Happy Engagement Paksu!

Yes, if you know me closely enough, you should have heard of a crazy uncle of mine whom i always called Paksu :P
He is now officially engaged! =D
I dreaded that I couldn't be there for his preparation as well as during his engagement but it was rather sudden news and the date clashed with my Events and 3 days Business Bootcamp! Hrmmmmm ;~(

Nevertheless, I hope the cake i ordered for his hantaran assisted them in anyways *pfft.. tak puas hati*
Lucky for him, my mom and sister Cici were there to help regardless of their busy schedule.
All hantaran was decorated by Cici (I must say, she has the talent).. and even though it was few days away, all preparation managed to be settled and off they went to Sipitang last Saturday for the auspicious humble event :)

Awwww... couldn't believe that my paksu engaged dy... :)
It seems just like yesterday when we use to play Super Mario and strangled each others neck back when we were little :P
How time flies huh?

I would say that this would be our first experience sending someone from our family to be engaged to other people's daughter :P
Honestly, i kinda like being the girl side instead. Less pressure, and all i have to do is wait for the groom to arrive to MY house hehe... XD
*considering to have a baby girl instead muehehehe*

Oh! Being new in the family, BB also joined in to support and to represent me for not being there *grr*
I love love love seeing him in Baju Melayu.. so charming *XOXO* =3 *macam kenal ja sampin tu sayang hahaha*

Being from 2 different world, the initial discussion went rather awkward :P
But all went well towards the end :)
As they said... it takes two to tango...
as for myself, i hope to get to know his fiance (Diana) more soon.

More photos to be uploaded soon. BB said my camera battery ran out as soon as they were about to take a group photo *wth...*

So come back to this post soon... you'll see more :)


Just to share with all of you, I have completed my 3 days Advance Online Business Bootcamp with Derric Chew last Sunday.
I really thought it was gonna be boring, but i was kinda wrong :P
I had no hope for Day 1.. i almost regret for joining it..
But Day 2 and 3 changed my mind.
I learned something valuable muehehehe.
But i gotta say, u MUST at least be web/IT literate, else, you won't find this course worth it.

Throughout the training, I had fun poking fun at Derric and get to know him in person.
According to Derric, my batch was the smallest pack he ever taught for Advance class, but honestly, i like it that way.
First, we DON'T have to create a group project (THANK GOD)
and secondly, i can get his full attention to teach what I wanted to know :P

Below is our group photo.
PS: You won't find this photo in his website coz of the 'peace' sign i made intentionally buahahaha.
I gave him another copy without it =D


On other note, my Japanese classmates had a surprise plan for our sensei on her upcoming birthday next week :P
Following the class representative plan, i rushed straight from my Bootcamp course to my Friday night class with my Akai coloured *red colour* outfit for our secret photoshoot.

Basically the plan was to wear all Red.. *don't ask me why*..
As soon as i arrived to my classroom, i saw this...

Obviously it was SO OBVIOUS.
My sensei kept on asking each and everyone who came into the class, "Eih...? Akai?? Akai desu... Akai? Akai? Minna doshite? Everybody in Akai outfit ne?~"
Everybody acted blur.. but i facepalmed for awhile for the obvious reason..

I shall update you guys on the result next week ne~? :P
Till then, stay tune~~~



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