Young World

I managed to pull off a little surprise farewell dinner for Leena at Upperstar Damai. I’m happy that she’s happy.. and girl… we’re sure going to miss you. We really hope that you can be home during your holiday break in November. Belajar elok2 so that can balik!

Oh by the way, it was my first visit to the new Upperstar in Damai… and I have to say that the ambiance in Upperstar Damai branch is much better than the one in KK. Well at least for me la ^^. For those of you who likes to watch football while eating and planning to hit up Shens after a late night dinner, then Upperstar KK is just right for you. But if you're planning to bring your family and just have a nice chit chat with a cosy and homey ambience, then Upperstar Damai is the place to be. The Grill chicken was delicious. And the price is reasonable as well! ;)

Anyways, the radio interview for the Young World program went spontaneously great. DJ Azizah kept me relaxed and I was practically enjoyed the interview session. Ironically I noticed I mentioned a lot about my siblings and my mom... and goshop! (goodness) I noticed I can talk more when it comes to family matters. Hohohohoho. But whatever it is, it was a great experience... especially when there's a special someone that kept you company, and announced a rather surprising note at the end of the interview session. *kof *kof.. quoting mars: "in the state radio!!!" *kof *kof. Takper Mars... you saja yang dengar... so only you know! LOL!!!! Mochachino, you make me really happy! I'm so glad and thank god that we’ve found each other ^^

PS: I know I promised to post up few pictures in my previous entry. Well, I'm still trying to get the pictures. Will do the same for this entry yeah? Tunggggguuuuuuu~~~

Sun shiny day~

I woke up rather too early this morning and it wasn't 6.15am yet on my alarm clock. ironically, my heart was beating rather faster than the usual, plus, there were few other reasons that contributed to my early morning sun shiny days.

#1 - My tummy was screaming gugugaga and "feed me!"
with a capital F!
#2 - The sound of the beautiful azan. It just soothed the ear every time I hear it in the morning.
#3 - The sound of my mom non-stop coughing outside

Aiseh~ I couldn't take it anymore. Mama is juuuuust tooooo stubborn when it comes to eating medicine. *this is the obvious similarity that one of my sis have with mama* So while waiting for her to finish the Subuh prayer, I went to get the cough syrup *ikut tradisi cap ibu dan anak~~~* that Julian bought for me and stand right beside her. No mercy this time.

Mama: *turned around-shocked*
Aya: Makan ubat
Mama: Ok.. ok.. letak sana.. nanti mama makan
Aya: Nono.. makan sekarang
Mama: Nononono.. mana boleh makan kalau tak isi perut lagi..
Aya: No such thing for cough syrup.. makan~
Mama: OKlaaa~~!! Letak sana.. nanti mama makan..
Aya: *Won't move an inch* Now~
Mama: Eeeeeee..... sejuk bah!!!
Aya: Makaaaaaaaaan~~~~~
Mama: Eeee... nanti mama ngantuk~
Aya: Tiada~~ I tried it before... tak ngantuk~~~ Makan~~~~
Mama: *got bugged and tried to shoo me away* Haiyerrr!!! Yalah yalah!

*Taking a sip*

Mama: Ok dah!! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!
Aya: One more... you have to take 3 spoon.
Mama: Mana ada dia ckp sini kena 3 suduuuuu!!!
Aya: Adaaaaa~~~~~~~
Mama: Eeeeeeeeee!!!

*Taking another sip*

Mama: Garghhh!! Sudah!!! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!
Aya: Good! ^^

Tralalala... even with only 2 sips at least she took the medicine. Mission accomplished! Yosh!

Leena, one of my childhood friend is going to OZ soon to further her studies. I'll be having a dinner with her tonight and was hoping that Farinah and Adzri would be free (I'm sure she'd be happy to get a little surprise with more ppl around). Else, it will be just Leena and me gossiping kao-kao away before she's stuck in OZ for 3 years~ Lol! Goodluck girl *aihs.. baguslah.. mel and leena semua tinggalkan aku di kk ni.... sodeh den*

Oh! Good news, I've got the part time job to become a DJ at a shopping mall. My working schedule would be starting 15th Feb, 6PM - 9PM 'ish' (night shifts). I have to remind myself few times to just relax and have fun in doing it. All I have to do is get the promos from the info counter, play songs, talk crap and give words of advice/ reminded to the shoppers... u know.. usual stuff... beware of pick pockets... watch your kids.... ChiapChiapChiapChiapChiap~ do some promo announcement and blah. Do that for 4 nights in 1 month and I'll get RM350 to shop or to settle whatever leftovers I have in the 'credit' account. Buahahahahaha!

Aaaaanyhow, after the dinner tonight.. I'll be interviewed by DJ Christine of Sabah for the Youth World program in RTM. Just in case you're wondering why, I won the 2nd place for the Guest Dj competition during the Finals on New Year. So now it's my turn to be interviewed on konon2nya for the success la. The show will be on at 11:15pm - 12a.m tonight - channel 92.7 (Tuesday - 29th Jan 2008) -*Xanga date is screwed up* <-- alasan... I haven't explore Xanga to know where to set the time.. Dududududu. So wish me luck so that I wont talk cock during the program! ^^

While I was blogging... I heard Nadia made a merengek sound "ooooouhuhuhuhu.. ChiapChiap!"

Aya: ............................ (ketawa dalam hati... Buahahahahahaha.. I should've recorded it)

Okla.. Okla... better get my shower now. Later lambat sampai office again. Dudududududu! Orang sampai 8am.. aku sampai nak dekat 9am.... Dududududu!! Okaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! I'm really going off now! Dududududu! Tataaaaa!

Viva Fashion!

After some signing ceremony event at Warisan Square office, Marissa and I went for a short shopping. Where? Ngeeeee =3 We went to VIVA. No… not to buy a car. But Viva fashion located at the corner in front of Esprit. The fashion was not bad and the price is surprisingly affordable considering the design. Marissa bought a pair of Jeans which looks really good on her. *Hey Marissa! Where it for Mr. Valentine ne? ^^ *

Warisan Square CNY Flee Market

Sunday is always the best day to wake up late, but sadly I still got up before 8.30a.m. (Mama: Bagus la bah bangun awal!) ><” Dudududududu~ I guess my brain has its own auto alarm clock due to the normal wake up hour during weekdays. Anyhow, I was very-very-very happy today that we managed to dragged papa along to have a late lunch with us. He brought us to eat seafood in Gayang. Ngeeeeee =3 Thank you papa!

Upon reaching home (*After a long nap in the car), Cici decided to have a stroll in town; just the 3 of us. We went to Warisan Square to buy Big Apple Donut for Mama but unfortunately we were too late as all the donuts have been packed. (*Pinky: It's too late to apologise~~~~~~~It's too lateeeee~~ *kof! *kof!) Aihs~~ Kureng ooo! Kesian mama….. Paspun maaa~~~ Nevertheless, we didn't lose much, really. We visited the Flee market and also got a glimpse on the Chinese New Year Special performance. It was a part of the same performance which was held in Sports Complex yesterday.

The flee market and the Chinese New Year deco in Warisan Square was really beautiful. Aside from souvenirs, fashion and valentine's item... They also have this special Chinese calligraphy service there and also portrait drawings for the visitors.

So guys... if you want to Pak Toh and get the ala-ala Japanese 'Sakura Festival' feel, go and visit Warisan Square next Friday-Sunday. According to one of the stall keepers, next week is going to be the last week for the CNY Flee Market. Oh! While we were window shopping, I saw something which really attracted me. To buy... or not to buy.... *counting* *counting* *counting*

It's a wet-wet day!

I had a very pleasant dinner at Rum’s place last night. It was a small gathering organized by Rum just to gather a small group of friends for a simple dinner and movie. While waiting for Mummy Rummy to finish cooking his home-made lamb chop, my siblings and I, Mars, Julian and KC were busy outside, exchanging ghost stories and spooky experiences while helping Rummy to finish the cooked French Malaysian Fries. Lol.

*Cici & I - TV-Picnic*

*My baby sis - Nadia*

*Julie'anne' - Hubby of Mama Jaguar*

*The satisfied KC - Julie's bro-*

Aisehh man... why is Rum and Mars not in the pictures?!!!! Haaaa! Saya tahu! Coz rummy was bz snapping photos to make fun of me in the CSP forum for the GL thread while Mars on the other hand will punch anybody who wants to take her picture. HuaHuaHua... Marsiiiiiieeeee... You cannot hide~~~~ (Unicorn sound). Hohohohohoho!

Gagagagagaga! Ok-ok.. back to the story... We had a tv-picnic in the living room upstairs whilst watching a damn funny Singaporean movie called ‘Just Follow Law’. I definitely must say that this is really a must watch movie. It is like the Singaporean version of Freaky Friday movie (*souls exchanged bodies - played by Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong) which also demonstrates the government system in Singapore where inflexible laws and the behaviour of people around there are similar to a stick-to-the-rulebook robot.. e.g. Everything must have black & white + countless abbreviation of words/points/rules and not forgetting the endless 101 office politics (*Office politic? Oh nonono… not only in Singapore okay… seriously*). This film is very funny. I think those who are Singaporeans or those who had been living in Singapore will understand it more.

*Just Follow Law*

*Left to Right: Tanya Chew (Fann Wong) and Lim Teng Zui (Gurmit Singh)*

*Souls exchanged bodies*

As I watched this movie, I finally recall who the actress who played Fann Wong’s mother. She was the lady who has her own blog called ‘Lao Zha Bor’ ( which accidentally discovered by Foxy last year. Lol! She is unquestionably a funky old mummy. I also found out that the director, Jack Neo has his own blog at

There are so many quotes in this film that you might find it interesting.. some of them are:

Just Follow Law – Quote:

Quote #1

Of course I am professional! Professional means work hard, no guarantee!
(**Just like doctors and lawyers)

Quote #2
Tanya Chew / Lim Teng Zui :

Eh, with this standard, (Tanya Chew’s body) $200 still can get long queue and all the way to JB and some say batam !
Lim Teng Zui / Tanya Chew:
If you do that, I will kill you, chop you, cook you, eat you, and then shit you like the shit you are.

Quote #3
Lim Teng Zui / Tanya Chew:

Wait. You didn't wear your bra?! Bra?!

Tanya Chew / Lim Teng Zui :
Ni shuo ni yao wo de yao da? You chuan you shen me fen bie!
(Your so flat-chested, bra or no bras also no difference.)

Quote #4
Lim Teng Zui / Tanya Chew:
Oh no… you didn’t shave today!!!!
(*whilst looking at Tanya Chew's armpit)

Quote #5
Head Security Guard:
What??!!! You say summore!!!

Security guard:
Head Security Guard:
(???) Summore?!!!

Security guard:
Head Security Guard:

Security guard:
Head Security Guard:
That’s it.. cut one month bonus

Security guard:
(???????) Aiyoyo….

Quote #6
Lim Teng Zui / Tanya Chew:

Quick!! He needs CPR!!!
Dia 'Halal' Kah?

Lol! To better understand how funny this movie can be, I suggest for you to start watching it ne? ^^

Aaaaaanyway, today… I had a try out audition for a part time job as shopping mall’s DJ at Citymall. Since the guy didn’t give me much info on what to do, I woke up early to prepare my songs and write some scripts (just in case).

The audition started at 2pm for ½ and hour. Even though it was only 30 minutes,…gulp!!! But it was SCARRRRYYYYYYY!!!! Garghhhhh!!! All the panic, pressure and too much info at a time made me feel like wanting to jump off from the DJing area at the first floor down to the ground floor. Nonetheless, all went well in the end. I know I sucked but I am very happy to be given the opportunity to try it out. Thanks mochachino for being there for me (*although you kena halau and eat alone at KFC while waiting*).

After the DJ try out, I went to Sports Complex with Julian for the Lion, Dragon and Unicorn dance festival 2008. The introduction was kinda long. Not only I had to wait for 1 hour for the introduction from 57 dance contestants.. I also have to bear myself listening to the sickening and boring 3 long speeches by the VIPs! If I were given a chance to perform during the speech, I’d sing, “Aiyayayaya~ You’re talking way to much~ ChiapChiapChiapChiapChiap”. Aihs~~~Bosan ooo! The real entertainment only starts when the specially invited performers from China presented their music arts and culture, i.e. Musical drum beating and the martial arts performance. Huhuhuhu~ Kakui desu! Kanak-kanak…. If you want to become expert like them, silalah kunjungi CPS arcade and sharpen up your drum beating skills.

The Lion dance was awesome… and they are SOOOOOO cuuuteeee and handsome! I was informed once that in the Chinese tradition… the lion is actually a guardian creature because they believe that the fellow super-duper cute lions have their own spirit. However, these lions is “lifeless” until it is given a ‘spirit’ through the Eye-Dotting ceremony.. which usually done by the VIP (*Duh~.. VIP jer? Aku????). So I went on to google up the detail explanations of the ceremony and find out that there are actually 8 sequences for the Eye-dotting ceremony.. and they are:

#(1) Forehead: life and soul of kindness
#(2) Eyes: strong vision & view
#(3) Nose: ability to distinguish the good and evil
#(4) Mouth & Teeth: force & ambition
#(5) Ears: hearing & intelligence
#(6) Horn: courage & power
#(7) Foot: power to call prosperity
#(8) Spine (from neck to tail): good luck till the end.. and forever~ and ever… you stay in my heart and I love you~~~ (*perhatian… yang last2 tu gue tokok tambah yer~)

Oh! The martial art performance really reminded me of Fong Sai Yuk series that I loved to watch when I was in High School – wooden sticks and the famous bald heads. Gagagagaga! Not the old Jet Li - Fong Sai Yuk movie… but the tv series played by the cute Dicky Cheung. OH~ Gua mau tengok balik Journey to the West! “Wo ai ni~! Wo ai ni~! Wo ai ni~!”. (*hanya diriku yang faham*). During the martial art presentation, you can see all the famous chinese martial art moves. Alaaaa… you know…~~ the ala2 crouching tiger – hidden dragon moves, the grasshopper moves, the dragon moves, the tentacle moves…. Eh… ini sudah silap.. Tsk Tsk Tsk!

Anyhow, I had to make my move at about 7PM coz Julie’anne’ has another cultural event to cover at Padang Merdeka… the same event that my mama and papa have to go tonight. It was frantically raining outside as we got out. Aww man!!! Piper (my baby kancil) is parked damn far due to unavailable parking space in the afternoon. So Julie and I had to run like crazy people. Konon2 cover kepala using one hand.. last2… Mamaaaaaaak~ no point. Satu badan basah! Lol! It reminded me of 'Sepet' movie when Orked and Jason was waiting at the bus stop with plastic bag on their head. ^^ Hihihi. As we reached Citymall back for Julian to get his first wife – Mama Jaguar, my car key suddenly gone haywire (*termasuk air hujan okay~~~*)… and Piper started to make the ‘nenonenoneno’ sound. ><” So to cut long story short, I managed to get home safely and changed the battery into my dead spare key. Conclusion: Problem solved.

As my parents are out tonight… Nyahahaha… My siblings and I have our very own ‘home alone’ project. Hohohoho. We ‘tapau’ed KFC near our house, have a TV-picnic moment and also a karaoke session with Pinkkkkyyyyyy! Pinky sang Britney Spears song, while his mama keseronokkan singing Siti Nurhaliza’s old traditional songs. Nadia and I became the cheerleaders with Chicken drumstick in our hands. How about Haru you say? He’s currently sleeping in the car… still redden.

Haru: Haihs~ Mendoku Sei na~~~~

PS: Will update the photos asap ^^

Bobidom Randomness Ep01

Friday - Lunch time
Location: Kompleks Asia City

Serena: Meoooow!!! Meooowww!!! Meow~~
Rina: Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!
Aya: ><" (*what is with these two*)
Serena: Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!
Rina: Meoooow!!! Meooowww!!! Meow~~
Aya: HEY you two!!! I'll put you guys in the alley later ha! Stop meowing!!!
Serena: Meoooow!!! Meooowww!!!
Rina: Meow! Meow! Meow!
Aya: Woof!!!!
Serena: Meow! Meow! Meow!
Rina: Meoooow!!! Meowww!!!
Marissa: "oink! oink!"

Aya, Rina & Serena: ........................................

I survived!!!

I survived Cloverfieeeeeeeeeeeeld!!!!! Wohoooo!! Lol. Well, actually I must congratulate Julie’anne’ Julian for surviving the show without vomiting half way. The csp’ian’ even brought along a small plastic bag just in case he needed to throw up in the middle of the show. Lol!!!

The whole story about tonight’s outing started with when we heard people commenting about how the whole film is being shot with an amateur home video camera instead of a steady camera. The camera shaking and the whole lot of movement have made the viewers to throw up, and some just give up half way due to vertigo and headache. In other words....... motion sickness.

Hence, many thought that our beloved Julie’anne’ will not make it throughout the show. Sooooo….. Sotong'ness' Self esteem kicked in and he challenged fellow CSPian to have a movie outing with him and watch the show. And yes dear... congratulations for winning. Fyi, you know I don’t have anything against it! Lol! *loving mochachino*

We missed the first 5-7 minutes of the show… (I was rushing from the gym…chiapchiapchiapchiap* long story and not important) but no worries people.. the first half an hour is just for you to familiarised yourself with the characters and also… to GET READY for the RIDE of your life! Buahahahaha.

Rina was kinda pissed off about the whole show… especially the ending. She said it’s like a stupid Godzilla movie. As for me… It reminded me of the Blair Witch Project and Godzilla movie at the same time. Lol… The Blair Godzilla Project… that’s more I like it. If I’m a pro who really appreciate the art of filming… I’d say that I am very impress with the whole direct in your face style of shooting, realistic, unscripted script..... no more and no less. I also like the part where all the military fighting their ass of to bring down the giant Godzilla cum Alien cum Dinosaur look a like monster. Lol! The scene was very realistic... as if you are truly in a real war zone. Fire in the hole!!!!!!~~~~~~~

But, If I were to put myself in a normal film viewer’s shoe… I’d consider it as a too much of a wild ride. As if the viewers suffer more than the character in the movie itself. If they are given the chance to shout in the cinema hall, I believe they’d started to scream -, “stop moving the darn fudging *@^#*&@#(*&$ camera alreadyyyyyyyyy!!!!” . Not only that, in the end, viewers will be filled with frustrated and endless questions.. and some of the obvious one would be ‘how the heck the whole commotion happened at the first place’, or "How the heck can the video cam survived for 7-8 hours.. don't tell me they robbed it from the store like anyone else!" and "Goodness! there is NO normal video camera that can really last throughout the whole fuss! What brand is it? SONY? I would love to have one so that I can throw it anywhere I want!"" . Hehehe… to all film experts… sometimes It’s just kinda hard for people to take the story as it is nowadays + to really understand that we are actually viewing the film as the person who’s viewing the camera tape (*if they should ever found the super-duper strong video camera*).

So verdict: A..OK… it was definitely a real life experience… I enjoyed it somehow… here and there… BUT!!!! am not gonna watch it again. Thank goodness I don’t have vertigo. And oh! The sexy babe, Odette Yustman, who played the character Beth McIntyre seriously looks like Megan Fox in Transformer. I was only ½ right… coz even though she’s not Megan Fox, but she did act in Transformer as one of the Socialite . Nyahahahaha!

Next show: Meet the Spartaaaaaaans!!!

Bloody Good!

Tim Burton, as genius as ever, has once again successfully produced another most refreshing movie: The Sweeney Todd. There's a lot of twists, and whatever expectations you might have earlier will definitely be surprised with something different (which is better of course). Yes, i have to admit, it is some what gooey with all the throat slicing and blood splattering everywhere throughout the movie, (*ibu..ibu...bapa..bapa...kakak..kakak..dan abang..abang...sila jangan bawa budak kecil yer*) but as what others have said, this movie is a model of how to do a dark humor movie in a most interesting way. So you can expect it as "The hiiiiiillllllssss are aliveee~~~ with the sound of musssiiiiccccc~~~" but EVIL version! Nyahahahahah!

In Sweeney Todd, you'll find the 3 main characters from Harry Potter and the Order of the
Phoenix. They are Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter) *she definitely can sing and has a nice voice*, Professor Snape (Alan Rickman) *bambambambambam~~ - watch to understand people-* and Peter Pettigrew (Timothy Spall) *slimy as ever*. Oh! Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G/ Borat) was in there too! * His...*kof! *kof! pants is too distracting *

Other than Johnny Depp being his usuals... creative and cute (yes! he's getting older..but i don't care... and I don't have old man fetish!!!!) , another thing that I'd like to stress out is that the guy who played as Anthony does really look like Milla Jovovich and Keira Knightly in a guy version... In another angle.. he can look like a drag queen.. whatever it is, I have to agree with Marissa that he'll be deliciously handsome if he was to act in a vampire movie e.g. Interview with the vampire.

Okay~ You know I would not run around and spoil the movie, right? ^^ ... So the only thing that I have to say for Sweeney Todd is that... ermm... let's just say it is filled with mayhem and bloody.... gulp... good meat pies(?) *Oh god... now I have a bad feeling every time I think of meat pie* Don't watch it if you're not a fan of a thriller movie (But Oh~ COME ON! Just go!)

"So.... before I go.... How about a shave?... Hmm?~" (*Die! *Die! *Die!) --- eeeeevvvviiiilllll Grin~ Nyahahahahaha!!!!

Goodbye Mr. Casanova...

Oh Heath Ledger~ they found you butt naked?dead in our Manhattan Apartment, with sleeping pills nearby. Why Mr. Casanova~ why? Why do you have to have me adding another list to the 10 things I hate about you? What did you do to yourself anyway?? Too many brokeback mountain???? Haiss~~~ *a moment of silent everyone*. Well, let's not talk about the dead today okay? I bet there are loads of blogs out there who have been reporting about the incident. So let me just safe my breath and may he rest in peace. Respect to you bro for bringing 10 things I hate about you so romantically beautiful along with Julia Stiles.

Aaaanyways... Last Friday was our company's annual dinner in conjunction of the 11th year anniversary . One word... Booooorrrriiiiiiingggggg~~~ The Chief Minister wasn't there.. even the Tourism Minister.. (Cici Sugar Daddy). Both of them gave a last minute cancellation...Kureng! Rina and I was quiet disappointed coz we OT just to finish the Multimedia Presentation (Animation) for the GOH. But oh well... what's done is done. Here are few shots of my team and I.

The Colour Cloud Palace

Tan Sri Caleb Tsue dan Datin Seri Aya.. Mahahahaha!!!

Happy Birthday KKIPC... (*kof!kof!* bila kami mau dapat bonus.. pokai sudah! *kof!kof!*)

Digital Heritage Team (left to right) - Rina, Aya, Mr. Koh (CEO),
Mr. Edwin (MD), Florence and Mars
Missing in Pictures: Caleb, Lai, Izwan, Serena (only from MMD)

The menu for the main course was great! especially the fish! (*aihs.. aku tidak ambil gambar kahhhhh~~~*). Was quiet happy when we were informed about the chocolate fondant with ice cream as the dessert.. BUT... as it arrived... buekk~~~ keras~~~ tak sodap! Next!!! The best chocolate chilli fondant would be at @mosphere in Yayasan Sabah. Definitely will give you mouthgasm! Hrmmm~~~~

Macaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam..... batu... Bolehlah~
Ice Cream and Strawberry tetap... Sodap~

This is why I'm HOT!

"Aya got a story for yea~~~" errrr? yeah.. it is a very late post for this story as I received the photos quiet late and ehehehehe... I've forgotten to update about it. Since this is my new place for blogging, I'll put it here instead. For those who feel that your life is so boring these days and feel kinda suicidal, by all means, you can visit my old blog and give yourself some headache ne~?

Anyway, back to my story.

Yeah baby. Che'nelle was in town last week to visit her family...

and with the power of all the luck in the world, both DJ Selina Light and Producer, Lalita, invited Marissa and I to meet Che'nelle at RTM. Aihs... Darn you 'sex-craving' security guard (fyi, i'm quoting Selina) for your not so cool attitude towards all of us especially in front of Che'nelle. You really showed a bad baaaad impression to her.

"Tidak boleh ambil gambar di sini", "Kamu tanggungla nanti aaa", "Kamu jawab lah nanti aa"..

Like duhh~~~ we have been taking pictures in the studio for like years!!! Well... Ok la... not years... months... Luckily Lalita explained to him and we get to go in for a while, took some pictures and in the end, went yam-cha with her at Salim.

Che'nelle is cool. Super-duper'licious' babe with cool attitude. Very relax, very humble; And she still speaks like a true Sabahan babe. I remembered that I was getting a fever that night and Mars & Julian were concerned about me. Not knowing what happened, Che'nelle asked, "Oi! Kenapa kau? Demam?" LOL!!! And a minute there, all of us felt that we went out to yam-cha with a friend instead of a celebrity bling-bling!. She's a big eater too! and good news for the boys, this babe doesn't like shopping. Points up (+1) = Save money! Lol! All the best to you Che'nelle!


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