Buehehe... We lighted up many small candles and sang Happy Birthday to her in English... and .. self created Japanese 'Otanjoubi Omedeto' song. haha! All of us presented her flower and a surprise gift for her (i'll reveal later). The cute bunny cake was sponsored by Uncle Addy (?). It was bloody hell delicious! I looove the sugar icing cream which tasted so so so similar during my birthdays many years back =D We presented a giant big card for her which consists of the picture we took with or red outfit on and many bubble speech wishes written by everyone in the class =D She finally figured out WHY we all wore red outfit last week muehehehe :P Finally, it's time to give out the 'surprise' present =D This is what we got for her.... The reason why we chose to buy her a watch was to replace her existing one which she got it from her sister.. who got it from her.. ex-boyfriend.... so.. yeah HAHA. This situation happened to Tina once, luckily she's away in Canada for gmat prep. Last but not least, cam-ho time~~~ Hope you enjoyed the surprise birthday Akiko-Sensei~~~ And great job to all the head organisers *kudos* .


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