Papparich is now in KK!

After few months of waiting, Papparich is finally opened in Citymall, KK :)

BB & I went for some light snacks during the first few days of their opening (Opening day - 26th May 2010); and we were pretty impress with what they have to offer :)

If you never been to Papparich before.. imagine Old Town White Coffee or Olde Station... but 3 x BETTER. And they are different than other kopitiam available here.

If you look into their menu, there were a variety choices of food/drinks/desserts for you to feed your heart out ;) and most of the main course looks tempting and healthy.

But unfortunately both of us were quiet full, so we had drinks a dessert instead :)

BB & I had Pappa Cham & Kopi Cham Milo.
My Kopi Cham Milo tasted good, kao-kao & sweet just the way my taste bud loves it.
But to some, it might be a bit too overwhelmingly rich XD
Both cost RM4.80 each.

As for snack/dessert, I ordered the Egg Pudding with Gula Melaka.

It tasted OMG DARN SWEET I ALMOST DIE kinda taste.
So i called their staff who happened to be Papparich manager from KL.
He apologised and exchange my quarterly eaten dessert with a brand new and very tasty replacement instead :)

They also have pau, porridge, abc, creative drinks e.g. Milo Dinosaur, Toasts, Western Food and MANY MORE!
For full menu, click here

Half way throughout our dinner, the power cable tripped.
BB saw one of the managers panicked while scratching their head lol *imagine all the high expectations on the first day of operation*
But it was all good 5 mins later :)

All in all, I'm very happy to have Papparich in KK.

So let us say a biiiig hellooooo to Papparich and goodbye to sucky Old Town White Coffee *I no longer in need of your bad service except your White Milk Tea*

Japan trip part 7 - Tokyo (Day 8)

After only 3 hours of sleep,
Joeanne and I woke up at 4.30am(!!!) to catch the earliest train to go to the famous Tsukiji Market.
*It was Joeanne's whole idea to go there*

Tsukiji Market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world and according to Joeanne's Tokyo guide book, it is a place you must not missed.

If we were there earlier, we would get the chance to register and witness the giant tuna fish auction inside the auction area.
But since the train station only open at 5am, it was a bit late for us to register.. so we watched from the outside XD

What so special about this auction is that, some fish can be auctioned up till 1 million yen!
But only Joeanne interested in that =P
I'm only interested in the food.

But don't be fooled though...
Unless you're buying the raw stuff at the market itself, restaurants here are not cheap.
Though it is a 'market'.. it doesn't mean the restaurant sells cheap food too.
Their price is still expensive and can cost even more than the restaurants in Tokyo city! =_=

My verdict is... 2.5/5.
Fish Market is just not my thing :P
But it was an experience :)

At last, the time finally came to greet tokyo goodbye :(

We left for airport at 9am to catch the afternoon flight via the taxi van.

I really hope to be visiting Tokyo and other parts of Japan again one day.
But for the time being, I'm happy to be home and be by my BB's side again ^_^

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That concludes my trip to Japan!

Cheers everyone!!!!

PS: If should ever you needed help/got lost in Japan, just ask any Japanese citizen around. They are VERY helpful. Believe me.... I had never met citizens that are SO helpful in my entire life.

Japan trip part 6 -- Tokyo (Day 7)

We woke up pretty late on our last day in Tokyo, and Disneyland/Sea is to be blamed for it XD
Next stop,...
Akihabara and Harajuku :)

With my ala crippled leg, I walked with my train map in hand and full of semangat, leading others to our destinations.

In Akihabara, first thing that you'll see are rows of electronic shops and high tech items, computer, anime and otaku goods.
If I were to hang out here with BB and my girls, this place will be an awesome one to explore and need at least half a day to cover at least half of it XD

But since we were in a rush, we didn't get to explore much. Instead, we proceeded to find a nice maid cafe for a try.

There were a lot of maid cafes here and most of them are pretty desperate to get a business.
You'll see lots of them along the row, handing out flyers side by side.

While trying to find a cafe I saw in the internet, we stumbled upon a cute japanese girl wearing all pink.

The girl was cute, so does the flyer and the cafe displayed in the picture.
Hence, we decided to go to her cafe instead and 'instructed' her to walk us there muehehe XD

The cafe was small & cute with lots of pink deco.
The downside is... most of them don't really speak english and the place smell of cigarette! =_="

We were attended by a maid with cat ears wearing a white doctor's coat.
She was explaining someting in Japanese.. which my sis translated as "Your happiness is our happiness.. and bla222" and she also asked us to make a heart shape using our fingers and say the word "PINKY~~~~!!!"
So we did XD
Say "PINKYYYYYYY~~~~~~" LOL!!!!!
*what do you expect? You're in a weird & exciting town.. so just do it*

We also saw some single nerd looking man hanging out and oogling at the maids.
Joeanne felt all disturb of what might gone through in the otaku's mind while looking at them haha!

Food wise, it was alright.
They did put efforts on decorating it to look cute and different.
Price? As expected from my research, it was tad expensive.

Pictures of the maid are prohibited too :) Unless you pay 500 yen (Around RM15) to get their pictures taken using THEIR polaroid camera.
Solution? You gotta have skills to capture them without being busted.. Heh :P

If you're willing to spend (and please make sure they're cute and worth the money), you can also ask them to do certain pose :)
But of course, it's up to the maids whether they want it or not.

Initially, before meeting the cute pinky girl, I was actually looking for MaiDreaming cafe.
But after asking few people around, we still couldn't get the proper directions + couldn't really understand what they were saying.

Then, to our surprise, the MaiDreaming cafe is just above the building BEFORE we crossed the road to the pinky cafe building!!!!! *PFFFFTTT!!!!*

Oh well... maybe next time.

Nadia bought Takoyaki at one of the takoyaki stalls there too.

The taste was alright...
But I still prefer the one in Wisma Merdeka :P

Mom, Cici and Joeanne got hungry, so they tapau-ed the Halal Kebab sold at the trailer parked by the roadside.

Oh! There was also stalls selling giant takoyaki!

After our late lunch, we proceeded to Harajuku :)

Before joining the crowd, Cici dropped by a sport shop to buy Nakamura's jersey for Ezwan.

Harajuku was great and I'm loving it!!!
You can buy lots of stuff here ranging from shirts, to cosplay stuff, Gothic Lolita Punk (GLP) fashion, accesories, Cosmetics, food and lots more!

There were lots of people dressing up too :) and they didn't mind at all to take a picture or two with you.

One of my main objectives here was to get my hands on the famous japanese soft crepe!!!!
And I got it MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

There were four stalls here namely Angels Heart Crepe, Marion Crepe, Crepe Sweet Box and Cafe Crepe Blueberry house.

From all the review I read online, I chose Angels heart crepe and bought the strawberry cheesecake flavour XD *YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Joeanne got the Mixed Berries Mile-feuile Crepe which tasted deliciously fattening as well! LOL!

Sigh~~~~ With them eaten, I can now R.I.P .
Well not yet...
Coz I want to come back and eat it again XD

Our plan to go to Shinzuku was canceled coz mom and sis was tired. *plus, my leg was killing me*
After reaching back to our hotel and dropped our shopping stuff, Joeanne and I decided to wonder around Ikebukuro including the red light district area XD

We saw lots of man wearing smart coat looking for 'customer'.
But we just ignored them and proceed for supper at one of the sushi restaurants there.

After we had enuff of taking pictures, we walked back to Chang Tee at 1am *still with my half crippled right leg*

Feeling so sticky and yucky, Joeanne and I rushed off for a one nice long bath.
Then, while she was chatting online with her husband, I decided to pamper myself with double hydration mask.
*I was VERY dehydrated and my skin condition worsen =_= ever since I got here*

The double mask were so relaxing, I forgot to take off my second mask till the next morning XD

Click here for Facebook photos

Tsukuji and last post next!




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