Omg! Omg! Omg!

I had the scariest toilet experience in my life today!!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!!!!

I was dead bored waiting for a freaking more than 1/2 hour in the car, waiting for Caleb just to find him happily eating popcorn at the KKIP Sepanggar Canteen with his client. Hello Boss!!! What happened to the ‘I just want to pass a quotation – u wait in the car – order’ HUH???!!!

Erghh! Come on laaa! Have some courtesy to at least SMS and inform me so that I can join you, or that I can lepak at the canteen while waiting for you rather than waiting like a child been punished and abandoned in the car no? Arghhh!!!!

Scrap that!

Back to my story.

Well I was darn cannot tahan and need to pee. Stupid female toilet!! It was the dirtiest office toilet I’ve ever seen in my entire life! And please note, it is a LADIES locked-only-office-people-can-access’ type of toilet we’re talking about here OKAY????~

I was doing my thing and yada-yada-yada, went out to wash my hand at the sink, fix my hair in front of the mirror, apply lip gloss and do what girls do when SUDDENLY....

A FREAKING PILAK MAN’S HEAD popped out & exposed ONLY HIS FACE, UP UNTIL HIS UPPER LIPS *just like how you witnessed in a freaking ghost / thriller movie* from the 2nd toilet cubicle behind LOOKING at me in the mirror!!!!!

We were staring at each other for like 2 1/2 secs, blank, stunned, raising heart beat, me looking at his reflected dark skin, bald head and white BULGING eyes in the mirror and when I turned back, he hid himself back inside (I think it is rather stupid)


It scared the shit outta me!!!

HOW THE HECK DID HE GET INTO A LOCKED LADIES TOILETTTTT????? (*@&%#(*&$@#%*(&$*(^@()O*^(*QW#E*^@*#&$

If you tersalah masuk, you should've closed the door and kept urself quiet in the cubicle! Ini tidak! Coz as I got out from my cubicle, i saw all doors were ajar as how it was when I first came in.



I turned back, took 2 steps towards the cubicle where he hid himself in; with so many things suddenly ran through my head!! i.e. Ghost??? Ju-On??? Hum-Sap??? (curiosity) & "Fara DON'T!!!! Get out! Get out! You are alone! Get Out! Get Out!" Garghh!!! Anything could have happened to me! I could have been robbed or worst, RAPED!!!

As I neared the cubicle, my heart was pumping like it’s about to burst out. I listened to the warning instinct I had and decided to stop, turn back and run out. FUCCKKKKK!!!! That whatever thing is just 2 small cubicles away i.e. 5 steps way from me!!! Anything could have happened!!! i.e. He could've threatened me with a knife and grabbed my bag, or flash his *anu at me or do any other things to shut me up.

I wanted to tell someone as I stepped outside the toilet but all I got was ‘psst! Psst’ / ‘Hi~ Pewwitt’ / ‘Boleh kenal?’ from the people around, the worker, the canteen people to the PILAKS around!!!

‘why didn’t you screamed?’, Caleb cheekily asked me
*bongok, Semua salah kau tau tak!*

That’s the thing. I can’t scream! It has always been like that. I just can’t scream especially when I’m super-duper-trooper afraid/scared of something. It just won’t come out!

FUCKK!!!! Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!

I’m still freaking scared & traumatised right now!

Hannah Tan in the making

I met up with julian, dino, amie & radzie at Starbucks just now; and jeng-jeng-jeng~ I’ve made a new friend!

Guess who’s my new gang now?

No…. it’s not Hannah Tan
*well… she will be in 10 years time and Julian, the child molester, should be locked up*

And No… she’s not Hannah Montana either
*well… she does act like animated cartoon – like me!*



Hannah Dinoza~

Hannah is Dino’s baby-girl. She’s smart, cheeky & kinky! I never thought that we would clicked. Gagagagaga!

“She’s a poser”, said Dino
“I don’t fancy kids… buahahahaha”, said Julian

Tsk! Tsk! But daddy, bear in mind that your little poser might be a big star one day.

Sooooo..... Better watch out for uncle hum-sap gold fish!

I figured that I don’t have to blog much about the farewell party we had few minutes ago… but… Kyaaaa~~~ Jen is leavinggggg! Huhuhuhuhu!

Fyi, Jen is GoLife! Beauty & Fashion Editor. We had a blast time working together and all of us are truly gonna miss her.

THANK YOU sooooooo much Jen for your contribution, dedication and patient for GoLife!

We couldn’t have done it without you, seriously…!

And to KadmilMars and I are gonna miss giving you a fright at the toilet.

*Imagining your face at that time*


Message from Mars who’s currently jumping like mad woman for the BSB in KL right now - she’ll be missing stepping on your shoe!

Oooo!!!!!! I almost forget!!! Mars told me to step on your shoe before you leave!!!

Will do that later. Gagagagaga!

I’ve been an annoying (tralalalala – in a good sense OKAY~) and loud speaker (tralalala – which makes you laugh OKAY) colleague in DH, so thank you so much that you can tahan this far. Forget me not. So as Marissa. Coz both of us are the coolest animated girl in DH! Gagagagagaga!

For Jen, if all is well, we’ll still be working together on the new idea for GoLife okay!

So you guys! Stay tuned~~~

GoLife Team (Except Kadmil)

Jen giving speech

Kadmil cried listening to the speech

See! See! I told you he cried!

Kadmil giving out speech

Pizza! and more Pizza! So as Big Apple Donut!

Zzzt! Zzzzt!

Flo: "Anak-Anak ayam... mari makan"

Mark & Aya - Rakan Sejati



This I must add!

Just when I posted the above entry… my colleague that I bitched about in my last post finally decided to show up back at our office to say a proper goodbye.

Hmmmm~~~~~ *feeling damn-damn-damn-damn-damn proud*

Silent treatment always works!

“Yes…. Cik Fara?”, he approached me.
“Hmmm~~~ *buat muka mengada-ngada* Balik pun *buat muka mengada-ngada lagi sambil tersipu-sipu seperti kucing yang comel* Thank you for coming back. Good Luck, all the best, keep in touch and thank you so much for everything. We’re truly going to miss you”
, I replied

I meant that TAU!!!!

Anyway, honestly, THANK YOU & we’re going to miss you Izz!


No Excuse!

Messenger ada, SMS ada, phone ada and so as email.

So I repeat!

No excuse!

You are NOT COOL

Today is the last day for my colleague who has the hobby of nourishing me with delicious food. All of us cheaped in for his and 2 other colleagues’ farewell party and excitedly hoping to have a really great time taking photos and yada-yada-yada, till I notice a container of keropok on my table.

This can only mean one thing. So i SMS-ed him.

“Why did you leave the keropok on my table? Make sure you
come back to the office aft lunch for a proper farewell aaa!”
“Sorry. I took 1/2 day and already returned the office tag”
“Well then shame on you. Hmmp!"
“Y pulak???”

I know you will read this, and buddy, this is what I feel about your so-called ‘cool attitude’.

You left without saying anything.

No proper goodbye, no nothing.

We didn’t get the chance to even chat with you.

And you crept and left us silently even though U KNOW that we don’t know you’re leaving early.

Gosh! We just passed right in front of you and you don’t even have the courtesy to at least let us know!

Do you think we can read your mind??

Do you think it’s cool?

I don’t think so.

Since it never occurred to you that you meant something to all of us here, I’m gonna keep it short and simple.

*Thank you for being a helpful colleague
*Thank you for being a caring person
*Thank you for the food food and more food
*Thank you for the TV series and Musics
*Thank you for the lovely present & wonderful poem
*Thank you for the short memories we had as colleague
*Good luck & have a happy life
*Drop by and keep in touch if you care

Gosh! I just hate people who leave without notice.

That is not cool, and just pure ugly.



Calling my ex-boyfriend as ‘EX’ is just unpleasant in my opinion… So let me call him Rizz here.

I got in touch with Rizz yesterday because my anata Mars is apparently sesat in Bukit Jalil area to get to Astro building *I have not been Jalan-jalan in KL for a while now… so I seriously couldn’t guide Mars* So last resort, I have to get in touch with Rizz so that he can help Mars out. So to cut long story short, in the end, Mars survived on her own. Good girl!

Anyhow, it’s good to hear Rizz's voice again. But odd…. hrmm~ something is wrong here~~~

He sounded like a stranger

*hen da yo~*


So out of concern, I dropped him a text message:

“Hey awak ^^ Why do you sound like stranger?”
“Oh Sorry.
Ada bos kat sebelah tadi. Plus dah lama tak get in touch so macam awkward sket”

*’Boss’???* I wonder…

LOL. This is what makes me wonder sometimes about guys.

After a breakup, they don’t stop and wandering around like woman.

They move on and don’t look back.

Whereas women are always stuck with their precious memories.

Well…. Not entirely true actually. It can happen otherwise. But I guess I’m the old-fashion type.

I finally ‘let him go’ last December. I realized it almost end of the sucky-yucky-fucky 2007, so I sent him a text msg informing that I am okay and apologise for being quiet after he told me about his new beau, and that I am truly happy that he met a new girl in a short period of time who can make him really really really happy, and that I do miss him every now and then and told him it is a surprise that he managed to move on that fast when we are still in the healing period from a 6 yrs rltnship.. bla222 and its time for me to move on as well, open up a new book and start my own new chapter in life.

I seriously tried hard to hold back the tears and the piercing feeling I felt in my heart. I didn’t want to spoil my dad’s birthday at that time.

It took me sometime to open up and to really commit to someone.

Yes, I do admit I met few eligible ones here and there. Good looking, great job, nice attribute but in the end… it’s the personality that matters. These ‘eligible’ bachelors are mostly not committed, indecisive, do not want us to be seen together and only long for activities behind doors. These so-called eligible bachelors can dine in hell for all I care.

In my opinion, a relationship should not suck the life out of you. It shouldn’t feel stress. It should feel happy and secure. And I feel that in mocha.

Mind you, we are not living in the ‘Enchanted’ world.

Relationships aren’t always green.

There will always be the grey area here and there.

So right now both of us are taking one step at a time, building memories of one another and let god take care of the rest.

“I heard that you met someone new… I’m happy for you”

Wow… rumor does spread like a wild fire. I haven’t even announced to ANYBODY yet.

Fyi, at first, I decided to keep my blog private only to my close ones. After encouraged by my readers to go public and share my fun-crapping stories here, I decided to post the address in Friendster & Facebook.

Hail to the power of online media.

And yes, I am happy! Seriously blissfully H.A.P.P.Y!!!!

New dance step…

New choreography move…

Danny’s dance class is definitely D’ BEST!!!

Plus, today is extra special, coz Rina, Dino and my Mocha joined as well.


As what I posted in my last entry about the challenge that Mocha set last Monday, *(Tak tau????!!!) Apa macam..~ TEKAN SINI…. Tekan tekan tekan!* I’ve been controlling what I eat, and THAT somehow motivates Rina to join my diet-quest as well.

*krup *krup *krup

*slurp *slurp *slurp

“hmmm~ the yoghurt smells so sweet!” – Rina
“hmmm~ the tuna & cracker smells delicious too!” – Aya *hint *hint

*We swapped*

“Ok… cukup… take this away from me coz I won’t stop”
“LOL… okokok”
“……………. I want another one”
“Ek!!! *slapping my hand* No! No! No! If you take another one, I’ll be tempted to eat too!”
“Kyaaaaaaaaa~" *merengek*

Garghhh! Menggeramkan…. Fine!!! If helping one another is of assistance, I’ll go for it!


*I want Ayam Goreng McD
*I want my Dominos Pizza
*I want my Secret Recipe
*I want my Choc Indulgence Cake
*I want my Spaggheti Arrabiata
*I want my chocolate chili fondant
*I want my Duren-Duren
*I want my McD Fish Fillet
*I want my Tiramisu

*I want….. I want…. I want……


Please call the ambulance!!!!!

Happy Engagement Mel!

Mocha and I sent Marissa off to the airport just now, and I'm glad that everything is settled.

After the female security guard ‘meraba-raba’ her to make sure that she didn’t bring any bomb inside the plane, we signaled our kissu-kissu goodbye from afar. A minute there, mocha and I felt like we are sending our kids off to study abroad. Gagagagaga.

On my way back to the office, I saw mars air asia plane! Hohohoho.

Have fun smooching-mooching with the Budak Belakang Jalan
Back Street Boys!



Comel kan the comic?

The artist is Rina, my talented senior back in SFC and now my colleague in Digital Heritage. She’s the energetic type and very humble too!

I love hanging around with Rina!

She also help me drew my anime character in my Blog’s header.

*look up*

I sayang Rina!!!! ^^


I can hear she's saying, “Oh goodness!”


No worries Rina. I tau you sayang me too~


Well as you can see, both of us are like animated cartoons!

(……………………….) *Cricket* *Cricket*


all of us in the Multimedia Department are… ^^

except the boys.

The world is seriously turning up side down.

This is Rina

She loves cosplaying too!

The KK Cosplay Club

This is one of her cute artwork

Anyways, you can check Rina’s art collection at

Click bah, silly!


However, my top artist in my favourite-must-recommend list would be my best friend Melissa. A beautiful and talented girl since 4-EVA!

Mel & Raisin, the sunat'ed' cat (Pretty La-La is what i call him)

Ok.. let me give you a sneek peek on how super-duper talented she is. She can do anything, I TELL YOU!

Cool Huh?! then CLICK HERE! CLICK HERE! for more awesome artworks.

Now I miss Mel badly.

Mel & Rina have a lot in common. They can be blur & innocent sometimes, yet smart and talented.

Kan best camtu? People sometimes can just hate you for being blur but smart and talented at the same time.

If Mel read this, she will definitely say, “Ooooohh..macam tu ya~”

Joudan mel, Joudan!

I must blog about how we became from Best Friend to Sisters one day.

We are sooooo different and yet we survive each other for almost
13 years.

This is a picture from her Engagement day.

She was the last between Leena and Me to have a boyfriend and yet found someone that really suits her and got engaged and soon-to-be-married in the end. Jijoe! You're a lucky man, MAN! You are the first and we hope you to be the last one too! Get yourself ready for some loving~ Gagagagaga!

At that time, I was missing sensei right after he gave me Haru.

But at that moment as well, mocha and I just getting to know each other.

And last-last found one another too~


*knock self*

Back to work!


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