BB turned big 30!!!

A month ago, as i looked at my calender,
i noticed that BB and I won't be celebrating any of the special day together for this year.
First up, i was in Vietnam for 2011 V-day,
For my bday in next Dec, we won't get to celebrate together coz of the '1 month pantang' tradition prior to the day of marriage...
aaaaand that automatically means i have to skip his family Xmas celebration, including New year celebration.

When i saw that his birthday clashed with my Japanese class and his college teaching schedule, i knocked my head on the table =_=
"WHY is there so many events clashing together!"

In the end, by hook or by crook, i decided to come out with something special for him and at least try to get the most of his close circle of friends and family into it.

Now here's the story...


On the eve of his birthday, I was stuck at home with a really painful calf and couldn't move much. (just in case you need to know, i hurt my calf after an intense ea sports active 2 workout with my kinect :P)
While I was lying on my bed (with tv series on haha) i texted all my com-plotters on the plan.

Here are my sidekicks:

Surprise 1 - Richard Sokial and Joanna Lye
Surprise 2 - His dad and Casey (brother)
Surprise 3 - Kyo, Bernard, Sakuya and some CSPian who goes for training at Kinabalu Fighter

3 surprises u asked??

Well YES, coz he is turning 30 and 3 surprises are the best jaw dropping plan for him everrrr! =D

When all plans are settled, BB arrived at my home and took me out to see the doctor.
I told him we might as well celebrate early since 'i won't be able to celebrate with him' on his birthday including weekends (due to work, clash of teaching class and other important activities).
So i asked him to drive us to Huge Cafe for a preview birthday dinner :P

It was our first time dining there and boy, the burger was HUGE!
I passed by this cafe couple of times when they were about to open 1-2 months back.
When I saw Angeline and Monica blogged about it, i was convinced and knew BB will like the portion =D

The 'preview' dinner went well.
It was a simple, quiet dinner and i whispered to myself praying for him to get ready and not to have a heart attack by what i'm about to do the next day~
I bid him goodbye.. and sweetdreams~ >=D


So few hours passed by and I woke up with my evil grin, ready to get my plans rolling *muehehe*

First surprise took place at his college in Citymall.
Darn calf muscle wasn't a help... i walked as fast as i could to Giant to buy the party kit, drinks and snacks as soon as it opened at 10am and rushed up to Pine Academy to meet Joanna.
BB was in class teaching his student that time..
So to avoid being seen, Joanna and I hid ourselves in one of the college room.

Richard helped us by calling BB out for a discussion.
But BB was too dedicated teaching his student (bleh :P) and turned Richard down.
*mini plan 1 failed*
Richard tried again by asking another colleague (Frida) to call him for another reason.
He finally went out *yes!~* and Joanna and I rushed into his classroom and passed the party kit to the students.
As soon as he got back to his class, I could have sworn seeing his jaw dropped when he saw me waving happily with my noise-maker party kit and we all shouted SURPRISE~~~~

Location: Pine Academy, Citymall

Cake: Mini Oreo Cheesecake from Boutique Cupcakes (SEDAP!)

After the party, I was 'suppose' to take him out for a movie/ lunch, just the 2 of us.
Little that he knew, i already planned with his dad for a surprise lunch at home.

When we got back to his house (separate transportation), uncle arrived right on time from work with KFC! =D
So as Casey 5 minutes after *phew!*
Carry on with my request earlier, Uncle told BB in the kitchen that he brought back lunch for his birthday and asked him to stay for awhile to celebrate together with the family.
BB then walked to me and say we should just have lunch and celebrate at home before going out.
With a 'poker face' i said.. "oh... then lemme grab my shirt in the car then"
So i went down, grabbed the second cake which i just collected on my way back to his house from Citymall, and covered it with my shawl =D

When I got up, i revealed the second cake and we say SURPRISE~~~~~!!!

Haha... jaw dropped again... =D

Location: His house
Cake: Mini Strawberry Cake from Boutique Cupcakes (THIS IS SOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!)

Since I had few hours to spare, I 'konon' lepak with him and Casey at home, watching J-drama while waiting for my Japanese class at 6pm (Thank god for the MC that i got from the doctor)
At 5.30pm, i packed my stuff and with a 'sad' face, i said "Happy Birthday.. hope you enjoyed my surprise celebration...enjoy your KF session :(.. "

Sigh BB~~~ I really wish you could see how my real expression looked like...

>=D Oho~ ho~ ho~ ho~ ho~~~~ >=D

Instead of going straight to my class, I went to Boutique Cupcakes again to pick up the 3rd and last cake of the day and proceeded to AMC =D *cake is safely secured in my office fridge*
After my class finished at 9.30pm, i signaled "Ok~ go!" to Sakuya whom already brought some pizza from Citymall, to proceed to KF.
There, I met the others who already standby, waiting outside of the dojo.
Abu helped me to take this video.
But please excuse us for the blurry video.
The stupid camera couldn't adjust/focus itself from complete dark environment to a bright area *wtf*

Hehe... so that's how it all went...

SURPRISE~~~~!!!!! *jaw dropped for the last time :P*

Location: Dennis's Judo Dojo in Likas
Cake: Mini Rich chocolate banana cake from Boutique Cupcakes (SEDAP!!!!)

One thing i learned from these surprise activity is to have a helping hand in terms of camera/video =_=
I missed taking most of the priceless expressions while busy doing something else/distracted coz of 'kancheong' haha!

Oh well~ that's how this big boy turned 30.

Hope you had a wonderful 30th birthday Sayang!!!

I love you!!!




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