Papparich is now in KK!

After few months of waiting, Papparich is finally opened in Citymall, KK :)

BB & I went for some light snacks during the first few days of their opening (Opening day - 26th May 2010); and we were pretty impress with what they have to offer :)

If you never been to Papparich before.. imagine Old Town White Coffee or Olde Station... but 3 x BETTER. And they are different than other kopitiam available here.

If you look into their menu, there were a variety choices of food/drinks/desserts for you to feed your heart out ;) and most of the main course looks tempting and healthy.

But unfortunately both of us were quiet full, so we had drinks a dessert instead :)

BB & I had Pappa Cham & Kopi Cham Milo.
My Kopi Cham Milo tasted good, kao-kao & sweet just the way my taste bud loves it.
But to some, it might be a bit too overwhelmingly rich XD
Both cost RM4.80 each.

As for snack/dessert, I ordered the Egg Pudding with Gula Melaka.

It tasted OMG DARN SWEET I ALMOST DIE kinda taste.
So i called their staff who happened to be Papparich manager from KL.
He apologised and exchange my quarterly eaten dessert with a brand new and very tasty replacement instead :)

They also have pau, porridge, abc, creative drinks e.g. Milo Dinosaur, Toasts, Western Food and MANY MORE!
For full menu, click here

Half way throughout our dinner, the power cable tripped.
BB saw one of the managers panicked while scratching their head lol *imagine all the high expectations on the first day of operation*
But it was all good 5 mins later :)

All in all, I'm very happy to have Papparich in KK.

So let us say a biiiig hellooooo to Papparich and goodbye to sucky Old Town White Coffee *I no longer in need of your bad service except your White Milk Tea*


1 Response to "Papparich is now in KK!"

Cath J said... May 30, 2010 at 11:41 PM

Interesting... food looks nice..


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