(1) Power to the People @ First Beach Tanjung Aru, (2) Focus A - Straight A's for kids and RM10,000 weekly for parents

Hey guys!

More exciting updates to look forward to before the upcoming weekend!

Announcement 1:

(click to view larger image)

Power to People @ First Beach Tanjung Aru, KK, Sabah!

We are redefining April 1st!
This is not a practical joke, nor a hoax.
We are downright serious about PARTYING AND CELBRATING a coal-fee future for SABAH!

It will be an epic, insane-to-miss beach party with all kinds of choas!:

- Urban Market Place with everything from organic veg to solar panels and cupcakes to art
- Dancing, Capoeira & Ultimate Frisbee
- Shallow-water surfing, Zumba Latin-inspired-dance-Fitness with Michelle Koh
- Organic, Local and wholesome food and drinks by Hinompuka Catering
- Displays by NGOs and citizen movements
- Green SURF clean energy campaign story presentation and celebration
- Launch of Project XXX, an exciting new initiative for Sabah, Borneo and the Pacific Rim

Need I say more? JUST COME!!!



Zumba at the Power to People Beach Party!

LOVE ZUMBA? well, come and join Michelle Koh (from Scott and Michelle) for a FREE beach Zumba dance in support of a coal free future for Sabah at the POWER TO THE PEOPLE event! (view above)

Contact Joeanne Lee at 0128030533 to join for free!!!


Kk Jazz Festival team @ Power to People Beach Party!

Yes you heard me... KK JAZZ FESTIVAL organising committee Is not only into music and charity... But they also care for the environment and will also be at the Power to People Beach party this Friday too!

Please drop by to KKJF booth at Tanjung aru beach this Friday (1st april 2011) as they support and celebrate a coal-free future for the people of Sabah. Aside from other activities installed by the organizer, you will also find these at KKJF booth:

- "Snap and Win" contest where YOU can stand a chance to win one of two pairs of tickets to the 5th KKJF event (worth rm100 each!)
- "Sign up and Win" contest where YOU can stand a chance to win Limited Edition KKJF Merchandise!

2) Volunteers needed at Power tonPeople Beach Party!

In support of the said event, the KKJF team need a few energetic and fun loving volunteers to help out at the KKJ Booth. Please buzz Elson at 0168307516 to register if you are interested. I know you do.. ;)

3) Spread the LOVE!

If you can't make it to the event this Friday, you can still help by spreading the news! =D We appreciate as many help we can get to support this event :) blog it, tweet it, fb it... Anything!!!


Helping Children Excel in School, Helping People Excel in Life!

On a business note, Creative Dreams International cordially invite YOU to a preview of their unique product and Global Business Opportunity.

A Malaysian idea, a Global Opportunity.

Focus A - The most complete e-Learning programme for students from Standard 1 to Form 5.

Date: 31st March 2011 (Thursday)
Time: 8pm-10pm
Venue: No 377 Lorong Likas, Likas (behind Likas Shell station, second junction to the left, first house)
Website: Focus A-Team *click*


Have fun!!!


Happy Engagement Paksu!

Yes, if you know me closely enough, you should have heard of a crazy uncle of mine whom i always called Paksu :P
He is now officially engaged! =D
I dreaded that I couldn't be there for his preparation as well as during his engagement but it was rather sudden news and the date clashed with my Events and 3 days Business Bootcamp! Hrmmmmm ;~(

Nevertheless, I hope the cake i ordered for his hantaran assisted them in anyways *pfft.. tak puas hati*
Lucky for him, my mom and sister Cici were there to help regardless of their busy schedule.
All hantaran was decorated by Cici (I must say, she has the talent).. and even though it was few days away, all preparation managed to be settled and off they went to Sipitang last Saturday for the auspicious humble event :)

Awwww... couldn't believe that my paksu engaged dy... :)
It seems just like yesterday when we use to play Super Mario and strangled each others neck back when we were little :P
How time flies huh?

I would say that this would be our first experience sending someone from our family to be engaged to other people's daughter :P
Honestly, i kinda like being the girl side instead. Less pressure, and all i have to do is wait for the groom to arrive to MY house hehe... XD
*considering to have a baby girl instead muehehehe*

Oh! Being new in the family, BB also joined in to support and to represent me for not being there *grr*
I love love love seeing him in Baju Melayu.. so charming *XOXO* =3 *macam kenal ja sampin tu sayang hahaha*

Being from 2 different world, the initial discussion went rather awkward :P
But all went well towards the end :)
As they said... it takes two to tango...
as for myself, i hope to get to know his fiance (Diana) more soon.

More photos to be uploaded soon. BB said my camera battery ran out as soon as they were about to take a group photo *wth...*

So come back to this post soon... you'll see more :)


Just to share with all of you, I have completed my 3 days Advance Online Business Bootcamp with Derric Chew last Sunday.
I really thought it was gonna be boring, but i was kinda wrong :P
I had no hope for Day 1.. i almost regret for joining it..
But Day 2 and 3 changed my mind.
I learned something valuable muehehehe.
But i gotta say, u MUST at least be web/IT literate, else, you won't find this course worth it.

Throughout the training, I had fun poking fun at Derric and get to know him in person.
According to Derric, my batch was the smallest pack he ever taught for Advance class, but honestly, i like it that way.
First, we DON'T have to create a group project (THANK GOD)
and secondly, i can get his full attention to teach what I wanted to know :P

Below is our group photo.
PS: You won't find this photo in his website coz of the 'peace' sign i made intentionally buahahaha.
I gave him another copy without it =D


On other note, my Japanese classmates had a surprise plan for our sensei on her upcoming birthday next week :P
Following the class representative plan, i rushed straight from my Bootcamp course to my Friday night class with my Akai coloured *red colour* outfit for our secret photoshoot.

Basically the plan was to wear all Red.. *don't ask me why*..
As soon as i arrived to my classroom, i saw this...

Obviously it was SO OBVIOUS.
My sensei kept on asking each and everyone who came into the class, "Eih...? Akai?? Akai desu... Akai? Akai? Minna doshite? Everybody in Akai outfit ne?~"
Everybody acted blur.. but i facepalmed for awhile for the obvious reason..

I shall update you guys on the result next week ne~? :P
Till then, stay tune~~~


We made RM22,532.50 from KK Twestival 2011!!!

Woohooo!!! And it was all in the name of charity!

Thank you all who participated and supported this event, and congratulations to the organising team, especially to Mei Wong for leading the team along with her sidekicks Jackie Miao, HinChing, Lily, Starr (to name a few) and other volunteers!

We made a history last Thursday for being the top earner in whole Malaysia and subsequently contributed Malaysia to become No. 10 in the list from all 25 countries around the world who participated in this event! Not only that, we also won the best blog (USD250) and best Twestival Photo (USD1000)which all proceeds goes to Sabah Society for the Blind as well!

*Excitement overload*

Ok... Now just in case you missed out on the event *tsk tsk tsk*, here I share with you some photos for your viewing. If you want to see more, you can always view it in our blog at http://kotakinabalu.twestival.com yeah?


As I mentioned couple of times before, the event was held on the 24th March 2011 (Thursday) at Origin Cafe and Green Olives, Karamunsing Capital. I arrived about 6pm straight from work and found that many people had already lined up to purchase their entry and food coupon at the registration counter. Even though I was part of the organising committee, we all had agreed that we should be contributing for charity as well.

Each entry to the event comes with a coupon to redeem a dinner box as well as 1 refreshing watermelon juice from Origin Cafe. I must say that the food was delicious! I am now craving for their Chicken wing, Popiah and Meetball!!!

Food coupons using 'Twestival Currency' were also sold at the registration counter. The design was done by HinChing, and each coupon is worth RM5. I bought RM20 worth of coupon to get my self a face painting, a cupcake and 2 drinks. I absolutely love the Lime Yogurt drink and Ice Milk Tea at the event! *slurp!*

As mentioned at the blog intro, KK Twestival won the BEST PHOTO for Twestival 2011. We won USD1000 and all proceeds, including the framed photo (below) were given to the Sabah Society for the Blind. Though they might not able to see, but at least they know that our effort were sincere :)

Oh! Did I mention about the beautiful lanterns decorated at the event? It reminded me of my engagement night =3 So niceeeee!!! Anyways, photos from 'KK Twestival, Love from around the world' were displayed at the Twestival World Board for everyone to see!

Hrmm... I should have taken one with baby cupido and cupipi too right? ><"

Melissa Leong was the MC for this year. She did a great job last year, so who else better to ask than her no? I must say, she was fantastic as always ;)

We received lots of sponsorship this year in terms of food, merchandise and product vouchers. Some of them were none other than the venue provider themselves (Starr from Origin Cafe and Mary from Green Olives cafe), Boutique Cupcakes and La Fetta.

Other sponsors include my friend Jacq from CaneelieaBags. This girl i tell you, semua pun dia boleh buat... =D

Other than selling food and drinks, KK Twestival also incorporated few new activities and some of them were Face Painting by Artpreciate/Cracko Art, Dart Toss where you can compete with the blind from Sabah Society for the blind, Cupcake design competition, Slurp it Up Noodle Eating Competition, Fastest drink competition, Twestival Food Tasting to taste your senses while blind folded and so many more!!!

It was so funny looking at some of the contestants, not forgetting some rather awkward moment happened on the stage during the drink competition :P

One addition to KK Twestival this year was the Twestival Mural/Graffiti by the Cracko Art Group. They did a super fantastic job and the event became more colorful than it already is!

Live blogging and Tweeting was one of the activities done last Thursday. Elena Butler is from San Francisco and we were all happy to have her volunteering for the event.

Jackie Miao the superman... i mean Super lady, worked really hard for this event. While having a superb time mingling, you can also see her running around carrying mac book pro with big headphone over her head talking and doing live video/web coverage to other parts of the world who is celebrating Twestival at the same time!

Do you know that she was the Head Organiser for the twestival 2010 last year too? ;) Along with Mei, they worked side by side to make sure that everything goes perfect for KK Twestival this year.

Buahahaha. Can you see who was in the video? :P

For the performance this year, we had new bands/new talents volunteering and they were the Jade Sisters, Joanna Quintin a.k.a Chobits and not to forget, Blind Fingers from the Sabah Society for the Blind!

I never been to a live auction before and was told that last year's auction was the best part of the Twestival event. So when I was approached by Honey Bee Mei to assist the team, I got excited and couldn't wait to see and be involved in it! PS: The only live auction i've seen was from the movies XD

For this year, we have a list of bachelors and bachelorette volunteering for a good caused. Some of them were CORE fitness instructors, body builders, singer, beauty pageant (Chloe) which also represented Twestival as our 'ambassador', hotel owner a.k.a DINO (He got the highest bidder owkaaaayyy~~~ RM340!!!) and one of the highlight for the night was bachelorette Hitz fm DJ Cassie and Rica! =D Thank you for lending us a helping hand ladies!

Hehe... don't worry... we didn't plot anything more than a simple dinner date. Plus, the people auctioned were all single and every dinner were fully sponsored for them to get to know the bidder :) Just in case the bidder is evil, they might asked them to wash their car/clean their house.. but that's unlikely to happen.

One of the bachelors, Eiji, painted his man boobs with the word G-6. I signaled Jackie to make him move his 'G-6' but she thought it wouldn't be wise... but who knows... Eiji moved it without being asked!!! LOL!!!

Mel - "Oh my god! Did you just move your G-6?"
Eiji - "Yeah~ haha"
Mel - "Ok.. let me try... Give me a G!"
Eiji - *moving his right man boob*
Mel - "Give me a 6!!"
Eiji - *moving his left man boob*
Mel - "Give me a G-6!"
Eiji - *move both repeatedly*
Mel - "G.. 6.. G.. 6.. G.. 6... Oh my i have to compose myself!" *fans herself*

LOL!! The moment was so funny and Mel made it funnier XD

You can see the 2 bachelors in these two video i edited :P

Aside from live human auction, we also auctioned some sponsored items such as signed Hitz.fm tshirt, branded shades from KAYU DESIGN, custom made bag from CaneelieaBags, arts and paintings from talented artists, CORE fitness gym membership and many more :)

I bid for the gym membership with a thought of presenting it to BB for his birthday (the day before twestival) but unfortunately lost to Yolanda lol! BUT there's a blessing in disguise... coz last Saturday, Arnab Sakuya won best dress for Breeze 3rd Anniversary and received a 1 year CORE membership! You guessed it... she gave it to ME! Buahahahaha!!! THANK YOU AGAIN ARNAB!!! MUAKS!

Other than giving, guests were given something in return too :) Lucky draw sessions were held in between the live auction. Prizes such as movie tickets, fish spa, zumba classes, a stay in sponsored hotels, trip to Green Connection (I wont this one!), beauty products such as from The Body Shop and product hampers to name a few..

The event ended at about 11pm+ and of course, group photo is a must! =D

So there you go... a simple coverage of KK Twestival by yours truly.. :) Make sure you don't miss out on next year Twestival okay! >:)

Thank you all again for participating, donating, sponsoring and helped us to achieve more than what we expected. On behalf of the organisers, I apologise for any hiccups experienced during the event (if any) and do look forward to a bigger, better and more awesome KK Twestival in years ahead =D



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