6 more days to KK Twestival 2011!

Woookay~~~ now that my super rush job is finished, i'm back to blogging again before i jump to another set of projects.
I noticed i've been ranting non stop these few days..
Wisdom tooth aching la..
Fever la..
Flu la...
Stupid computer shutting down on me when i'm just about to press Ctrl+S la... *super bangang*
...and people just can't stop calling me to do this and that without ending with the word 'A.S.A.P' =_=

But all is over now... at least there's still a few that i need to survive for another week more...

Anyways~ updates updates updates.

While bracing myself through fever, flu and toothache at the same time finishing clients video project, i managed to do a bit of last minute self study for my Japanese class mid term exam.
Thought am no where near 80% but i was wrong~ =D buahahaha. With only 2 careless mistake, I did it with flying colours weehooo~~~

BB and I will be going to our marriage counseling in next 2 weeks.
I hope it'll be interesting as what other people say, else i foresee myself watching tv series via youtube through the session =D

Finally got my Xbox Kinect up and running when i bought a new tv/monitor as well as several kinect games i've been eying on before.
I had tons of fun dancing and working out in my own little cozy room!
And now am paying for it.... as in.. my butt and leg is hurting and i can't even walk faster let alone trying to squatting on a toilet ball @_@

Damian and Lisa finally have a baby (Caden) :)
BB and I were invited to their fullmoon lunch at The Hut last week...

It was nice seeing other people already have their own kid.
Well obviously i really want my own child.. but am not sure if am ready to take up all the responsibility yet :-|
I haven't had enough of traveling here and there!
Whatever will be will be, i don't want to plan so much and end up with having none *KNOCKS ON WOOD*

Here's a business opportunity that you must get yourself into!
Creative Dreams International will be having a business preview in Kota Kinabalu from March till April 2011.
Entrance is FREE but seats are limited. So call the number in the invitation card below to RSVP your attendance.

On other notes, I had an avatar moment during the KK twestival photoshoot at Tshung Tsin school main field last weekend.
Since KK Twestival is in support of Sabah Society for the blind this year, the committee came out with an idea to photoshoot the word K.K. T.W.E.S.T.I.V.A.L in a form of Braille alphabets =D
There were 31 dots all together and we were lucky that some of the students agreed to help because there wasn't enough volunteers turning up on that day!

Oh! Just in case you are wondering, KK Twestival is in another 6 days!

We need all the help you can offer. Help us spread the digital flyer (below) around:

1. Email it to your work colleagues
2. Blog about it on your personal blog
3. Share it with your friends on Facebook
4. Tweet and retweet it on Twitter
5. Print it out and paste it somewhere everyone can see

We all look forward to seeing you and your friends there!.......

Aight~ time to pack for my language class now.


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