Akiko Sensei's surprise birthday party!

Remember our preparation for Akiko Sensei's birthday last week? Well the day has come and it went super successful till she cried buahahaha! Class went on as normal initially.. She didn't notice much on how BLUE we were yesterday :P At about 7.30pm, we stopped for break and as usual, Akiko Sensei has to go to the AMC counter to get our food coupon. At that time, that''s when all the rush setting up happened.

Buehehe... We lighted up many small candles and sang Happy Birthday to her in English... and .. self created Japanese 'Otanjoubi Omedeto' song. haha! All of us presented her flower and a surprise gift for her (i'll reveal later). The cute bunny cake was sponsored by Uncle Addy (?). It was bloody hell delicious! I looove the sugar icing cream which tasted so so so similar during my birthdays many years back =D We presented a giant big card for her which consists of the picture we took with or red outfit on and many bubble speech wishes written by everyone in the class =D She finally figured out WHY we all wore red outfit last week muehehehe :P Finally, it's time to give out the 'surprise' present =D This is what we got for her.... The reason why we chose to buy her a watch was to replace her existing one which she got it from her sister.. who got it from her.. ex-boyfriend.... so.. yeah HAHA. This situation happened to Tina once, luckily she's away in Canada for gmat prep. Last but not least, cam-ho time~~~ Hope you enjoyed the surprise birthday Akiko-Sensei~~~ And great job to all the head organisers *kudos* .


2 Responses to "Akiko Sensei's surprise birthday party!"

CathJ said... April 6, 2011 at 10:49 PM

wow... so nice .. :D

chegu carol said... April 8, 2011 at 11:05 PM

Blessed Akiko's heart to have so many of you to love her. :)


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