Sayonara KK, Japan here I come~

Lots been happening these past few days.
So here's a recap of what had happened before I fly off for another vacation tomorrow XD


Mei the Honeybee held her birthday party in advance on the 30th April.

Since Mei's nick name is HoneyBee, her partner, Angeline, made a bee hive cake specially for her birthday.

The theme for the party was rock & roll / funky, and one of the rules were everyone had to wear colourful leggings or denim for other options.
But it turned out only 10% did so XD
Black was still the powerful colour hehehe.

Aside from Jazz band performance, there was a best dress award for the party as well, and this is the winner for the ladies category.

J.Na our awesome miss paha on the other hand was the runner up...

For the guy category, my very own chinese Jason Mraz (BB) won the 2nd place hehehe.

Fyi, this party was for a charity cause and Mei managed to gain RM5500 from all the donations.
Conclusion is... all kids in Tambunan orphanage feel SO HAPPY with their new haircut and lots of gifts from their new Mama Mei on Mother's day celebration today!

Well done Mei!


I went to Sabah Festival again.
Missed it last year and was quiet impress with this year's improvement.

This year, instead of showing the same old different type of Sabah's traditional dances only, Sabah Tourism tied it up with a legend called 'The Legend of Salamiah'.
So while you learn about her story, you also get to see the dances.

They also used many projectors to project the background of each scene from the legend.
With that, the story felt real.

Hope they'll keep up the good work ;)


Cici held an early birthday surprise party for Ezwan at Djunction karaoke on the 8th May.

As you can see... the theme was Manchester United!!!!!

Boy... was he happy or what to receive all Man. Utd. related presents, birthday cake and seeing printed Man. Utd. logo sticking on the 4 walls XD

As usual, sumbang or tak sumbang... all we did was sing our heart out...

Anyways, the delicious Man. Utd. buttercream/icing sugar cake was from Bits & Bites Wisma Merdeka.

You guys should try and order cake from there too!
When it comes to buttercream sugar icing, Bits & Bites never fails ;)

Happy Birthday in advance Ezwan!


Mother's day today went well too.
This time, we made it Ala kampung style with Mei Honeybee / Angeline Han's new Boutique Cupcakes for our lunch at home.

I gotta say, the cupcake's icing improved a lot and the presentation is beautifully done.
Just as what I've requested.
If you'd like to order cupcakes from them, click here for samples/contact details.
*Really hope they'll open up a boutique Cupcakes outlet soon*

Oh! Ezwan and BB came to celebrate with us as well :)

For present, I bought a new Bonia purse for mama, whereas Cici bought a new Alfio Raldo hand bag and last but not least, a new white top from Nadia :)

Hope you like the gift Mama!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

You're the best mom in the world!


Ok am off to bed now.
Gonna throw all other last minute junks into my luggagee bag tomorrow XD


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