Greetings from Japan hua hua hua XD
It's so hard to get internet here.
Mom's laptop got come connection problem which I myself was very much confuse on how to settle it.
So here I am tumpang'ing' my roomy's (Joanne) lappy.

Am currently on my 2nd night in Fukui.
Been learning a lot of stuff and enjoyed my time here really2 well.
Best of all, I LOVE the sushi we had just now XD
Salmon... mm..mm..mmmmmph!

Will be having a farewell party tomorrow with all other Malaysian student before we head back to Tokyo on Friday afternoon. Yey!
Till then, chiao!!!



1 Response to "Konnichiwa!!!"

sweet-girlicious said... May 13, 2010 at 10:37 PM

waaaaaaa japan...i am so envy uu!!ekkeke


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